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3.........................Int. Seminar GLOBALISATION and RESISTANCE
4...INTIM@................The nobilitation of the material
5...Crash Media...........Call#3
6...CyberSalon............CYBER.SALON 7 <24/6/98>
7...Victor Acevedo........ACEVEDOnews Summer98
8...lisa haskel...........ICA, London, Dialogues with the Machine
9...Eveline Lubbers.......Banned McLibel documentary fights back, June 23th, 20:00-21:00 hrs,
                          de Balie, T Y P  txt ONLY
11..florian at the border
12..cisler................Report on Digital Media Content
                          for Children conference


Date: Wed, 14 Jun 1995 16:06:42 +0100
From: "Jaka eleznikar" <>
Subject: > Bela 0.2 /White 0.2 :: medmrezna.umetnost

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From: ANDREJ TISMA <aart@EUnet.yu>

Now You can read the entire essay on at this URL:


Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 22:33:45 +0200

Ander Europa lijst

               International Seminar
The Social and Environmental Effects of "Free" Trade
           Geneva, 16 to 31 August 1998

THIS IS A SEMINAR about the 800 million people who go hungry everyday, about
the women whose health is destroyed working in the textile industry for
miserable wages, about the indigenous peoples massacred by multinationals
for defending their lands, about the freedom of exploitation caused by
"free" trade.

About peasants squatting land all across the planet, about the battles
against big dams and other megalomaniac projects, about the struggle of the
Zapatistas in Chiapas, about the women and men who are daily defying
patriarchy, about the squatting of houses and streets to the rhythm of
drums, about the self governance of the thousands of workers who have taken
over their factories.

We have organised it to inform you and to heat up your adrenaline, to
inspire your rage and strengthen your hope.


The seminar is divided into five blocks. The first block starts by defining
a series of basic concepts, such as development, globalisation,
neoliberalism, gender and sustainability. This is followed by a historical
perspective of development, from colonialism until the present day. (3 days)

The second block will be dedicated to theoretical descriptions and practical
discussions about gender relations, the environment, culture and technology.
(2 days)

In the third block, we will put the themes discussed in the second block
into more concrete terms, focussing on the study of the "development" of
agriculture and rural societies. In this block we will place a special
emphasis on the environmental, cultural and gender impact of the Green
Revolution and modern biotechnologies and patents on life. ( 2 days )

In the fourth block, we focus on studying the rules which shape the
globalised world in which we live. We will talk about the World Trade
Organisation (WTO), and its trade treaties which govern the world, the
financial casino which moves billions of dollars electronically every day,
regional integration agreements (such as Maastricht and NAFTA), and about
the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, which is currently being imposed
on us. We will also talk about the agreements which attempt to solve
environmental problems created by globalisation, such as the Climate
Convention, the Biodiversity Convention and the Montreal Protocol.. (4 days)

Finally, in the last block, we will discuss power structures and the
alternatives to such structures. We will analyse who runs the world today,
and how, and we will explore different alternatives. There will be
discussion of the pros and cons of diverse forms of action and of
organisation. As the last part, we shall talk about various processes of
co-ordination which can exist at different levels. (3 days)

The speakers will include a variety of activists, academics, authors and
representatives of different organisations. Some of them will be well known
authorities in their fields, some others unknown but experienced
practitioners. We will invite representatives of Indigenous peoples (who
will be in Geneva at the time of the seminar, participating in the UN
Working Group on Indigenous peoples) to come and talk about their struggles.
And we will also invite official representatives of several international
institutions and NGOs to talk - including people who will have a very
different view of the world than the organisers (for instance, we hope that
a representative of the World Trade Organisation will hold a workshop).


The seminar is open to everyone, regardless of age, previous knowledge or
experience around the issues.

The seminar will be held in the garden of a big house beside the Lake of
Geneva, just outside town. We'll be able to use the kitchen and bathrooms of
the house, but the seminar itself will be outdoors (excepting rainy days).
You should bring a camping tent and a sleeping bag with you. If you have no
possibility to get hold of a tent, let us know beforehand and we'll try to
find place for you.

Since the programme is dense and complicated, there will be some free time
to consolidate concepts, rest your minds, chat with other people. The
seminar will combine educational sessions in the mornings with workshops in
some afternoons. There will be two free days, and in 8 afternoons there will
be workshops, discussions, videos, dances, lake swimming, games, or what
else people want to do. For these activities we are counting on the
initiative and creativity of the participants, so remem-ber to bring your
videos, musical instruments, games materials, and sense of fun.

You'll have to be prepared for helping out with domestic work (cleaning,
cooking, etc) and to survive on vegetarian food (although you can of course
bring meat for self consumption). We also count on your respect for the
people whose garden we'll squat. And you'll also have to be prepared to live
for the two weeks in a group where no forms of discrimination or aggression
will be tolerated; there is enough of that out there, so we do not want to
deal with it also at the seminar.


The seminar will be held in English and French. Depending on the interest,
there might also be translation into German and / or Italian.


The participation fee (which includes a place to put up your tent and food)
will differ depending on the region where the participant lives. For people
living in very rich Western countries (Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands,
France, etc) the fee will be 250 Swiss Francs (around 166 US$). For people
living in rich Western countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc) the fee will
be 200 Swiss Franks (about 133 US$). For most other people, the seminar will
be either for free or very cheap. For people staying only for a few days, a
DAILY fee of 15 Swiss Francs will be charged, no matter whether you live in
very rich or just rich countries.


We are people who work together for social and environmental justice and
gender equality. We come from different places and work together but in an
autonomous manner, since we are all sick of big organisations (especially
political parties and other groups with their eyes on power). We do not have
a name or a legal status. We work on issues that are of concern to us,
hoping to inform and inspire as large and diverse a range of people as

Send this form to the address below and we'll send you more information
Seminar "Globalisation and Resistance", c/o IAS. 5, Rue Samuel Constant.
1201 Geneva, Switzerland. E-mail

Organisation/collective (if applicable):
Do you need a Swiss visa?:
How many days do you intend to come for?   From   until
Can you bring a camping tent?     Can you share it with someone else?
Would like to organise any activity for the free time sessions? If yes,
please describe


From: "intim@" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 00:50:07 +0000
Subject: The nobilitation of the material

Darko Golija
"The nobilitation of the material"

online exhibition  / Statuary
June 15 - July 15, 1998

"Art is as sublime as divinity, as inexplicable as life, independent
to definitions, and without any intention. A work of art rises through
the artistic evaluation of its elements. I by myself am only aware of
the way I create it, and the medium I bear inside is the only thing I
know, without knowing the final intention," this is what Kurt
Schwiters said nearly eighty years age. After the concept of mimesis
as the key concept in the history of art has been substituted by
unmimetic artistic practices, an endless space for interpretations and
records, associations and symbolic as well as for analysis of pure
forms and materials opened up. The syntagmas of Schwiters are to a
great extent true for the sculptural projects, constructions and
installations of the sculptor Darko Golija which at first sight often
are an amorphic symbiosis of the material and ideas but in the same
time they are also full of submeanings, nobilitations of apparently
obscure materials and their transformation to physical and
metaphysical meanings. The materialization of THE CLOUD as a
transsubstantiation of the modern apotheosis and the epiphany of the
civilization at the end of the XXth century which sometimes serves
also with an artistic, installation - technical interpretation of its
origin; THE LINE as a sort of an artistic ECG of this
civilization and art; the archeotype  POSITION OF
SUCTION and the monumentaly trivial TONKA'S HOUSE are
only a few examples which bear witness to an expressive authorial
artistic optics which is anchored in the modern and also in the
postmodern period. Golija possesses a full arsenal of esthetic
experiences of the sculptural form, and beside the imaginativity in
his realization of specific onthologic and epistemologic extensions of
the sculptural media he distinguishes himself also by his distinctive
poetics and a soft nearly not self-conscious ironic note.
                                                  (by Peter Rak)


From: Crash Media <>
Subject: Crash Media : Call#3
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 20:15:48 +0100


         _______                       __
        /   ___ \____________    _____|  |__
       /    \  \/\_  __ \__  \  /  ___/  |  \
       \     \____|  | \// __ \_\___ \|   |  \
        \________/|__|  (______/______\___|__/
            _____              ___ __
           /     \   ____   __| _/|__|____
          /  \ /  \_/ __ \ / __ | |  \__  \
         /    |    \  ___// /_/ | |  |/ __ \_
         \____|____/\_____\_____| |__(______/

                C R A S H   M E D I A #3

        Where Media Reaches its Critical Mass




Snowcrash and the Number 7 Bus_________________The Velvet Underload
Modernity and 'post' production___________________Soft Theory Salad
Beware of Geeks Bearing GIFs____Breakdown of the Master Imperatives
Trolley and the Three Smart Cards__________From Here to Electricity
Rebuttal, let down your long print out____________________Born Free
Why administrative production of meaning?_______Men Archiving Badly
Conspiracy Theory Theme Park_____Relocating Political Consciousness
The Longitude Problem________________________Bed-sits and Split-ups
Celebrate Redundancy_____________________________Haensel & Guattari
The Thrill on Technology Hill_________Little Johnny Head On The Air
Pixel on Acid___________________________________________Peeping ROM



Crash Media is a publication with a split personality;
part tabloid newspaper and part website, complete with
discussion threads and a low-interference editorial
policy. [Feel free to enter the online debate at any
moment and be prepared to find your statement in print.]
Right now we are calling for contributions for the next
print issue to be released as in the middle of July.

      *.gif *.txt *.wav *.ra *.doc *.pic

Deadline for contributions: 30th of June '98 !!!

Crash Media is (looking at) independent media practice;
taking media criticism off the bookshelf and stacking it
on the flyer table. Find Tech/Specs on CM and
contributions below.


Issue 3 will still include the following permanent
sections(->Medium Roast, ->Culture Club, ->Under The
Needle, ->Access Denied, ->Balzac Nation, ->Strangeways).

Contributions in many guises required: deep undercover
analyses, sub-cutaneous cuts, bi-lateral dissections,
polemics for the hard of reason, trinkets for the virtual
mantelpiece, eye-sores for the foot-sore, nectar for the
hive mind, befuddlement for conspiracists, personal
highlights and urban low-lights.

In other words: articles, logos, interviews, artwork,
reviews, literature, listings, cartoons and info-blips.

We favour text within the 500 to 800 word limit - and we
envy the capacity to make a strong point with 200 words!
Scans should be 300dpi and stuffed, send as attachments
(MAC or PC) - stamp-based mail is just as good. Currently
we are not able to pay contributors. Every contributor
will receive ten copies of Crash Media.



Crash Media has been published in print as a free, bi-
monthly tabloid, since the middle of March. Printed on
tabloid paper, each issue has a print run of 5,000. Crash
Media is based in Salford/Manchester and London (UK).
Each issue consists of 12 pages. Crash Media is being
distributed intensively in the North West of England and
London, and selectively world-wide. We are also open to
any suggestions for worthwhile locations.

Crash Media is a joint venture, defining the agenda of
the 'Revolting' media lab in Manchester/Salford UK in
Aug/Sept ( ),
Salford University and 'Skyscraper Digital Publishing'.

Crash Media is extended through a digital forum.
Threads generated in Crash Media on-line will be
selectively reprinted in the next issue. The public
access server in Manchester/ Salford will be set up over
the next few weeks and will host Crash Media - URL will
follow shortly, any domain name suggestions welcomed.

!! To receive a free print copy of Crash Media within
!! the UK, send a 1st class stamped and self addressed
!! A4 or A5 envelope to the below address.



Micz Flor, Josephine Berry

Crash Media
University of Salford
Art and Design Technology Research Unit
Peru Street
UK-Salford M3 6EQ

fax: +44.171.6134052



Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 10:49:21 +0000
Subject: CYBER.SALON 7 <24/6/98> <update>
From: CyberSalon Announce <>

Telepolis &
Hypermedia Research Centre


'Hacker Myths and Realities'

'Hacks' by Christine Bader

Mark Dziecielewski (
Andy Cameron (HRC/ANTI-rom)

Richard Barbrook (HRC)

7pm to 11pm
Wednesday 24th June

(basement of Cyberia)
39 Whitfield St

entrance free

be there early!


Cyber.Salon 7: 'Hacker Myths and Realities'

The film show will be followed by a moderated discussion.


Christine Bader (director)

Germany 1997 (73 mins)

German and English (English sub-titles)

 "hacking is not a technical thing - it's a way of life"

Do we have the courage to create our own future? Or do we rely on
governments, institutions, organisations and cyber-hype?

'Hacks', Christine Bader's feature-length documentary, explores hacking
myths, chaos lifestyle, cultural hacking, piracy, social engineering,
Net-activism and digital democracy. Bursting with energy, the film gets
beyond media theory and explores networking as it is lived. This
fast-forward documentary examines people's relationship to their ever
expanding technological universe and brings home the point that hacking is
about humans, not machines.

Bader's use of interviews, good pacing and lively editing draws the viewer
into this very human technological scene. The film shows that individuals
with scant resources are successful in  attacking the Establishment. "We are
people who
are in the system to turn it around" explains C. Nevejan in the film. It's
a documentary about dreams and real visions attainable through networking
and free thought. 'Hacks' encourages us to passionately and actively
determine our future.

 "Hackers do it with fewer instructions".


Cyber.Salon 8: 'Copyright and the Net'

Wednesday 29th July

Speakers: Mike Holderness and Vincent Porter


If you know anyone who would like to receive announcements of forthcoming
Cyber.Salons, they can subscribe themselves to our listserver on this webpage:



Coming Soon: <> the Cyber.Salon website and on-line
conference space



Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 16:58:53 -0500
From: Victor Acevedo <>
Subject: ACEVEDOnews Summer98

To Whom it may Conern

For Immediate Release


Victor Acevedo, digital artist and faculty member at New York's School
of Visual Arts BFA Computer Art Department, will be getting some
international exposure this Summer with some selections from the art
work that he's done over the last 18 years.

At this June's  ESCHER98 Centennial Congress celebrating the 100 year
anniversary of M.C. Escher's birth, Acevedo has been invited to exhibit
one of his early graphite drawings called "Four Fold Rotational Wasp"

In addition he will show his first exhibited computer graphics piece - a
cibachrome called "Ectoplasmic Kitchen" (1987).

The exhibition will be mounted at the Museo Laboratorio di Arte
Contemporanea in Rome from June 24-27 1998 coinciding with the run of
Escher Congress proceedings. Besides Acevedo, the exhibition will
include the work of 11 other Escher-inspired artists as well 12 pieces
by M.C. Escher himself.

Acevedo says "Showing with Escher is like a career-long fantasy come
true...I consider it a great honor as well as a kind of vindication "

Website for the ESCHER98 Congress and Exhibition:

In July the upcoming ACM/SIGGRAPH98 Art Show in Orlando Florida will
feature a digital print by Acevedo called "The Lacemaker". A work from
1997 named after the same titled painting by Johannes Vermeer.


Victor has been associated with the School of Visual Arts since the Fall
of 1995. At that time he was selected by BFA Computer Art Chair, Bruce
Wands to initiate the department's "Guest Artist" program. During this
time Acevedo explored new directions in  his fine art digital work in
the SGI computer lab and also made himself available to consult with and
offer guidance to some of the undergraduate students.

Last Fall Semester 1997, Acevedo began formally teaching classes at SVA.
He taught  a first time ever offered class called "Digital Fine Art" as
well took over the helm of another  called "Ideas in Computer Art"
which was a requiremnt for both seniors and juniors.

Earlier this year on April 15, Victor was one of three speakers at a
public event presented at the SVA Amphiteater. The program called
"Current Realities in Digital Fine Art" was the last in a series 4
lectures commemorating the School of Visual Art's 50th Anniversary.
The other  two speakers joining Acevedo on the panel were Cynthia
Pannucci, Founder/Director of Art Science Collaborations Inc. (ASCI) and
Lynn Pocock, Chair emeritus of the SIGGRAPH Art Show '97 and current
Associate Professor and coordinator of computer graphics at the New York
Institute of Technology.

This Fall,  Acevedo will continue his teaching duties at SVA with the
second run of his class Digital Fine Art.



From: "lisa haskel" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 23:47:16 +0000
Subject: ICA, London, Dialogues with the Machine

ICA, London

27 and 28 June 1998
Dialogues with the Machine

In 1968, the ICA in London hosted the visionary exhibition: Cybernetic
Serendipity. Dialogues with the Machine is a unique international
weekend gathering of artists, writers and organisers to re-discover
the pioneer generation of artists' work with technology, and discuss
its relevance to today's media and electronic culture.

Saturday 27 June

10.00 - 12.00
Convergence:	Artists as Engineers, Engineers as Artists
Speakers: Douglas Davis, New York based artist, writer and author of
"Art and the Future: A History/Prophecy of the collaboration between
Science, Technology and Art" published in 1973, computer graphics
artist Lillian Schwartz, researcher at Bell Labs in New Jersey since
1968, and Barbara Staveni, artist, and co-organiser of the Artists
Placement Group, established in 1966.

13.00 - 15.00
Communication: Art as Process
Speakers: Robert Adrian, pioneer telecommunications artist based in
Vienna, Roy Ascott, interactive, telecommunications and cybernetic
artist and theorist, Tjebbe van Tijen, artist, organiser and
archivist, Stephen Willats (to be confirmed), artist and initiator of
interactive and collaborative projects.

15.00 - 16.30
Underground/Overground: Social Context and Political Motivations
First  round-table discussion of the weekend, exploring the cultural,
political and social context which gave rise to the drive and dynamism
of  the use of technology and communcations media in the late 1960's.
Participants to include: Gustav Metzger, writer and artist, proponant
of "Auto-Destructive Art", John Hopkins, publisher, photographer and
driving force behind Londons "Underground" art scene, Tina Keane, film
and video artist, Mick Hartney, film and video artist,  Dennis
Crompton, member of the "Archigram" group.   Chaired by David A.

Sunday 28 June

10.00 - 11.30
Film and video screenings of work by Jud Yalkut and David Hall.

11.45 - 12.30
Event Structure Universe
John Latham in conversation

13.00 - 15.00
Conversation: Human/Machine Collaboration
Speakers:  Jud Yalkut, film and video maker, writer, curator:,
Liliane Lijn, writer, light, kinetic and mixed media artist, Paul De
Marinis, artist witha special interest in early sound-recording
devices.  Video taped contribution by Steina Vasulka.

15.00 - 16.30
Closing round-table discussion
With participants from the weekend, plus others including David Hall,
film, video and television artist, Tamara Kekorian, video artist and
curator, and possible participation of Jeffrey Shaw. chaired by David

Programmed by Lisa Haskel
Ticket prices:  weekend ticket price:   £25,   £15  ICA
members/concessions day price: £15 (£10)
ICA box office: 0171 930 3647

Further information mail:


From: "Eveline Lubbers" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 10:00:11 +0000
Subject: Banned McLibel documentary fights back

"A very brave film. No wonder the main TV channels dare
 not show it."
                                      K e n   L o a c h

"This cracker of a film deserves the  widest exposure."
             J o h n  V i d a l,  T he  G u a r d i a n

M c L i b e l:   T w o   W o r l d s   C o l l i d e

To coincide with the anniversary of the verdict in the
McLibel Trial (June 19) and the start of the appeal
(July 3rd), there will be a public screening of the
banned documentary 'McLibel: Two Worlds Collide',
followed by a debate, at the Riverside Studios on
June 20. More than 50 local video and cable screenings
are planned around the country & abroad and the film
is available to purchase on VHS or can be watched on
the internet at: The McLibel
defendants will be burying a video in a time capsule at
an appropriate location in London, to protest at the
mainstream media's censorship of the film.

l o n d o n   s c r e e n i n g   a n d  d e b a t e

Screening and debate: Riverside Cinema, Hammersmith.
Sat 20 June. 4pm. stlg3.50. Tickets: +44 (0)181 237 1111.

Speakers: Helen Steel & Dave Morris (McLibel defendants),
Franny Armstrong (Director), Michael Mansfield QC

l o c a l   s c r e e n i n g s

More than 50 screenings have already been scheduled in
the UK, US, Germany, Finland, Holland, Australia,
New Zealand and Croatia. How about organising one near
you? There are press releases, helpful hints and
technical tips available at:

w a t c h   i t   o n   t h e   w e b

The full 55 minute documentary can be watched as
streaming video at:
Thanks to FreeSpeech TV (
for digitising it for us.

w h y   i s n ' t   i t   o n   T V ?

Proposed transmissions on both the BBC
('Heart of the Matter') and Channel 4 were blocked
by their respective legal departments, both having
been previously threatened with legal action by
McDonald's. This is despite the all-clear from the
production's independent media lawyer.

The film is being distributed the new way: as
'streaming video' on the Internet, on cable TV in the
States, at international film festivals, on home video,
at local video screenings and by a travelling
solar-powered cinema. Negotiations are under way
with mainstream TV stations in countries with less
archaic libel laws (including France, Canada, Australia).

't h e   t r i a l   o f   t h e   c e n t u r y.'

On June 19th 1997, after the longest trial in English
history, Justice Bell delivered a mixed verdict. He
ruled that McDonald's "exploit children" with their
advertising, are "culpably responsible" for cruelty to
animals, deceptively advertise their food as nutritious
and pay their workers low wages. But he also ruled in
their favour on other points (notably rainforests and
diet & disease) and awarded damages of stlg60,000.

McDonald's abandoned plans to claim their money - or
to obtain an injunction stopping distribution of the
libellous material - after the impoverished defendants,
who had represented themselves, vowed to go to jail if
necessary. Half a million 'What's Wrong With McDonald's?'
leaflets were distributed by the defendants' supporters
post-verdict. The 'McSpotlight' internet site (dedicated
to the trial and McDonald's) has now been accessed more
than 40 million times.

't h i s   c r a c k e r   o f   a   f i l m '

'McLibel: Two Worlds Collide' is the inside story of
the single father and the part-time bar worker
who took on the McDonald's Corporation.

Filmed over three years, the documentary follows
Helen Steel and Dave Morris as they turn from
anonymous campaigners into unlikely global
heroes defending themselves in the longest trial
in English history. Along the way they face
infiltration by spies, secret meetings with top
executives, 40,000 pages of background reading
and a visit from Ronald McDonald.

The 52-minute documentary uses interviews with
witnesses and reconstructions of key moments
in court (directed by Ken Loach) to examine the
main issues in the trial (nutrition, advertising,
employment, animals, environment), as well as the
implications for freedom of speech.

McLibel is not about hamburgers. It is about
multinational corporations and the power they
wield. Worth giving up six years of your life for?

Running time: 52 minutes
Production company: One-Off Productions Ltd.
Date: 1997


From: "Stichting TYP," <>
Subject: Tuesday, June 23th, 20:00-21:00 hrs, de Balie, T Y P  txt ONLY

           O   u   t      N   o   w   !
Tuesday, June 23th, 20:00-21:00 hrs,
 de Balie, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam
we will proudly introduce T Y P  txt ONLY*,
Typografisch Papier M.        f 10,- (ONLY)
Be there! Rot13 Password:  Ebg13.
(mail if you want to speech,
celebrate, sing or dance)
read the editorial/press anouncement:

* Contributions by:
Dinie Besems,  Bilwet, Martin Bril, Jan  Dietvorst, DIT,
Nathalie Faber, Franz Feigl, Guido van  Gennep, Professeur
HARS, Philip van Hee, Fred Inklaar, JoDi, Atte Jongstra,
Max Kisman, KKEP,  Silvie Lucas, Henri Lucas, LUST, Kees
Maas, Alexander Manneke, Peter Mertens, Frank Officier, Luc
van der Put, Patrice Riemens, PJ Roggeband, Harold
Schellinx, Bruce Sterling, Louis Stiller, Jan van Toorn,
Dick Tuinder,TYT, Chris Vermaas, Barry Vos en Monique
With VideoCD and al you need to visit the digital places!
Peter Mertens
00 20 6628831


Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 13:42:21 +0200
From: florian schneider <>
Subject: camp at the border


Camp and antiracist action at the german-polish-czech border
from July 24 to August 2, 1998.

An alliance of media-activists, artists, antiracist and antifascist
groups will organize a one week action-camp this summer near the town of
Goerlitz. The camp is one highlight of the campaign "Kein Mensch ist
illegal" (No one is illegal) this year. The campaign was started during
Hybrid Workspace at documenta X in 1997, connecting the work of more
than one hundred groups. The camp will be prepared by groups from all
over Germany and the camp site area. People from all over Europe, from
Poland, Czekia, Russia, Denmark, Norway, France, Italy and Netherlands
will attend and prepare own activities.

We invite you to take part in this event, to come to Goerlitz this
summer and spend some really extra-ordinary holidays there. We invite
you to join the various actions, to think of further ideas, spontaneous
operations or contribute remotely.


Today's border consists no longer of the conventional defences.
Politicians and authorities systematically prepare a climat of betrayal
and uncertainty to make it impossible for refugees and immigrants to
cross the border. The idea is that those who aren't stopped by the
paramilitary patrols still face a hinterland full of domestic deputies
and stired up local people.

Border means more than ever: chasing people who are trying to escape
hunger, exploitation and war. They leave their homecountries because
their chances there are zero. Many times the run is thousands of
kilometers long and very strenuous. We appreciate these people's
courage, perseverance and resolution. A mentality that refuses any
solidarity and greeting, and blocks access by program is definately
unacceptable to us.

At the same time border means: broad brainwash activity meant to arouse
the public opinon against immigrants. It has become more difficult not
to be influenced by it. With the camp we want to stand up against the
veiling and stupifying procedure of the political responsible and on the
other hand support the people who want to or who have to oppose this
machinery. Our means are education and objective information as well as
tactical experiments and calculated irritations. We want to realize
effective countermeassures to expose the barbarism of the border-regime
and stop it wherever it is possible.

The fight against borders is directed against infrared cameras, plastic
fetters and the practices of observation. Further against
narrow-mindedness, prejudice and racism. We know that this fight is
never hopeless.


There are about 10.000 policemen stationed at the borders to Poland and
the Czech Republic at the moment to enforce the merciless border regime.
The concept of "veil-investigation" (Schleierfahnung) is about moving
patrols and far-fetched scenarios of threat. Demagogues deliver war-talk
speaking of "open flanks" and "criminally organized migration". At the
same time, any kind of self-organized entry is slandered as "alien
smuggling crime", a hypocrisy which seems to gain ground even in
left-wing and humanitarian circles. With the stiffening of
immigration-laws natural acts of humanity have become offences under
threat of heavy penalties. The law suits against taxidrivers of Zittau
shall set an example to scare off any kind of help for migrants. The
greasy campaign will probably gain force in election-period of 1998.


The aim of the camp is to disturb the borderline regime of the EU and
Schengen states, at least get it into discussion. In preparation are:
- happenings and interventions with a public impact
- Spontaneous action to capture the attention of patrols and disturb the
practice of control
- discusssions in smaller groups and workshops
- a wide program of raves, parties and concerts.


Saturday, 4th July:
Preparation meeting in Zittau. Registration necessary.

Friday to Sunday, 24th  to 26th July:
The camp will start with a big rave organized by "Radical rave", a
Berlin group well experienced  in arranging such events. For the
BORDERLINE international rave one or two thousand people are expected,
including guests from Poland and Czechia.

Monday, 27th July:
First day of the camp, we want to present and publish our ideas and
official programm to the people of the region. A  comprehensive leaflet
is in preparation to offer the people another view (of migrants!) and to
declare opposition against racist agitation. A sight-seeing-tour with
music wagon and speeches is planned for Goerlitz, the town near the
campsite. Besides, we want to use the first day for internal discussion
about the conception and ideas. The legal situation will be explained.
We want to be open for new proposals and get to know each other a little

Tuesday, 28th July:
Flight assistance yes, denunciation no!. A monument for "The Unknown
Flighthelpers" will be placed. The planned street theatre wants to
provoke the so-called "Bürgerwehren", these are groups of people
organized by
volunteers to control and help the border-police to catch refugees.

Wednesday, 29th July:
Border-law day. A demonstration in front of the court, where
taxi-drivers have been sentenced for having transported "illegal
migrants" into Germany, has been organized. We will also be able to
visit the responsible judge. Finally: "Jailquake" in front of the
Görlitz prison with music and speeches.

Thursday, 30th July:
Day of antifacist action. In the area exists an active structure of
nazi-groups which is tolerated or even supported by many local people
and also by local authorities. Demonstrations and other activities.

Friday, 31st July :
Against wo-men-hunters! We will organize protest against the german
border-police (BGS). Demonstration at or blocade of the BGS station,
helicopter port and police-school in Rothenburg to denounce the daily
(mal)treatment of refugees and migrants.

Saturday, 1st August:
On the final day we play! A "game without borders": regatta on the
border river Neisse and more activities in the border zone.

And: Open-air cinema, camp paper, camp radio (bring tuners), internet
activities ("hacking the borderline"), conferences, fitness, happenings,
parties and concerts.

Hotline: ++49/172/8910825

Forschungsgesellschaft Flucht und Migration
Gneisenaustr. 2a, 10961 Berlin
phone: ++49/30/6935670
fax: ++49/30/6938318


Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 19:13:42 -0800
Subject: Report on Digital Media Content for Children conference
From: "cisler" <>

Digital Media Content for Children & Teens: a conference report (June 11-12,

This was a conference about selling to kids, about kids collaborating and
learning. It was a conference about the tools and the information and
services to reach this age group (or "market" if you see this as a
commercial activity). It was a conference about protecting kids on the Net,
from inappropriate web sites and people, and perhaps from some of the very
companies sponsoring the conference.

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