Dmytri Kleiner on Fri, 5 Mar 1999 19:27:14 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> More beats from Tuki, The Y2K Bug!

Here's another message from Tuki, The Y2K Bug...

     "Hi Friends ... I'm Tuki, the Y2K Bug
      I know you've heard a lot of bad things about me lately, but..."

     "Is a two digit date really such a bad thing?
      Sometimes shortcuts just make life a little easier.
      What's so wrong with the year 1900 anyway?"

     "We'll have fun!"

     "Relax, Let's do the Why'TwO'Chi
      Come on friends, join me in this little dance..."

     "Watch me..
      Just shake it like this...
      To the left, to the right.."

(Music please...)

     "A One, and A Two and A..."

     "Do The WhY'TwO'ChI!
      Shake away the century.
      Just Shake it with Tuki!
      Let The Bug be! Oh Let The Bug Be!
      Shout "Two digits are enough for me..."

     "Don't sweat the millen-ium
      Two digits are plenty-umm
      If they panic, just shrug
      say "I'M DOWN WITH BUG!""

     "...And do the WhY'TwO'ChI"


     "Thank You, Thank You!"

     "Don't be a collaborator, Friends!
      Support Y2K Non-Complience!"

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