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<nettime> AAC: PROTEST US BOMBINGS (fwd)

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>International Action Center
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>Demonstration To Protest US Bombings in Sudan and Afghanistan
>The International Action Center (IAC) is calling for all anti-war
>forces to demonstrate against the latest U.S. air strikes in
>Afghanistan and the Sudan under the demand "Money For Jobs, Not Wars,"
>on Saturday August 22 at New York's City Hall starting at 1pm. The IAC
>is also urging anti-war and peace activists to protest across the U.S.
>as well as internationally.
>"In the name of combating terrorism, the U.S. government is guilty of
>another blatant act of state-sponsored terrorism in the high-tech
>bombings of the capitol city of Sudan and in Afghanistan," stated
>Brian Becker of the International Action Center.
>"This shows the arrogance of the White House and the Pentagon who have
>appointed themselves the 20th century Caesars. They act as though they
>have a divine mandate to rule the world through the lawless use of
>mass violence.  Their use of aerial bombings against areas populated
>by civilians is proof again of the terrorist tactics of the U.S.
>Government," Becker stated.
>"The horrors of these bombings are masked in the mass media by the
>predictable pattern of demonizing the targets as `terrorists.' What
>proof do they offer before they strike? None! The Sudanese government
>has stated for instance that the so-called chemical weapons facility
>was in fact the Al-Shifa Pharmaceutical factory in Khartoum. In order
>to discourage protest at home they seek to insulate the people of the
>United States from their crimes. They do this by disregarding the
>devastation wreaked by their bombing and focus public attention
>instead on the use of racist stereotypes of their victims," Becker
>On August 22, anti-war forces will be joining with hundreds of
>workfare workers who will be protesting against the cruel and inhuman
>policy of ending welfare and replacing it with workfare slavery.
>August 22 is the 2nd anniversary of Clinton's signing of this
>anti-people legislation called the Welfare Reform Law. Despite all the
>ballyhoo of the racist right-wing that we live in a `welfare state'
>the fact is that we live in a warfare state. Vietnam, Grenada,
>Lebanon, Panama, Iraq, Somalia, Haiti - read like a litany at the
>alter of U.S. militarism. These are wars against poor countries and
>poor people. On Saturday August 22 we will demonstrate to say `Stop
>the Racist War Against the Poor from Khartoum to New York City," said 

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