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1...members@freespeech....freespeech: online festival, $2000 prize
2...LEA...................Pandaemonium festival
3...David S. An interesting Web site
4...Le Monde Diplomatique.June 1998
5...Giardini Pensili......notturno, milano, 20-21 giugno 1998
6...Reception.............Cached 5: CURATING THE NET seminar at ICA
                          on 20 June 1998


Subject: freespeech: online festival, $2000 prize
Sender: (System Account)
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 16:52:55 -0600

This is the free speech internet television newsletter for Friday,
June 5, 1998, sent to those who have requested a subscription to and to relevant members of the press.

ITEM: Free Speech Internet Television announces a $2000 prize for
best use of streaming audio/video for positive social change

Free Speech Internet Television Announces $2000 Prize

Free Speech Internet Television  announced a $2000
prize for the best online audio/video presentation demonstrating the
Internet's potential for the global distribution of democratic,
progressive media.

The award is a part of FSitv's "freespeech online video festival,"
also announced today, a year-long celebration of the thousands of
independent filmmakers, journalists, and activists who are turning to
online audio and video as primary--rather than a novel--forms of
communication.  "For the typically underbudgeted indie production,
streaming audio and video technologies like RealNetworks' RealSystem
are a lifeline, an inexpensive, global distribution mechanism," said
Joey Manley, Free Speech Internet Television's director, from his
Boulder, Colorado offices.

Submissions for the freespeech online video festival must be made
online, via FTP or MIME e-mail attachment, before March 1, 1999, in
any format playable in RealNetworks' G2 Player.  "We chose G2 because
it supports multiple datatypes--not just proprietary ones--and
because it conforms to the W3C's SMIL recommendation."  (SMIL, or
Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language, is an HTML-like mark-up
syntax for synchronizing various media elements, such as audio,
video, and text, in one presentation).  "Of course, the other reason
is that RealPlayer is by far the best and the most popular streaming
multimedia viewer out there," Manley added.  The Grand Prize winner
will be selected by FSitv's registered users, and announced June 5,

Submission guidelines and festival bylaws may be viewed online:

Free Speech Internet Television was founded in 1995 to support and
shape the use of multimedia technologies on the Internet for
progressive social change, and to present the best activist and
multicultural audio/video programming to Internet audiences.  The
site has been featured in Wired, MSNBC's The Site, the Wall Street
Journal, Cool Site of the Day, and numerous other online, broadcast,
and print outlets.  In 1998, Free Speech Internet Television was
honored by RealNetworks with a Streamers Award, in the "Make-It-
Happen" category, for the best inspirational and motivational use of
streaming media.


Joey Manley
Director, Free Speech Internet Television
phone:  (303) 442 8060
snail:  P.O. Box 6060, Boulder CO 80306

ITEM: Labor Fest Continues

This week's Main Event, "Labor Fest," will carry forward into next
week.  Programs currently online include:

Working TV episodes:

Liverpool Dockers Strike (RealVideo) (RealAudio)

Maude Barlow on the MAI (RealVideo) (RealAudio)

ROX episodes:

Head Jobz: J & B Search For Meaningful Work

Online Documentary:

McLibel: Two Worlds Collide

Crappy working conditions?  You bet!  But when these British
activists distributed pamphlets against McDonald's Corporation, they
were hauled into court, in what became the longest case in the
history of British jurisprudence: (RealVideo) (RealAudio)

Be sure to check the site every afternoon at 4:00 pm Mountain time
for new programs!


Subject: Pandaemonium festival
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 98 23:19:03 +0000
From: London Electronic Arts <>

Dear Sir/Madam,

London Electronic Arts is pleased to announce the second Pandæmonium
Festival, to take place at the new LUX Centre between October 16 to
November 28, 1998. Pandæmonium is London's premiere festival of the moving
image which attracted a huge audience and critical acclaim when it was last
held at the Institute of Contemporary Art in 1996.

We are seeking New Media work to be shown at the 1998 festival. I have
included an entry form which can be photocopied if necessary. If you have
any further questions please call me on  0171 684 2790.

I very much hope you find the time to enter your work or pass the entry
form on to other artists.

Yours sincerely,

Mechteld Woutman
Festival Assistant


London Electronic Arts


London Electronic Arts is pleased to announce the second Pandaemonium
Festival, to take place at the new Lux Centre between October 16-23, 1998
(single screen), October 16 - November 28 (Installations).  Pandaemonium is
London's festival of the moving image, showcasing the best new film, video
and new media art.


Please use separate entry forms for each item. If sending a compilation
tape, please include a separate sheet listing the works.











30 1998

Artists are invited to submit preview copies of their work on VHS video
(PAL  or NTSC), clearly labelled with title and running time. Work should
have been completed since February 1996


Year of Production

Country of Production

Preview Format

Screning Format


Other Public Screening


Please enclose a brief synopsis of each title submitted, a brief artists'
statement, a film/videography,  and publicity material  such as prints,
slides or illustrations.


Please submit CD-Rom or URL, clearly labelled with title, format  and
relevant technical details. Please give full technical requirements  and
preferred setting for exhibition


Year of Production


Please enclose a brief synopsis of each title submitted, a brief artists'
statement, a film/videography,  and publicity material  such as prints,
slides or illustrations.


We are seeking to commission a number of installations in film, video and
new media by UK artists, to exhibit  in the LEA Gallery.  Artists will
receive  a  fee and production costs. Applicants should send a written
proposal, enclosing a CV,  supporting visual material  and proposed budget.


Year of Production

Do you agree to the broadcasting  of excerpts of your work (no more than
three minutes) for purposes connected with the Pandaemonium Festival?

All packages from outside the EEC must be clearly marked with the following

Videotape for educational purposes only
Not for sale - no commercial  value
Temporary  loan for festival  - will be returned to sender

In  some cases a customs declaration  is necessary.

If you wish your entry to be returned by post you must enclose the correct
postage or international  reply  coupon and a SAE

Please send your material, marking  the envelope clearly  with the category
you are applying  for, to:

Pandaemonium Festival
London Electronic Arts
2-4 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NU
Tel:  ++44 (0)171 684 0101
Fax:  ++44 (0)171 684 1111

Please do not send any originals. The Festival does not accept any
responsibility  for loss or damage of preview material.  If you wish us to
return  your material,  please enclose postage or international  reply

London Electronic Arts
LUX Centre
2-4 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NU

Tel: 44(0)171 684 0101
Fax: 44(0)171 684 1111


Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 21:28:01 -0500
From: "David S. Bennahum" <>
Subject: An interesting Web site

Don't know if this URL has passed its way though the nettime filter
in past, if not, I recommend a trip to


Mime-Version: 1.0
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 12:28:03 +0000
To: "English edition dispatch" <>
From: Le Monde diplomatique <>
Subject: June 1998

[not-star-marked articles deleted; ask if you'd
like to receive the unedited message - fokky]

                                                    LE MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE

                           Le Monde diplomatique

                              english edition

                                June 1998

                        edited by Wendy Kristianasen


  Giant corporations, dwarf states *

      by Ignacio Ramonet

     The power of the state is in retreat before an onslaught of giant
     corporates, fuelled by a frenzy of privatisation. The recent
     mega-mergers confirm the process of globalisation is beyond the
     control of governments, but should citizens accept it?

                                                  Translated by Ed Emery


  Russia and America at odds in the Gulf *

      by Alain Gresh

     On a visit to Israel at the end of May, a United States Congress
     delegation led by Republican Newt Gingrich and Democrat Richard
     Gephardt confirmed its support for Binyamin Netanyahu's hard line
     and its opposition to any attempt by Washington to put pressure on
     Israel. But the Israeli-Palestinian deadlock is complicating US
     strategy in the Gulf. Unable to mobilise its Arab allies against
     Iraq, America is also encountering reticence on the part of the
     European countries and running up against an increasingly
     independent Russia.

                                              Translated by Barry Smerin


  Elections offer brief respite from crisis *

      by Mathias Greffrath

     In Germany, the Christian Democrats are in danger of losing the
     election on 27 September and Chancellor Helmut Kohl, in power since
     1982, may have to step down. Opinion polls at the end of May gave
     Social Democrat Gerhard Schröder a clear lead. But the Germans are
     not exactly thrilled by the alternative on offer. The trouble is
     that the Social Democrat candidate has not put the real choice
     between different kinds of society at the heart of his campaign.

                                            Translated by Barbara Wilson

  Organising against child labour *

      by Claire Brisset

     The facts about the world's child labourers are only now beginning
     to be understood for the international scandal and the economic
     folly that they are. A scandal, because it deprives millions of
     them of their childhood; and a folly, because it denies them any
     hope of education, and thus seriously undermines their countries'
     hopes of economic lift-off.

                                                  Translated by Ed Emery

     (*) Star-marked articles are available to every reader. Other
     articles are available to paid subscribers only.

     Yearly subscription fee: 24 US $ (Institutions 48 US $).

       ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - Le Monde diplomatique

       For more information on our English edition, please visit


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       (empty) e-mail to:

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Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 09:48:08 +0200 (MET DST)
Mime-Version: 1.0
From: Giardini Pensili <>
Subject: notturno, milano, 20-21 giugno 1998
Status: RO

                              Milano d'Estate
		  Comune di Milano-settore Cultura e Musei
		     CRT Centro di Ricerca per il Teatro

		     sabato 20 e domenica 21 giugno 1998

		concertazione per il solstizio d'estate

                     Giovanna Marini e il Coro della
                Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio

                            Giardini Pensili

                             Monica Francia

                              Rebecca Murgi

      CRT Teatro dell'Arte e Parco Sempione (ingresso Viale Alemagna 6)

			  dalle ore 21 in poi

			 biglietto lire 20.000
             ridotto giovani e anziani lire 15.000


NOTTURNO e' il titolo dell'iniziativa che il CRT, Centro di Ricerca per il
Teatro di MIlano, realzzera' per Milano d'Estate nelle serate doi sabato 20
e domenica 21 giugno presso il CRT Teatro dell'Arte e Parco Sempione.

Riprendendo in parte una suggestione su cui il CRT spesso ha lavorato in
anni meno recenti con la manifestazione "Si come luce", sara' possibile
rivivere con due magiche serate il Parco Sempione e il Teatro dell'Arte con
danze, canti, musica e teatro. A questa iniziativa parteciperanno numerosi
artisti, musicisti e attori provenienti da esperienze diverse. GIOVANNA
MARINI, prima di tutto, con il suo entourage di quaranta coristi e
musicisti torna al Teatro dell'Arte con "Concerto per Giacomo Lepardi",
un'opera per coro e quartetto d'archi di struggente intensita' e bellezza.

Il Parco a sua volta sara' animato da presenze fantasmatiche, creature
della notte che prenderanno vita in quella strana vegetazione metroplitana
che' e' il Parco Sempione, una commistione di natura e citta', degrado e
riscatto della bellezza. Sara' una concertazione di suoni, danze, poesia
con nuclearita' performative che vedranno danzare MONICA FRANCIA, che
lavorera' con l'energia che la contraddsitingue accampagnata da venti
giovani danzatori, e REBECCA MURGI, giovane talento della danza italiana
assai apprezzata al'estero.

Le due danzatrici saranno coordinate, nel loro lavoro coreografico sul tema
del "Notturno", all'interno dell'evento multimediale "Sophon Sophia" del
gruppo teatrale GIARDINI PENSILI di Rimini che da tredici anni si occupa di
ricerca sul linguaggio e sui sistemi della comunicazione attraverso la
produzione di opere teatrali e musicali, installazioni, progetti

Con NOTTURNO il CRT intende avviare un processo di ricostruzione
dell'immagine della citta' di notte alla ricerca di una visione dell'arte
totale, in cui convivano nello stesso luogo e nello stesso tempo diverse
attivita' artistiche.
NOTTURNO si configura anche come l'ultimo anello di una catena iniziata con
"Grado Zero", festa delle arti e dello spettacolo, che ha inaugurato la
stagione 1997-98 all'insegna dello scambio e della contaminazione tra le

Ufficio Stampa
telefono 02 861 901


Mime-Version: 1.0
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 13:05:31 +0100
From: Reception <>
Subject: Cached 5: CURATING THE NET seminar at ICA on 20 June 1998 (GH)


Saturday 20 June 1998 from 11am-5.30pm at the

Cached 5: CURATING THE NET is a one day seminar event addressing the
collaborative role played by artists and curators in developing on-line
arts projects.

Increasingly, sites which are organised as continuously programmed art
spaces, as on line 'galleries', or as thematic exhibitions provide an
important alternative for artists and audiences.  This seminar will ask if
experimental net organisations which commission and develop web or net art
projects with artists can build regular audiences and create an identity
which represents more than the sum of the individual works they present.

Curating the Net will also look at the issues that arise for artists.
Given that the net gives artists the opportunity to work outside
organisational structures, the seminar will address how curated projects
either contribute to or challenge the artist's working process.

Participants include:

* Benjamin Weil, New York based curator and originator of äda 'web, one of
the most high profile and innovative internet arts organisations.  äda 'web
has commissioned and hosted a wide range of projects with artists such as
Jenny Holzer, Jodi and General Idea.

* Alexei Shulgin, Moscow based curator and artist whose work on projects
like Moscow WWWart Centre, Refresh and the Ars Electronica 97 On Line
exhibitions have linked artists and net groups across Europe.

* Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie have developed a collaborative practice that
reflect ongoing inter-relationships, their projects include A hypertext
Journal and Homespun.

* Graham Gussin current work includes a commission for Tumblong a UK /
Australian on line project in which artists respond to 'virtual artefacts'
(co-produced by the Laboratory, Oxford).

* Shu Lea Cheang, currently developing the web project Brandon (with the
Guggenheim , NYC and other international organisations). Other on-line work
includes The Bowling Alley (with the Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis) and
Buy One Get One (with ICC, Tokyo)

Other speakers and respondents in the panel and round table sessions
include  Helen Sloan (independent curator and organiser), Pauline Broekman
(Metamute), Michael Gibbs (Why not sneeze?), David Sinden (Channel), Simon
Faithful (Containership) and Peter Ride (Imag@nation).  Cached 5 will be
documented on the Channel website at

Cached 5: CURATING THE NET on 20 JUNE  at ICA LONDON, 11am- 5.30pm
£15 (£10 members) booking is essential.  Please telephone  0171 930 0493 or

CACHED is a series of artists' presentations and talks looking at current
work for the Internet. It asks how artists are dealing with conceptual and
practical issues of Internet work as they meet them.

CACHED is organised by CHANNEL/Artec, the Slade Centre for Electronic
Media, The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, Imag@nation
in conjunction with the ICA Educational programme.

CACHED is supported by the Arts Council of England.

artec... artec... artec... artec... artec... artec... artec... artec...
artec... artec...

David Sinden
Arts Programme Coordinator
Artec / Channel

257-258 Upper Street	Tel: +44 (0)171 477 2775
London			Fax: +44 (0)171 477 2813
N1 1RW			Email:

Artec Web:
Channel Web:

artec... artec... artec... artec... artec... artec... artec... artec...
artec... artec...

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