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<nettime> ZKP5 - the book - call for content - 002

dear nettime readers,

as you might know, there is a nettime book in preparation.
since the ljubljana meeting in june 97 a changing and growing
editorial team is working on this monumental pallace of
meta-us-european cyberdiscourse, which changes its face with
every blink of an electron beam. it will be the book with the thousand
titles, giving place to happy populations of extraordinary textes,
to bring our discourse to world domination. it will give testimony
to the next generations of productive uncertainty with an unsual
text collection about what will have been called the net. it plans
to cover any topic ever thought of as an canonic issue for nettime
and even more, making such an set of vectors hopefully hard to
follow and fun to read - depending on you.

(you're welcome)
in a constant process of articulation and de-articulation the
expanding editorial will do everything to please you with
heterogenous, highly re-hirarchized, and historically hegemonial
hysteries about master topics reaching from software, interfaces,
economy, (trans)activism, net.art, neighborhoods, threads&interviews,
city reports to a variety of issues which are truly dependent on
the impact of your upcoming contributions. this long awaited
nettime book is planned to be presented at the Deaf "media
accidents" conference in Rotterdam Nov. 19, 1998. it will
be distributed through various channels, like Autonomedia,
New York for the US. The production will take place at
De Waag, Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam.

from now on you'll get a book status report almost every
sunday - written by various members of the exploding editorial
team.  if your text goes through the various filters of editorial
abuse (with a expected probability of 87:1) you'll get back a
decent book or two. you'll also be part of a truly insane "we"
which started at 1995 in Venice and is still up and running.
you'll give something and you'll get something back which is
more then paper. the project will be non-profit, if we accidentally
make money everything gets reinvested into following publishing
or software/server projects. copyrights remain by their individual
authors if not explicitly declared as 'open content'. 

more soon

(deadline for authors)
attention! the trajectory of the content collection process aims at
13.th of September, 1998

if you want to join the editorial to volunteer take
over an own section, do proofreading or make
some coffee then please contact:


please use this adress if you have any questions regarding
the book or want to contribute preorders, reviews, hate mail,
love letters, advertisments.

Berlin, August 1998

searched for: 
Anti-Bangemann, Alexei Shulgin, Acoustic Cyberspace, Anti-social Interfaces,
Becoming-NGO, Beyond Media Studies, Brussels 2000, Casino Capitalism,
Communication guerillia, Eurocentrism, Europanto, German electronic Music,
Hypnopolitics, Immaterial Work, Interface critique, LETS, Lessons from P2p,
Millenarism, NC 1.0, Public Content, Publicity/Privacy, Q-Bert & Deleuze,
Sex, Lies and Echelon , Space Metaphor, Space Travel, Techno-Blues, The Art
of Spamming, The Barbrook Thread, The Barlow Thread, The Duck, The Luther
Blissed Story, The theory of computer games, a green manifesto, a list goes
down in flames, abuse of/on the net, alexander-brener-thread, archives &
search engines, ascii-pop, automated teller machine, ballard : excuses,
computer generated porn, copyleft, fillers, financial networks, flatlands,
irational.org, frogger, frequencies, gift economy, how-to-XY mapping the
bandwidth, media moguls, micro-FAQs, micro-economies, migration in europe,
modes of organisation, modes of mutation, neighborhood watch, net.religion,
nettime 2.0, nettime criticism, nettime criticism, nettism no thank you new
coalitions, open content movement, postmedia predators, pranks & hickups,
public content, second order nation techgnosis, technorealism, the Internet
as social system, the economy of boredom, the meta state, the worst news
the711/amEx story, transgressive email, virtual realism, where in the world
is Keiko Susuki... pnm://orang.orang.de//RIS-DATA/901559653/08.bonus.rm

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