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Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 12:50:31 +0100
From: andreas hagenbach <>
Subject: The Weekender 076a

   . The Weekender ...................................................
   . a weekly digest of calls . actions . websites . campaigns . etc .
   . send your announcements and notes to .
   . please don't be late ! delivered every friday . into your inbox .
   . for subscription info & help .

01 . darko fritz    .    darko fritz
02 . Geert Lovink    .    Amnesty
03 . sjardijn    .    rganizing vrml-art 99
04 . r a d i o q u a l i a     .     squared reality
05 . Phoebe Sengers     .    CFP: Narrative Intelligence Symposium
06 . Femke Snelting    .    T H E   W A L K - I N   R E A D E R
07 . Ivo Skoric"   .   (Fwd)  THE ALBANIAN QUESTION ......
08 . euro    .    Wired news feature on Coin - Note - Sign
09 . Center for Metamedia-Plasy     .    call for proposals
10 . Kalina Bunevska    .    Invitation
11 . Josephine Bosma     .    n5m3 radio program
12 . Ivo Skoric    .    YU-Caricature

   ................................................................... 01

Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 03:32:51 +0100
Subject: darko fritz

Update about Darko Fritz's exhibitions in Amsterdam:


Solo exhibition 'End of the Message - total archives' at the Berlage
Institute Amsterdam
gallery (Marnixstraat 317) IS PROLONGED!!! Entrance gratis.


Monday - Friday 11 - 17 h.
Tuesday 2nd March exhibition will be open until 22 h.
(Special event 'Terrain Vague or Territorial Intimacy' at Berlage
Institut: Mirko Zardini, Milan:
Gap from Distance to Interval, start at 18.00 h; Jean Francois Chevrier,
France: Terrain Vague
or Territorial Intimacy, start at 20.00 h)
Tuesday 9th March exhibition will be open also at19.30 - 22 h.
(lecture at Berlage Institut: Terence Riley, New York: The Un-Private
House, start at 20.00 h)
Tuesday 16th March exhibition will be open also at 19.30 - 22 h.
(lecture at Berlage Institute: Alistar Guthrie, London: Creating the
Right Environment, start at
20.00 h)
Saturday and Sunday closed.

Exhibition presenting video installations, photography and telefax works
realized under the
title ëEnd of the Messageí from 1995 - 1998 by Darko Fritz. The new
site-specific installation
with a convex mirror and video-link is established at the exhibition
space. Exhibition room is
constantly observed and recorded by surveillance video system.
Surveillance system at Berlage
Institute doors is part of the exhibition too.


'Foto' group exhibition where few of my works from Internet Porno [1997
-98] and Internet
Porno Weekends [1998 -99] series is presented at Arti et Amicitiae,
Rokin 112, until 7th March
1999. Entrance fl 2.50.

Thursday - Friday 12 - 17 h.
Saturday and Sunday 12 - 17 h.

Best regards
Darko Fritz

More on 'End of the Message' series at:

More on Internet Porno Weekends [98 -99] at:

   ................................................................... 02

Date:  Mon, 1 Mar 1999 )
From: Geert Lovink <>
Subject:  Amnesty

Amnesty International and other agencies would like to deliver 8
million signatories under the UN Declaration of Humam rights. So far
they have collected 3 million.

If you agree, you could help by sending an Email to

Subject:(your name)
Text: "I support the rights and freedoms in the Universal Declaration of
Human Rights for all people, everywhere."

It would be very appreciated if you were also able and willing to
>pass>around this message among your colleagues and friends!

   ................................................................... 03

Date:  Tue, 02 Mar 1999
From: sjardijn <>
Subject: rganizing vrml-art 99

Dear fellows,
to supply the search&replace e-mail from Zvonimir Bakotin:
the information came to me by:

Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 02:48:51 -0500
From: Kathy Rae Huffman <>
Subject: Notification: VRML.ART SHOW  1999

>Your work will be installed in a prime location in the Siemens Nixdorf
>Museum, Paderborn.  The exhibition will open on Tuesday, Feb. 23 at  11 AM
>(Europe time), with an evening reception hosted by the conference. The
>works will be on view throughout the week. The installation of the VRML.ART
>show will be supervised by Zvonimir Bakotin
>A full color poster, featuring SELECTED images, ALL projects and artists
>included in VRML.ART will be printed and will be available at the
We did not receive anything.
>4.) Under the URL  <> will be either a link to your site or
>a direct display with available information about you and your work. This
>site will
>be  launched soon and will stay online after the conference.
We did not find any url or direct display of Dutch artists there!

The VRML'99 invitation with this information was signed by Kathy Rae
Huffman <>!

Is this the way we handle free art and the artists?
We spended hours of work for this show!

With all this we where lucky with the action in Activeworlds VRML'99 with
webcams in Paderborn by Victoria D'Onofrio. still to find by

martin sjardijn

   ................................................................... 04

Date:  Tue, 2 Mar 1999 19:45:33 +0930
From: r a d i o q u a l i a <>
Subject: r a d i o q u a l i a: squared reality


r   a   d   i   o   q   u   a   l   i   a


Streaming Daisies - Georgie Knight
2200 - 2400 [ AUS CST ]
2230 - 2430 [ AUS EST ]
1330 - 1530 [ GMT ]
1430 - 1630 [ CET ]

broadcast on 3d radio in adelaide [as dreaming daisies]
netcast on  r  a  d  i  o  q  u  a  l  i  a

pt 1 - rumble has survived its 2nd birthday celebrations and once again the
slides from the speaker inside your body, shaking molecular structures,
with sydney dj frenzy.

pt 2 - (misadvertised as happening last week!) pbxo will be sequencing semi
live impro + tinkling ion dust clouds + storms - >

... and ....

the Hydrogen Jukebox -  Zina Kaye + Martin Ng
2030 - 2330 [ AUS CST ]
2100 - 2400 [ AUS EST ]
1100 - 1400 [ GMT ]
1200 - 1500 [ CET ]

broadcast on Eastside Radio (2RES) in Sydney
netcast on   r  a  d  i  o  q  u  a  l  i  a

[magic numbers]

granular synthesism:
it's all about panning vinyl at the wrong speed.
electrical hum and disproportionately large small notes.
borut savski's idea will feature, if the man can't be here himself !*live/

- > if you wish to be be ousted from this pointcasting regime, hurl insults
to: < -

r   a   d   i   o   q   u   a   l   i   a


f r e q u e n c y  s h i f t i n g  p a r a d i g m s
i n  s t r e a m i n g  a u d i o

ph: 61 8 8232 0142

supported by virtual artists (VA)

   ................................................................... 05

Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999 16:09:02 +0100
From: Phoebe Sengers <>
Subject: CFP: Narrative Intelligence Symposium

Dear Nettimers,

Michael Mateas and I heartily encourage your submissions to our
symposium on Narrative Intelligence, i.e. the multiple intersections
between narrative and Artificial Intelligence both on a technical and
cultural basis.  One of the goals of our symposium is to bring technical
and critical perspectives into a constructive dialogue within AI,
fostering the continuing growth of what Phil Agre calls "critical
technical practices," i.e. ways of building technology that respect and
include critical visions.  We highly encourage submissions from both
within and without AI which deal with narrative as it relates to AI.
Extradisciplinary submissions should be structured to be comprehensible
to AI researchers.

You can find more information at our web site,, or by writing me
personally (

Phoebe Sengers
Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie
Karlsruhe, Germany

Second Call for Participation:

          AAAI 1999 Fall Symposium on Narrative Intelligence

                          November 5-7, 1999
               Sea Crest Conference Center on Cape Cod
                    North Falmouth, Massachusetts

While narrative has long been a theme in AI, it has recently
experienced a surge of popularity.  Researchers in various subfields,
including story generation and understanding, agent architecture,
and interface agents, have taken independent forays into narrative,
finding it a fruitful way to rethink some basic issues in AI.  Strands
of work in Narrative Intelligence (NI) include the following:

- *Models of human narrative cognition*: Since narrative is an
important part of the way humans understand the world and each other,
some researchers are looking at ways in which artificial agents can
have similar narrative capabilities.

- *Architectures for generating narratively understandable behavior*:
Some researchers are building story-telling systems, autonomous
agents, and interface agents which can generate narratively structured

- *Meta-studies of narrative as part of AI research*: AI researchers,
being human, themselves use narrative to understand their own work.
An understanding of this narrative process can improve the quality and
social applicability of AI technology.

Researchers in NI have drawn from many research traditions, including
art, literary theory, (narrative) psychology, and cultural studies.
The goal for our symposium, Narrative Intelligence, is to bring
researchers from these disparate perspectives together to talk about
what we have learned about narrative and its potential for AI.

Scope and questions of the symposium

Within AI, this symposium solicits work from, but not limited to, the
following areas:

* Story understanding
* Story generation
* Narrative structure in interface design
* Narrative structure in the design of autonomous agents
* Believable agents (insofar as they participate in narrative structure)
* Interactive story-telling

In addition, because NI researchers have drawn deep inspiration
from concepts of narrative from other disciplines, we hope to
broaden and solidify our understanding of narrative by including
several participants from other research traditions, including:

* Narrative psychology
* Narrative theory
* Art
* Cultural studies

More information about this symposium can be found at

Submission Information:

Potential participants should submit a short paper (3 to 5 pages -
see web page above for more information) describing their work in this
area.  The paper should make clear which approaches to narrative are
being drawn on and how they apply to AI.  All submissions should be
sent via electronic mail, in plain ASCII format, to Michael Mateas at

Submissions for the symposia are due March 31, 1999
Notification of acceptance will be given by May 7, 1999
Material to be included in the working notes of the symposium must be
received by August 27, 1999.

Organizing Committee:

Kerstin Dautenhahn
    University of Reading Department of Cybernetics

Clark Elliott
    DePaul University Institute for Applied Artificial Intelligence

James Lester
    North Carolina State University Department of Computer Science

Michael Mateas (co-chair)
    Carnegie Mellon University Department of Computer Science

Chrystopher Nehaniv
    University of Hertfordshire Interactive Systems Engineering

Phoebe Sengers (co-chair)
    Center for Art and Media Technology (ZKM Karlsruhe)

General Symposia Information:

This symposium is one of five being offered in the 1999 AAAI Fall
Symposium Series.  Symposia will be limited to between forty and
sixty participants.  Each participant will be expected to attend a
single symposium.  Working notes will be prepared and distributed to
participants in each symposium.  In addition to invited participants,
a limited number of interested parties will be able to register in
each symposium on a first-come, first-served basis.  Registration
information will be available in early July.  To obtain registration
information, write to:

AAAI Fall Symposium Series

445 Burgess Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025-3442
Voice: 650-328-3123
Fax: 650-321-4457

   ................................................................... 06

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 99 06:39:51 +0100
From: Femke Snelting <>
Subject: T H E   W A L K - I N   R E A D E R

> T H E   W A L K - I N   R E A D E R
> videoscreening by Lennaart van Oldenborgh
> Sunday, March 7 / 13.30
> in: De Appel, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10, Amsterdam

The term 'home' conjures up a plethora of meanings and associations. At a
very rudimentary level it is a shelter from the outside elements, a
physical encasing for the necessities and comforts of living. The home is
also attributed with more psychological qualities such as a place of
childhood memories and a space where someone feels a sense of belonging.
This screening, introduced by Lennaart van Oldenborgh, will be focusing on
the complex ways in which home is envisioned and perceived as a house, a
nation, and / or a state of mind.

(Sian Evans, 1992, 27 mins., English spoken)

According to Evans, fairy tales derive their power from their common
central premise: that of building a new home in a strange place. She
examines the importance of this place we call 'home' by interviewing
construction workers and inhabitants of Ft. Greene in Brooklyn, NY, most
of whom have moved between cultures at some point in their lives, and
interweaving these interviews with a variety of materials, including
nursery rhymes and quotes about children¼s developmental psychology.

(Smadar Dreyfus, October 1995, 1996, 4 mins.)

Smadar Dreyfus takes a taxi-ride down memory lane in Tel-Aviv, retracing
the way home from her old highschool, past her old army base, with the
music surging from the taxi's stereo. As we can surmise from the
answering-machine message at the end of the tape, this was just before the
assassination of Rabin, in a time and place now irretrievably lost.


(Polly Gould, 1998, 19 mins. English spoken)
'There¼s no place like home for giving birth¼, according to the
philosopher in this tape. But where is this home, inside an architecture,
a language, whose linear structural logic seems so alien to the speaker?
follow her circular argument with a view on the rigorous angles and
perspective of Dutch social architecture and her final question 'how did
the agrophobe cross the road¼ takes on an almost sinister quality.

   ................................................................... 07

Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 22:19:20 +0000
From: "Ivo Skoric" <>
Subject: (Fwd)  THE ALBANIAN QUESTION IN THE BALKANS and Slobodan Milosev

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
The Transregional Center for Democratic Studies


                          FRON NAZI
Senior Editor, Institute for War and Peace Reporting
                     FRED ABRAHAMS
Researcher, Human Rights Watch/Helsinki

                   who will speak on


DATE:     Thursday, March 4, 1999
TIME:      6:00 pm
PLACE:   Machinist Room (Mezzanine Level), 65 Fifth Avenue at 14th
Street INFO:       Please call (212) 229-5580

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
From:          "Latuff" <>

I would like to introduce you my new creation: The Trial by Cartoon Web Site.
Every month people responsible for crimes against human rights in the
world will be "indicted" thru a cartoon. In March, Slobodan Milosevic,
president of Yugoslavia, will be seated in the defendant's bench.
If you like this site and cartoon, please, forward it.

Comments are very welcome:

All the best,


   ................................................................... 08

Date:  Wed, 3 Mar 1999 00:54:10 +0000
Subject:  Wired news feature on Coin - Note - Sign

Day 12 of the project, and Wired News have chosen to profile the project:

So far artists have created 21 alternative designs for the new European
currency, the euro. View them at:

The Strange Case will remain open until 12 March, so there is still time if
you would like to design alternative notes.

For further information, visit:

   ................................................................... 09

Date:  Tue, 02 Mar 1999
From: Center for Metamedia-Plasy <>
Subject:   call for proposals

Center for Metamedia-Plasy &
     Center for Contemporary Arts-Prague

invite proposals for participation
artists, organizers, activists

for a new workshop-symposium
    >> Pantograph - An Instrument of Mediation <<
6-13 June 1999, Plasy Monastery

proposal deadline:
    15 March 1999

for more information than you find below:

>> description <<
     Pantograph is a new workshop-symposium initiated by the Center for
Metamedia-Plasy to foster constructive discussion and the initiation of
interregional projects addressing the folds between culture, society, and
politics within Europe's former "eastern bloc".
     Ten organizers (artists, curators, cultural managers, activists, etc.)
representing independent cultural organizations will be selected for
participation in the workshop-symposium. Together the participants will
work on rigorous and provocative analyses and "spin-off" projects that
address contemporary conditions, meanings and functions of culture within
the region. The "spin-off" projects devised and initiated within the
Pantograph framework will explore innovative and resourceful ways for
culture to impact contemporary societal issues.
     The workshop-symposium Pantograph - An Instrument of Mediation is
developed to draw ideas, innovation, and collaboration from the experience
of transformation from individuals active within these countries' cultural
spheres. The project's unique format - discussion and project development -
allows for the discussion of ideas to form directly into "spin-off"
projects that address and affect those issues the participants identify as
most vital. The aim is to initiate constructive and rigorous analysis of
the state of and possibilities for the independent cultural spheres in the
former "eastern bloc" and simultaneously to foster the initiation of new
collaborative projects that implement the workshop-symposium's ideas and
extend them to a broader, international audience.
     Proposals for participation in Pantograph will be accepted from
mid-December 1998 through mid-March 1999. In April and May, the ten
participants will together devise the discussion areas and begin sharing
project ideas. (A Pantograph web site will be mounted for such discussion.)
The meeting will take place on 6-13 June 1999 at the Center for Metamedia
in the Plasy Monastery, Czech Republic. At the close of the meeting, the
participants will present proposals for projects. A selection of these
projects will receive a modest amount of start-up money to ensure their

Proposal  for Participation:
We ask you to send no later than 15 March 1999:
-- a written statement that expresses your interest in the Pantograph
project's themes and goals;
--  initial ideas for collaborative projects;
--  information about your background and experience in initiating and
seeing through innovative cultural projects.
Early application is recommended.
Artists, organizers, theorists and activists - with no regard for
nationality - are encouraged to apply. The selection of participants will
be made by the project organizers.
Send by e-mail to:
by fax to: Pantograph, SCCA-Prague - 00 420 2 57 32 06 40
by post to:  Pantograph, SCCA Prague, Jelení 9, 11800 Praha 1 Czech Republic
Questions are best sent to the e-mail address.

Pantograph is funded in part by grants from Soros Centers for Art Regional
Projects (SCARP), Pro Helvetia Ost West, the Hermit Fund, Soros Center for
Contemporary Arts-Prague and other foundations with interest in stimulating
the exchange of ideas.

Pantograph organizers:
Milos Vojtechovsky, Jo Williams, Ludvik Hlavacek, Jennifer De Felice

Centrum pro Metamedia / Spolecnost pratel umeni-Plasy / Nadace Hermit
Center for Metamedia / Society of Friends of Art-Plasy / Hermit Foundation
P.O. Box 25, 331 01 Plasy, Czech Republic
NOVY! NEW! tel./fax 00 420 182 - 32 29 09

   ................................................................... 10

Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999 13:49:19 +0100
From: Kalina Bunevska <>
Subject: Invitation

The Soros Center for Contemporary Art - Skopje, Macedonia
cordially invites You to attend the promotion of the
Internet Zine for Young Art Culture

and the projects

Double Chain - Double Connection
by Kristina Miljanovska & Emil Petrov


A brief history of post-conceptualism
Biljana Tanurovska & Natasa Dimitrievska

Wednesday, 03.03.1999, 8p.m.
CIX Gallery
Orce Nikolov 109

   ................................................................... 11

Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 09:48:27 +0100 (CET)
From: Josephine Bosma <>
Subject: n5m3 radio program

    n5m3 radio will be web and broadcasting for four days,
    print the program and hang it next to your computer!

Some parts of the n5m3 radio are aimed at a remote (web) audience.
Sometimes there is the possibility to react to what you hear directly
in chat, like with the streaming media workshop. Look at the n5m3 website
for details. Other chat possibilities might be added last minute, so
check the site regularly.

In Amsterdam we have three alternative free radiostations:
De Vrije Keyser, Radio 100 and Radio Patapoe. De Vrije Keyser
only broadcasts on tuesdays, so it will not be on the air during n5m3.
The people of this station will be amongst the n5m3 radio makers though.
Collaborating at n5m3 are people from Radio De Vrije Keyser, Radio 100,
Radio Patapoe, Radio Koekeroe (Leiden) and Radio Stadsverwarming (Haarlem),
next to lots of foreign conference guests of course! Koekeroe and
Stadsverwarming are free (illegal) stations too.
Except for the free radiostations which are always on the air there
will be two additional transmitters/frequencies used. One will be
Radio n5m3, from te conference, and the other Agent Radio, a project by
Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha. Descriptions of remote projects, like
Agent Radio, below.

Special broadcast, on air (Radio Patapoe 97.2 FM)
and online
thursday March 11th, 21.00-01.00:
N5M3 Openingparty, with Station Rose, Erik Hobijn, Convex TV, Ashley Gillard.


Radio n5m3   95.8  FM
Agent Radio  96.3  FM
Radio 100  99.3  FM
Radio Patapoe  97.2  FM


During n5m3 Radio, TV and Web will work closely together. The
collaboration produces a hybrid medium, hybrium for short. Friday
and Saturday evening hybrium specials are scheduled, which host
special performances, but also do experimental reports from the
programs in the main room of Paradiso: the How Low Can You Go Show
(Friday) and the Spoken Word evening (Saturday).

Special performances :
Friday March 12th,   24.00: Ann Whitehearst, Therese Zoekende, Mongrel.
Saturday March 13th, 22.00: Fakeshop. (± 30 minutes)
                     24.00: HKU-project, Therese Zoekende, Debra Solomon.

remote (not at n5m3-premises) projects:

Radio Patapoe 97.2 FM, Friday March 12th 15.00-18.00
Wreck This Mess: [PyschorRADIographies & Deep Statical Archives]
3 hours of selfreferential radio, repetition possible.

Agent Radio  96.3 FM  All through March 12th, 13th and 14th
Remko Scha and Arthur Elsenaar. A special software will search the
internet for ANY sound file, queue the files and play them on the air
as one endless string of sound.

Radio Patapoe, Radio 100, n5m3 radio, Local TV: Saturday March 13th 24.30
HKU-students F. HonÈe, R. Mertowirdjo, P. Roorda en C.St¸rmer.
Short video with sound devided over stereo-signals of different

program n5m3 radio, on air and online:

Friday March 12th:

12.00/13.00: tapes, music, simple stuff (still building studio)
15.00: Art of Campaigning mix. A 'collage' of sound from the Art of
       Campaigning show in the Big room of Paradiso mixed with found
       footage and comments.
18.00: news, announcements, short interviews
19.00: dinnerradio - soundscapes, tapes, mixers:
       cyberfeminist special
21.00: hybriumspecial: how low can you go: collaboration with local TV.
       VJ Oskar Luyer, audio mix: Herrie & Stort
01.00: close


09.00: slow breakfast show: Bart Schut and Dan Kerwell present
       their view of n5m3.
11.00: (not) at n5m3 show: presentation of projects, interviews
       that are not on the n5m3 program, but whose makers are
       present. Amongst others: 'Deconstructing Beck' by RTMark
       and 'Biogene' by the Cultural Terrorist Agency.
13.00: short overview of the day, followed by
       streaming media technical workshop embedded in sound,
       studiocomments and with chatpossibility with workshop.
14.30: PGO debate mix.
17.00: Talk with Paul Garrin on erosion of free speech
       through privatization.
18.00: nieuws, aankondigingen, overzichten, korte interviews
19.00-22.00: dinnerradio - Xchange/Orang-special.
22.00: hybrium special: Fakeshop performance
22.30:                : Spoken Word Night
      VJ: Jarif Alterfin, audio mix: Edward Milhuysen or Toek?
24.00:                : HKU-project, Therese Zoekende, Debra Solomon.
02.00: close


09.00: slow breakfast show: Geert Lovink on the mike
       with early bird guests
11.00: short interviews, news and announcements
12.00: Revolting FM: Micz Flor will 'content DJ' some of the
       Revolting Temp Media Lab sound files.
       special hosts: convex tv. with real time commentry
14.00: streaming media forum, main hall Paradiso.
       B92 presents its current situation  (30 minutes).
       short presentations Ashley Gillard (, London),
       Tetsuo Kogawa (MiniFM and netradio activist, Tokyo), Erwin Blom
       (VPRO, Netherlands), Freespeech TV (NewYork), Adam Hyde
       (Radioqualia, Australia), Banque de Programmes (Panos Institute,
       discussion with audience and chat input, moderation
       Josephine Bosma.
15.30: mini closing debate in studio.
17.00: schluss

   ................................................................... 12

Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999
From: "Ivo Skoric" <>
Subject: YU-Caricature

Belgrade caricaturist and graphic artist Miro Stefanovic will have
an exhibition of hiseditorial cartoons from Nasa Borba in New York
city's Lower East Side's ABC NoRio in April (given that US INS
grants him entry visa, of course).

Contact Ted Phillips ( for details.

Check his artwork on this page:


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