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<nettime> The Weekender 77a

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01 . Darko Fritz    .    darko fritz @1- n5m, live on net, 2- solo exhibition
02 . Ann Holcomb    .   Job Announcement
03 . Arrin Crowe    .    Fwd: Fwd: Logging Threatens Alaska Wildlife!
04 . caleb.k    .     pitch black
05 . Postmaster DFM    .    DFM NewsLetter #2.01 - March 99
06 . r a d i o q u a l i a    .    r a d i o q u a l i a: lassitude / longitude
07 . Antonio Gomez-Palacio    .   IPEESS 1999
08 . rachel greene   .   RAW? DIGEST? How about DESSERT with RHIZOME at the
09 . Sinisa Rogic   .    BGDirekt
10 . Vicki Bennett   .   P L U   o n   t h e   r a d i o   i n   E u r o p e
11 . Geert Lovink   .   n5m3 live stream channels
12 . Josephine Berry    .   weekender info

   ................................................................... 01

Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 20:48:45 +0100
From: Darko Fritz <>
Subject: darko fritz @1- n5m, live on net, 2- solo exhibition


T h e   N e x t   F i v e   M i n u t e s   3
Tactical Media Event
March 12-14, 1999, Amsterdam/Rotterdam, NL

How Low Can You Go Show
Paradiso, 12 - 03 -99, Friday night, main hall, 21.00 hours

Darko Fritz (Amsterdam/Zagreb): "Error Reports" telefax action
Tjebbe van Tijen, artist and archivist (Amsterdam): Shadow Play
James Wallbank/Redundant Technology Initiative (UK) "Low Tech Manifesto"
Alexei Shulgin (Moscow): 386DX Cyberpunk Rockband
Katarina Soukup (Montreal): Radio Bicyclette
Marko Peljhan (Ljudmila): Insular Technologies
Vuk Cosic (Ljubljana), Walter van der Cruijssen/Ascii Art Ensemble
Eine kleine Wassermusik (Amsterdam): Aquartet
Tetsuo Kogawa (Tokyo): mini fm lecture/performance
Convex TV (Berlin): a/bbs, the audio bulletin broadcast system
Institute for Affordable Lunacy (IBW, Eindhoven): Let's Go!
Emer Beamer (Amsterdam): Beeldbuizen en Huilbuizen

Weteringschans 6-8
1017 SG Amsterdam

Live web broadcasts at

DDS 2: the live program from the main hall in Paradiso and the TV live

   ................................................................... 02

Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 09:43:35 -0400
From: Ann Holcomb <>
Subject: Job Announcement

The Cooper Union School of Art

Seeks applications and nominations for a
in its generalist BFA program.
National recognition and significant college level teaching are

Full-time Graphic Design faculty members are expected to teach
at all levels as well as share in collegial responsibilities.

Letters of application accompanied by curriculum vitae
and examples of work may sent by mail ONLY, electronic
applications will not be accepted. Please send materials to:

NEW YORK, NY  10003-7183


The Cooper Union is an AA / EOE by choice.

   ................................................................... 03

Date:  Tue, 9 Mar 1999 16:48:44 -0800 (PST)
From: Arrin Crowe <>
Subject:  ann! ...  Fwd: Fwd: Logging Threatens Alaska Wildlife!

note: forwarded msg attached.


Subject: Logging Threatens Alaska Wildlife!

Logging Threatens Alaska Wildlife!

Dear WWF Conservation Action Network Participant:

One of the last great American forests, the Tongass National
Forest in southeast Alaska, provides essential habitat for
wolves, grizzly and black bears, bald eagles, salmon, Sitka
black-tailed deer, and many other species.  Within a week
President Clinton is expected to decide whether or not to grant
the Louisiana Pacific Corporation logging rights to large amounts
of the Tongass's old-growth forests, at subsidized rates.
Allowing the logging would jeopardize these species.  Please
follow the simple steps below to send a free fax and/or e-mail
urging President Clinton to say no to Louisiana Pacific's request
for a logging deal.  Please act now before time runs out!

The Tongass National Forest lies within an ecoregion that World
Wildlife Fund has identified as globally outstanding.
Encompassing more than one quarter of the world's coastal
temperate rain forests, this ecoregion is one of the largest and
most pristine temperate rain forest and shoreline ecosystems in
the world. Unfortunately, an extensive road system for logging
has heavily fragmented the Tongass.  Now, Louisiana Pacific is
proposing a logging agreement that would extend that road system
even further.

WWF is issuing this action alert in collaboration with the Alaska
Rainforest Campaign.  Please take action today to help protect
this world class ecoregion!

To take action now, go to and
click on "Your Personal Action Center."

For answers to the questions most frequently asked about the
Conservation Action Network, send an e-mail to  If you have additional questions
or comments, send an e-mail to,
or use the feedback form at

   ................................................................... 04

Date:  Wed, 10 Mar 1999 11:39:37 +1100
From: ( (by way of zinaK
<>) (by way of "mr.snow" <>)
Subject: pitch black*live/
-        -          - __---  _ ---------
                     -   -     -   -    _

pitch black
  dubscapes under the influence of d'n'b, techno, beats.
michael hodgson (soliton, projector mix, tinnitus)
       Paddy Free (mesh)

>From the beginnings of new zealand electro
                  to the forefront.
purveyors of dark spaces filled with
      sound and projected light.
    Pre-aust.release of 'futureproof', (kog transmissions)

  - __---  _ ---------
                      -   -     -
the hydrogen jukebox -  2res 89.7 fm : 9pm - midnight wednesday 10th march
 && simulcast*live/

radio daze - 2ser - 10.30am thursday 11th march

original sin - live at 'home' - thursday 11th march late

   ................................................................... 05

Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 10:46:09 +0100
From: Postmaster DFM <>
Subject: DFM NewsLetter #2.01 - March 99

DFM radio-television International - NewsLetter #2.01 - Mar 99
        Soon 24 hours a day live streaming?

        Willem de Ridder/ Bart Plantenga / Godhead / Davo

   * NEXT 5 MINUTES SPECIAL BROADCAST; 12/13/14 march '99
        You don't want to miss this!
DFM rtv Int. is a  free, experimental, anti-commercial station
gathering it's free content from all availlable media. It is a
platform for independent media-people  and  artists delivering
soundscapes, intens music, information, techart, live sessions
and more.  Programs are made locally,  grabbed from the air or
from the web.  We  have a 'no nonsense' attitude  and guard it
well. Hope you're with us, please inform your friends.

Dear friend/intrestee,

long time no DFM NewsLetter, although there's so much we
wanted to tell you! Running this station takes so much
realtime that we most of the time have to drop the theory:)

Next to some new programs, we want to draw your attention to
the SPECIAL 'Next Five Minutes' weekend broadcast(s) happening
in the weekend of 12/13/14 march 1999. Read on!

A whole year we have been broadcasting every weekend live
following our online program schedule, mostly we did start
much earlier and would stop much later:) Next to the regular
weekend we tried to serve as much live signal as possible,
in which we succeeded, according to our telephone-bill.

There were many network jams and live broadcasts coming from
festivals, exotic locations, peoples homes and other studioos
which added a lot to the special atmosphere which makes DFM
DFM. The operators had fun, the technicians endulged, the
regulars regularly got enchanted and visitors we're suprised.
In short it was a great year! Take a look at the guestbook to
see how people react! And while you're there,leave a message!

These new cool programs have been added recently, which
increases our regular broadcasting schedule to minimal 28
live hours every weekend.

  * RIDDER RADIO ; 19:00-22:00 CET
        Live from the Ridder Salon (talk),
        by Willem de Ridder & friends
  * WRECK THIS MESS ; 23:00-24:00 CET
        Pyschotopographies & Auditory Derives,
        by Bart Plantenga
  * DAVOMOON ; 18:00-21:00 CET (?)
        Worldnoise remix, by Davo
  * TRENDKILL ; 02:00-04:00 CET
        Electronic Body Popping, by Godhead

We're working on getting a cable-modem installed which means
that we have to pay only a small fee to be online 24 hours a
day, untill now we have been doing all this on a dial-up basis
because that was the only way possible. Last month we received
a telephonebill of Hfl.1300.-- (about US$ 650), that's a whole
month-income to the one who is paying the bill! To be honest
with you, this whole thing untill now has been paid only by
this person. Please please please, support him (DFM) where
possible! Because so much practical work to be done there's no
time to get into some decent fund raising, so here's an appeal
directly to you/your organisation: SUPPORT DFM!

During the weekend of 12/13/14 march 1999 the 3th
international conference on tactical media "Next 5 Minutes"
will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. There will be many
signals coming from this event full of lectures, workshops,
forums, demonstrations, performances, films/ videos. There
will be several webcasts (A/V), FM_radio and television
broadcasts which will interact where possible.

Troughout the conference DFM will:
- broadcast a mix of all of the availlable media
- have interviews and jam with conference visitors
- demonstrate DFM webcasting as a continuing workshop
- present the DFM website live on big screen/speakers,
  while being in broadcast from there. Interact!!
- create interaction between our listeners and the event

Also DFM will:
- host friday/saturday/sunday-nights multi-channel jams
- experiment with an inhouse developped multi-channel
  multi-media monitor to easily ZAP between all availlable
  audio and "video" channels and to receive Small News Flashes
  about where the action is.

Expect us to be active at CET (GMT+1) times:
FRIDAY  : 12:00-24:00 => Peek: 20:00-04:00
SATURDAY: 00:00-24:00 => Peek: 20:00-04:00
SUNDAY  : 00:00-24:00 => Peek: 16:00-04:00
MONDAY  : 00:00-06:00
Next Five Minutes :

DFM Website       :
DFM RealAudio     :
DFM Exp. Monitor  :

DFM IRC channel   : #dfm (on the *

  We hope to see/hear you on our channels soon! If you might
  experience difficulties, don't hesitate to ask us for help,
  send an email explaining your situation or contact us on
  the IRC channel.

  DFM Postmaster

For changes send a message to the original sender:
and as the subject one off the following commands:

 REMOVE    - The senders adress will be removed to the list
 SUBSCRIBE - The senders adress will be added to the list
 CHANGE my@address.old >
           - To change your subscription address
DFM radio-television International - NewsLetter #2.01 - Mar 99

   ................................................................... 06

Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 20:03:06 +0930
From: r a d i o q u a l i a <>
Subject: r a d i o q u a l i a: lassitude / longitude


r   a   d   i   o   q   u   a   l   i   a


weekly netcasts:

streaming daisies - georgie knight
2200 - 2400 [ AUS CST ]
2230 - 2430 [ AUS EST ]
1330 - 1530 [ GMT ]
1430 - 1630 [ CET ]

[ - broadcast on 3d radio in adelaide, australia - ]

complex electronica of all gelatinous forms with georgie fabricating ylang
ylang and bergamot beats.  streaming daisies presents radio's old fashioned
magic: invisibly silently permeating structure from output to antennae.
penetrating chaos while preserving integral structure for the 93.7
frequency modulation pick-up.

.. ..  .. . . :... :: ..   .	. ...   	. ..	.. 	........
	.  . :... :: ..   ... : .. ..        ... .:... ...    .. .  :... :
: ..

the hydrogen jukebox -  Zina Kaye + Martin Ng
2030 - 2330 [ AUS CST ]
2100 - 2400 [ AUS EST ]
1100 - 1400 [ GMT ]
1200 - 1500 [ CET ]

[ - broadcast on eastside radio in sydney, australia - ]

deep bass conduits, sine wave ambience + etudes of the number 23 punctuate
an evening of live sounds by new zealand dub.pop conjurers, pitch back.*live/

.. ..  .. . . :... :: ..   .	. ...   	. ..	.. 	........
	.  . :... :: ..   ... : .. ..        ... .:... ...    .. .  :... :
: ..

+++ shuffling cables, borrowed dial up lines and crashing computers at the
following remote performance locations:

[ - s t r a i t - ]
two virtual street performances

performance 1
1300 - 1330 [ AUS CST ]
1330 - 1400 [ AUS EST ]
0230 - 1300 [ GMT ]
0330 - 1400 [ CET ]

performance 2
1700 - 1800 [ AUS CST ]
1730 - 1830 [ AUS EST ]
0630 - 0730 [ GMT ]
0730 - 0830 [ CET ]

[ - ngapartji multimedia centre, 211 rundle st, adelaide, australia - ]

an intermeshing of movement, sound, and the proverbial passer-by.
s t r a i t is a live webcast of a street performance by standstill
theatre, featuring a fusion of audiophonic traces by dj georgiedaisy.

possibly the first street performance to be streamed live online, this
event incorporates an astonishingly lifelike statue performance by blake
barratt, creator of standstill theatre.

supported by ngapartji multimedia centre.

.. ..  .. . . :... :: ..   .	. ...   	. ..	.. 	........
	.  . :... :: ..   ... : .. ..        ... .:... ...    .. .  :... :
: ..

b e r g b a u
	-> strip mining the pixel
2000 [ AUS CST ]
2030 [ AUS EST ]
1130 [ GMT ]
1230 [ CET ]

[ - iris cinema, 13 morphett street, adelaide, australia - ]
doors open at 8pm.

a continual convergence caper exploring flickering light and its
accompanying sound.

fusing DIY elements of (media) culture, b e r g b a u aims to bring
together found and constructed animation, cinematic image, collected /
constructed sound +  text fragments  in semi-contiguous compounds.

submissions of chanced-based artwork (video, audio, streaming, etc) are
welcome for future manifestations of this series.

a media resource centre event.

- > if you wish to be be ousted from this pointcasting regime, hurl insults
to: < -

r   a   d   i   o   q   u   a   l   i   a


f r e q u e n c y  s h i f t i n g  p a r a d i g m s
i n  s t r e a m i n g  a u d i o

ph: 61 8 8232 0142

supported by virtual artists (VA)

   ................................................................... 07

From: Antonio Gomez-Palacio <agp@YORKU.CA>
Subject: IPEESS 1999

                     York University, Toronto Canada

        invites applications from graduate students and other interested
        individuals, for the 1999 session with

                              MIKE DAVIS

                   The Political Economy of Disaster:
            From Victorian Famines to Postmodern Apocalypses

                     Date: May 31 - June 11 1999


                           COURSE SESSIONS
        * The Great Drought (1876-79)
        * A World's End? (Famines of 1896-1902)
        * Late Victorian World Economy
        * The Environmental Impact of Imperialism
        * 'Prisoners of Starvation:' The Politics of Repressive Famine
        * Representing Famine
        * The Literary Destruction of Los Angeles
        * The Dialectic of Ordinary Disasters
        * Wild in the Streets
        * Magical Urbanism


The course draws on,in addition to material from his two recent books, the
research Mike Davisis currently completing. He has been working on the
major mortality events of the nineteenth century: the terrible famines in
China, India, Brazil, Ethiopia, and the East Indies at the end of the
Victorian era. Because these famines fall within the span of instrumental
meteorological record keeping, there is little doubt that El Nino events
were responsible for synchronized drought in all these cases. The book is
an attempt to distinguish between what the Chinese call 'bad weather' and
'bad system'.


                             MIKE DAVIS

A former meatcutter and long-distance truck driver. Mike Davis has taught
urban theory at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, was a
fellow at the Getty Institute of, and was recently awarded a MacArthur
Fellowship. The author of "Ecology of Fear", "City of Quartz" and
"Prisoner of the American Dream" he writes regularly for "The Nation",
"Grand Street", "Sierra Magazine", "L.A. Weekly", and the "Los Angeles
Times". He is editor of the "New Review" and editor of the "Verso
Haymarket Series".


                       APPLICATION INFORMATION

Application procedures for the Summer School vary, depending on whether or
not you intend to take the course for academic credit.  In all cases, the
application deadline is April 30, 1999.  Responses to your application
will be processed immediately thereafter.

For more information and an application package contact:

        Gene Desfor,
        International Political Economy and Ecology Summer School
        Faculty of Environmental Studies
        York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3

        Tel: (416) 736-2100, ext. 22621
        Fax: (416) 736-5679

   ................................................................... 08

Date:  Mon, 8 Mar 1999 22:14:53 -0500
From: rachel greene <>
Subject: RAW? DIGEST? How about DESSERT with RHIZOME at the Kitchen

RHIZOME COMMUNICATIONS kicks off a series of fundraisers at old school
avante-garde facility THE KITCHEN.

DIGITAL DESSERTS brings people together over gourmet desserts to talk about
art and technology.

Come meet and chat with:

+Tamas Banovich of Postmasters
+Bogyi Banovich
+Natalie Jeremijenko of the Bureau of Inverse Technology
+Ricardo Dominguez of the Thing and ECD

when they come to talk about techno-projects and concepts of note.

+ + +
+ + +

Friday, March 12, 1999

The Kitchen
512 West 19th St
NY, NY 10011

other upcoming DIGITAL DESSERTS:

April 23

-> post:
-> questions:
-> answers:
-> unsubscribe:
posts to RHIZOME RAW are subject to the terms
set out in the Subscriber Agreement available online at

   ................................................................... 09

Date: Thu, 04 Mar 1999 15:31:57 +0100
From: "Sinisa Rogic" <>
Subject: BGDirekt

pocev od 6. marta 1999. godine
svake srede u 14:06 nova prica

zivot u BeoGraDu kroz price njegovih stanovnika - ulicnih prodavaca,
pecarosa, dilera, vlasnika ugostiteljskih objekata, studenata, zanatlija,
fudbalera rekreativaca, umetnika, dobrovoljnih davalaca krvi, salterskih
sluzbenika, zaljubljenih parova, ucenika...
novi video zapisi reportera sa pijaca, autobuske stanice, utakmica, groblja,
buvljaka, fakulteta... iz komsiluka, elektrodistribucije,
autobusa/trolejbusa/tramvaja, prodavnica, skola, parkova, dobrovoljnog
vatrogasnog udruzenja, klubova starih lica, kafana, taksija, nocnih klubova,
nocnog prevoza, gradske cistoce, pekara, beovoza, porodilista, podzemnih


starting March 6,
Wednesdays at 14:06 hours new story

Life in Belgrade as depicted in the stories of its inhabitants - street
vendours, fishermen, dealers, restaurant owners, students, craftsmen,
football enthusiasts, artists, blood donors, red tape officials behind the
counter, infatuated couples, pupils...
reporters take fresh recordings at the markets, bus stops, sport games,
graveyards, flee markets, the neighbourhoods,
electrical-distribution companies, buses/troleys/trams, shops, schools,
parks, volunteer fire brigades, refuse collection servises, foreigners
cafees, pubs, taxis, night clubs, night public transport, bakeries,
beoimports, maternity wards, subways...

   ................................................................... 10

Date:  Mon, 8 Mar 1999 17:54:36 +0000
From: (Vicki Bennett)
Subject:  ann! ...  P L U   o n   t h e   r a d i o   i n   E u r o p e

If you live in Europe you may be able to pick up People Like Us and friends
on the radio soon.

The broadcast is comprised of live mixes recorded in England and America on
the radio plus studio recordings.

Featuring:  People Like Us alongside Mr Rotorvator, The Jet Black Hair
People, Wobbly, Don Joyce, Wet Gate, Chuckles and Cyclobe on KFJC, KPFA,
KBOO, Resonance FM and studio mixes - recorded between 1996 and 1999.

FSK FM - Hamburg, on 93.0 FM.  Wednesday 17 March.  12 pm (daytime!) - 2
pm (+0100 GMT).

EVOSONIC FM - Munich, on 96.0 FM.  Thursday 18 March.  11 pm - 12 am (+0100

If you have Astra Satellite you can pick this up all over Europe:

You have to find the TV-channel of DSF (Deutsches Sport Fernsehen).  If you
see the program
of the DSF you only have to change the Audio-frequency.  The
Audio-frequency of Evosonic FM is 7.38 (left channel) / 7.56 (right
channel). So you can see the pictures of the DSF and listen to the sounds
of Evosonic FM.  The thought of watching sport with a PLU mix sounds like
fun (if you like that sort of thing)...

Try and tune in if you are able.  At worst you might end up watching a
football match.

   ................................................................... 11

Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1999 07:52:09 +0100 (CET)
From: Geert Lovink <>
Subject: n5m3 live stream channels

From: (Nina Meilof)

Next Five Minutes Livestreams

Live streams

PGZ= Paradiso Grote Zaal			DDS 1:

PKZ = Paradiso Kleine Zaal			DDS 2:

BGZ = Balie Grote Zaal		        	DDS 3:

time	place	channel	program  	audio/video	theme

Friday march 12 1999

11:00 - 13:30 	BGZ	DDS 3	cyberfem	A+V	cyberfem
14:00 - 17:30	PGZ	DDS 2	Art of camp	A+V	artofcamp
17:30 - 19:00	BGZ	DDS 3	Media Asd	A+V	amsterdam
20:30 - 22:30	BGZ	DDS 3	Videoactivism	A+V	artofcamp
21:00 - 01:00	PGZ	DDS 2	How Low	A+V	technical
12:00 - 00:00	PKZ	DDS 1	RADIO	A 	RADIO

Saturday march 13 1999

00:00 - 00:00	PKZ	DDS 1	RADIO	A	RADIO
11:00 - 13:30	BGZ	DDS 3	Net.activism	A+V	artofcamp
11:00 - 13:30 	PGZ	DDS 2	Mediacompet	A+V	tact.ed.
13:00  - 14:30	PKZ	DDS 1	streamingmedia	A	streaming
14:00 - 17:30	PGZ	DDS 2	PGO debate	A+V	PGO
17:00 - 19:00	BGZ	DDS 3	SouthAsia	A+V	Southasia
21:00 - 02:00	PGZ	DDS 2	poetryslam	A+V	misc

Sunday march 14 1999

00:00 - 19:00	PKZ	DDS 1	RADIO	A 	RADIO
11:00 - 13:00	BGZ	DDS 3	intereast	A+V	intereast
11:00 - 14:00	PGZ	DDS 2	Conflict resol	A+V	tact. Ed.
13:00 - 15:00	BGZ	DDS 3	crop countercamp	A+V	artofcamp

13:30 - 17:00	PGZ	DDS 2	streaming meida	A+V	streaming
17:00 - 19:00	PGZ	DDS 1/2	closing debate	A+V	misc

   ................................................................... 12

Date:  Mon, 8 Mar 1999 12:50:43 +0000
From: Josephine Berry <>
Subject:  weekender info

M * U * T * E

	A * R * T *

		N * E * W * S


And Remember ~

1) The art thing should take place after May 7th

2) Use no more than 50 words to describe it

3) Write in English

3) Always pack your toothbrush

please and thank you ;)

* M * U * T * E ** M * A * G * A * Z * I * N * E *

Josephine Berry
Mute Magazine/ Crash Media Worker
Universal House
88-94 Wentworth St
E1 7SA
phone:+171 377 6949
fax:+171 377 9520


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