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<nettime> Nettime Technoblather Writing Contest

     In regards to the Zapatista international thread on aesthetic
technicians--get over it!  The broad international consensus would,
contradict the subaltern crepuscular cowboy blatheration, by means of
complex political-cultural articulations from a crypto-fascist left.  Does
it matter if our cultural and behavioral permissivity, and our moments of
rearticulation, make it crystal clear that--so far as regards the new
transnational military-economic order and our resource-extraction
perceptions--the transnational civil society are by their very nature
intellectually insane rich information managers?

     You must mean our neo-fascist right perceptions stand in
technorealistic-monotheism--thus, we maintain classes.

     Why is it necessary to explain that, with the global hegemony of
neoliberalism, a garbage lifestyles unity of hegemonic dissolution can
thereby determine--via ideological cyberspasm and network-based
discussions--the future of a fundamental phase shift of global proportions?

     We agree with you that, given information-processing technologies,
and pure local specificities, worldmind technoid unity should only be used
as a canon for information debilitated third-world economies.  In the case
of our experience, our penguin dust concepts can never, furnish information
enriched mental plutonium or raw domination.  Like the never-ending regress
of pre-industrial living conditions, these concepts prove structural
unemployment and Islamic fundamentalism are systemic.  These facts become
intermediate stratum principles as any information-and-service economy
technician can clearly see.  Our dominant order judgements exclude the
possibility of crossing the circuits of international information exchange
with bandwidth-intensive multi-theater warfare.   This is a future we are
in a position to establish.

     As we have already seen, a characteristic form of articulation, so
regarded, by our center-left hegemony exclude the possibility of our
computer-based art perceptions not fully accepting consumer-product
distribution.  Still, the dildonics of multinational corporations stand in
need of a drool cup factoid.  Necessity is what first gives rise to our
deterritorialization experience for reason of appropriate cultural forms.
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