Diana McCarty on Sat, 6 Jun 1998 19:02:38 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> ZKP5 (AKA The Nettime Bible) coming soon!

Dear Nettimers,

In the course of the next months, the Nettime editorial team will be busy
at work preparing the upcoming ZKP5 - the first book to emerge from the
Nettime list! ZKP5 will include a selection of Nettime Classics, various
e-genres that have emerged - city reports, threads, fragments and remixes,
and previously unpublished texts. Texts that have appeared on the list
since May 97' and up till mid-September of this year will be considered.
Authors that have already been contacted - editors will be checking the
status of texts etc...

>Due to the fast paced nature of time in new media, topics within the
>discourse are forced to follow suite - certain buzzwords and hyped
>subjects are rapidly rendered obsolete, while others remain significant in
>understanding the general framework of the larger cultural and political
>implications of new technologies. Still others are important as subjective
>landmarks in the short and intensive history of new media.  In keeping
>with this accelerated time, ZKP5 will include a selection of key texts
>from the Nettime archive. These key texts will ground the book within the
>discursive process of the list, functioning both as a documentary "Atlas"
>of diverse projects, theories, and as a guide to the evolving,
>trans-disciplinary fields of critical and non-mainstream textual analysis
>of techno-culture. The book will serve as a sustainable, navigational tool
>for orientation in a yet ill-defined part of the cultural galaxies marking
>especially the emergent topics of an integrated discourse which leaves the
>territories of cyber. (from the official ZKP5 proposal)

Topics of special interest are - political economy of the net, alternative
software, public sphere, global finance, urbanism, networks and the
interrelated discourse that emerges from a critical understanding of the
role all of these play, both virtually, and in real life.

Some of you might remember that this book was discussed last
year in Ljubljana (Beauty and the East - Nettime Spring Meeting 97'), and
that the Bible logo on the back of ZKP4 refers to this book. Since then,
there was a meeting in Kassel at the Hybrid Workspace in the last weeks of
Documenta X, and much discussion about what the book should include. The
main obstacle had been how to finance the project. This is now (mostly)
solved. Nettime has a fellowship at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne,
Germany, which is partly facilitating the book process, and the editorial
team is in the process of negotiating support with several European media

The final phase of book production will take place with long time friends at
De WAAG, Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam. And the ZKP5 will have a
premier presentation at the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF) in

	(read final deadline October 1!).

*cash blurb*
If you or your organization would like to offer support for
the ZKP5 please contact one of the members of the editorial team!

ZKP5 will be modeled on Renaissance manuscripts, including the hypertextual
links between the various sections, and marginalia. In addition, it will
include an extensive index that extends from the actual book back into the
Internet, where an even more comprehensive, digital database will contain
texts that are relevant to the book, or often referred to.  ZKP5 will have
a total of 500 pages, an initial print run of 2,000 and will be paper
bound. The approximate cost is 20$US.

The editorial team includes: Josephine Bosma, Ted Byfield,  Vuk Cosic,
Matthew Fuller, Stever Kurtz, Hope Kurtz, Geert Lovink, Diana McCarty,
Pauline van Mourik Broekman, Patrice Riemens, Marie Ringler, Pit Schultz,
Janos Sugar, Faith Wilding and many others.

For further information or to volunteer services,
please contact: tbyfield@panix.com, matt@axia.demon.co.uk, diana@mrf.hu,
geert@xs4all.nl, or pit@desk.nl

Stay tuned for future updates!!
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