Brett Stalbaum on Thu, 13 Aug 1998 13:27:17 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: <nettime> The Debate on the Tactic of Electronic Civil Disobedience (fwd)

> Sit-ins and blockades are not old-school and obsolete.

When did we say this?
I run in to this a great deal in the art context, although it reads:
Painting and sculpture are not old-school and obsolete.
And nobody can ever point to the person who said they were obsolete.

It is a position often attributed, (in knee-jerk style), to anyone using
technology for anything, that one of the goals of those using such
technology use is to replace those who don't; to invalidate their skills,
function and ability to leverage power. 

Yes, it is also an understandable fear in light of much of the evidence,
particularly in light of any economic analysis of previous industrial
revolutions. But it suffers from the blind spots of distopian thought. Is
it realistic to think that the only power is in the streets just because
it is your favorite site of power? 

I would agree that, (as has happened twice in the past), that FloodNet
actions should continue to mirror street actions at embassys, etc. Just
load your floodnet on your computer if you have one, and then go down to
the embassy. A body in the street and a robot at home both doing some



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