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<nettime> 2 technoblather entries [Jennings, Stefanac (via Stering)]

Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 21:53:07 -0400
From: gregg jennings <>

We are surrounded by aesthetic technicians looking for appropriate
cultural forms which are less bandwidth-intensive, who forget the
broad international consensus of the center-left hegemony, and know
nothing of the characteristic form of articulation befitting the
circuits of international information exchange needed to deal with
the complex political-cultural articulations needed for society.

Lacking in computer-based art, consumer-product distribution avenues
exacerbate crepuscular cowboy blatheration from the crypto-fascist

It is crystal clear that cultural and behavioral permissivity is the
cause of deterritorialization, dildonics and dominant order.

More and more people are wearing their drool cup as they follow the
factoid and not the facts, causing a fundamental phase shift of
global proportions as they head toward garbage lifestyles.

The global hegemony of neoliberalism and hegemonic dissolution is the
root of the ideological cyberspasm hurting the information-and-service

The information-processing technologies of the few, killing the
information debilitated third-world economies, based, for the most
part, on information enriched mental plutonium, is bringing about a
state of the intellectually insane.

There need be an intermediate stratum.

Islamic fundamentalism based upon local specificities revolving around
moments of rearticulation will stop the threat of multi-theater
warfare by multinational corporations, spread by neo-fascist right
network-based discussions of the new transnational military-economic

We will all be nothing but penguin dust, stuck in pre-industrial living
conditions under raw domination of resource-extraction by rich
information managers. We will be stuck in structural unemployment,
remaining in subaltern classes, subjegated to the technoid, unless we
conform to technorealistic-monotheism and a transnational civil society
based upon a worldmind.

Zapatista international shall be the name of our new world order.

gregg jennings
(i saw the contest mentioned on Poltech)

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Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 15:44:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bruce Sterling <>
Subject: Technoblather Redux 

I think we have a sweepstakes winner here from Suzanne Stefanac.
Reposted by permission from the WELL.

Topic  76 [mirrorshades]:  The _A_rt Topic
#102 of 108: Suzanne Stefanac (      
Wed Jun 17 '98 (18:42)    32 lines

 The crepuscular cowboy blatherations of the crypto-fascist left and the neo-
 fascist right are just so much penguin dust. Face it. Complex political-
 cultural articulations are no more than an ideological cyberspasm.
 Dildonics in a drool cup!

 One can invoke the multi-theater warfare and technorealistic-monotheism of
 Islamic fundamentalism or bemoan the pre-industrial living conditions of
 information debilitated third-world economies like the Zapatista
 internationals, but a transnational civil society spouting factoids about
 local specificities is no longer going to garner broad international
 consensus. That's intellectually insane.

 What is crystal clear is that cultural and behavioral permissivity (garbage
 lifestyles) of the subaltern classes leads to deterritorialization and a
 fundamental phase shift of global proportions. The dominant order may have
 relied on multinational corporations and the intermediate stratum of
 consumer-product distribution to impose appropriate cultural forms in the
 past, but today, raw domination rests with the bandwidth-intensive
 information-and-service economy.

 Ongoing network-based discussions among the new transnational military-
 economic order would like to suggest that this represents a global hegemony
 of neoliberalism, or at best a center-left hegemony, but in truth, these
 circuits of international information exchange will almost certainly
 harbinger a hegemonic dissolution so fraught with structural unemployment
 and resource-extraction that the worldmind will boggle.

 Our new overlords will be obscenely rich information managers, assisted by
 their lapdogs, the aesthetic technicians. Relying on the technoid wonders
 of computer-based art and insidious new information-processing technologies,
 they will feed us information enriched mental plutonium and we will call it
 manna. May the gods forgive us.

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