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1...Reception.............IN CONVERSATION IN AMSTERDAM 28.5.98 - 14.6.98
2...DENNIS_CLAXTON........erasure of memory minowa............Art on the Net 1998
5...Armin servers
6...Marcos Novak..........Transarchitectures: Visions of Digital Communities
                          at the Getty Center
7...Josephine Berry.......Mute10
8...Marikki Hakola........TRIAD INVITATION
9...Konrad Becker.........ROBOTRONIKA 98
10..Robin Hamman..........Exploding Media - August 29 - Manchester - Speakers?
11..CyberSalon............Announce list


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Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 17:14:22 +0100
From: Reception <>
Subject: Subject: IN CONVERSATION IN AMSTERDAM 28.5.98 - 14.6.98 *G:H
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IN CONVERSATION is being shown in Amsterdam as part of Avatar (see below),
and will be *live* from 9am to 3pm GMT and from 9pm to 3am GMT from 29th
May to 14th June 1998, with an opening event from 2pm to 5pm GMT on
Thursday May 28th 1998.

IN CONVERSATION is a www/street/gallery intervention by Susan Alexis
Collins.  It was originally commissioned by BN1 and Lighthouse in the UK as
part of "Inhabiting Metropolis", a series of Channel commissioned works.

IN CONVERSATION will be on: Oudezijds Voorburgwal (the street) from 2100 to
0300 GMT at: in: The Oude Kerk (Old Church)
from 0900 to 1500 GMT live: 29th May until 14th June 1998 (opening 28th May
1400-1700 GMT)

In Conversation provides the means for two people, one in the street or
gallery, and one on the Internet to engage in a live dialogue with each
other.  This work by Susan Collins aims to examine the boundaries and
social customs of distinctly different kinds of public spaces - the street,
the gallery and the Internet - each with its own established rules of

Passers-by encounter an animated mouth projected onto the pavement or floor
and, through loudspeakers, can also hear voices triggered by internet users
trying to strike up a conversation.  If anyone chooses to reply, a
concealed microphone and surveillance camera documents and transmits the
responses to the website.

Through this site, Internet users can view the surveillance camera image
and hear the person on the street.  They can type messages 'live', which
are then converted into speech and heard by the person on the street or in
the gallery.

In Conversation introduces three kinds of public space to each other, the
etiquette that governs them and the people that frequent them.  The project
is an experimental exploration into how different environments and means of
interaction affect not only our willingness to communicate, but the way and
manner in which we do so.


Of Postmodern Times and Multiple Identities
29/5 - 14/6 1998
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Exhibition . Symposium . Screenings . Website

Organized by:
Axis, bureau voor de kunsten, v/m; Paradox; De Balie; MonteVideo/TBA;
Maatschappij voor Oude en Nieuwe Media

Avatar shows projects by artists who investigate the phenomenon of the
'multiple personality.' In addition to photography, video and
installations, projects using new media will be central in the event.
During AVATAR a video screening will be organized in MonteVideo's
2-Hoog-Achter area. Artists, behavioural scientists and media experts will
debate one another in the symposium (De Balie, 6-7/6). A special website will be open on May 28.


    Von: ()
  Datum: 27.05.98, 16:17:40
Betreff: erasure of memory

>The Department of Ethnomusicology at UCLA announces a one-day,
>interdisciplinary mini-conference on Friday, June 5, 1998 from 10 am
>to 5 pm in the Gamelan Room, 1659 Schoenberg Hall.
>Cultural Placements: Music in Urban Environments (one in a series)
>10 am: Norman Klein (popular culture, California Institute of the
> "Electronic Baroque: Future Cultures in Los Angeles"
>Klein is the author of The History of Forgetting: Los Angeles and the
>Erasure of Memory (1997) and co-editor of Twentieth-Century Los
>Angeles: Power, Promotion, and Social Conflict (1990)
>11 am: Harvey Molotch (sociology, UCSB)
>"The Mix as Fix: How Art Makes Place"
>Molotch is the author of "Los Angeles as Design Product: How Art Works
>in a Regional Economy," in The City: Los Angeles and Urban Theory at
>the End of the Twentieth Century (eds. Edward Soja and Allen Scott)
>12 pm. Margaret Crawford (architecture, Southern California Institute
>of Architecture) "Blurred Boundaries: Public Space and Everyday Life
>in Los Angeles"
>Crawford is the author of The Car and the City: The Automobile, the
>Built Environment, and Daily Urban Life (1992) and Building the
>Working Man's Paradise: The Design of American Company Towns (1995)
>1 pm Lunch on your own
>2 pm. George J. Sanchez (history, University of Southern California)
>"'Ambivalent Americanism' and Latino Public Culture in Los Angeles"
>Sanchez is the author of "Music and the Growth of Mass Culture" in his
>Becoming Mexican American: Ethnicity, Culture, and Identity in Chicano
>Los Angeles, 1900-1945 (1995)
>3 pm. Steven Feld (anthropology, New York University)
> "Cityscape Acoustemologies"
>Feld is the author of Sound and Sentiment:Birds, Weeping, Poetics, and
>Song in Kaluli Expression (1982) and co-editor of Senses of Place
>4 pm Reception
>5 pm Dinner on your own
>7:30 pm Concert (free) of North Indian tabla drumming with students of
>Abhiman Kaushal, part of the department's annual Spring Festival of
>World Music
>Donna Armstrong


Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 00:52:41 -0700
From: you minowa <>
Organization: MCMOGATK
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Subject: Art on the Net 1998
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Status: RO



Beyond Language Barriers --The Age of Streaming Media --


"Art on the Net" is an on-line museum hosted by the Machida City Museum
of Graphic Arts Tokyo (MCMOGATK) and the "Art on the Net" Steering
Committee. This museum exists only in the form of web pages.

MCMOGATK has been making bold attempts to use the Internet as a new
space for artistic expressions.

That's the "Art on the Net Exhibition".


NET STEERING COMMITTEE will begin an online art exhibition from
September 1, 1998 to March 31, 1999.

In our "ART ON THE NET 1998" Exhibition, we will explore the artistic
possibilities of Streaming Media. MCMOGATK would like to encourage
to make use of this exciting tool, as we see its unprecedented potential
as a medium ofartistic of expression.

You are invited to entry your original artwork. The theme this year is
"Beyond Language Barrieres".

Board of jurors representing various countries will select Grand
Prize, Silver Prize, and Bronze Prize. Those who have been selected
will receive 300,000 yen, 200,000 yen and 100,000 yen respectively.

The jurors are:

Shirouyasu Suzuki (Japan)
Professor of Tama Art University, Poet, Filmmaker

Bernie Roehl (Canada)
Senior Software Developer, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dept. at University of Waterloo.
Author and VRML expert.

Olga Shishko and & Tatyana Moguilevskaya, a collective (Russia)
Critics who are active as curators and directors in media art

Tetsuo Kogawa (Japan)
Media critic, Professor of Communications at Tokyo Keizai
Guest curator of this exhibition

The DEADLINE to accept the work is August 15.

All the informations you will need are at:

We are waiting for your entries.


Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 22:59:05 +1100
From: caleb k <>
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Subject: pfe-1
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"Are we free, truly free, to choose what we see [hear]? Clearly not.
On the other hand, are we obliged, absolutely forced against our will
to perceive what is first merely suggested then imposed on everyone's
gaze? Not at all!"                   Paul Virilio 'Open Sky'


Play music which doesn't fit. Music which is "out of place".

     Maybe this is loud music when peace is needed or quiet music at
a loud party. Maybe it is ambient when the audience just wants to sing
along, or break beat electronica when people are trying to talk.

See what happens.

People need music to be a back drop, to be part of the scenery.
  What happens when they are hit with sound,
hit like a brick.

An experiment carried out in a cafe
- play music which pushes the boundaries,
  music which no one in the     room has ever come across.

This can take the form of crushing breaks (brand new),
how can one talk over erratic, time warping rhythms (eg Squarepusher).
They want jazz!

Or maybe music made from scratched cd's, music which sounds like the
cd is skipping (eg Oval).
The customers look up from their lattes,
          just for a second, to glare at the coffee maker.
They want cruzey sounds.

What about ambient distortion, loud and atonal,music which makes the
hair on the back of ones neck stand on end
(maybe Panasonic or Jim O'Rourke).
This time a customer comes up to the bar,

      "Can you turn that down please".

Another comes up soon after,

      "Can you change that shit you are playing.
        I can't fuckin well hear myself think!"

The point is they don't want to be pushed or challenged over their
flat white. They want to hear music they know or better still music
they can ignore

-some music refuses to be ignored!
                         But what of noise pollution?


From: "Armin Medosch" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 15:35:40 +0000
Subject: art servers

conference and event
London, 4th of July 1998, ICA, The Mall

Who are the real creative forces on the internet?
Where will the net go, after info-shops and e~commerce finally conquer it?
What can be done to support and sustain  independent, noncommercial,
artistic or experimental  projects on the internet?

The project is still open for more participants. Please contact the


ART SERVERS UNLIMITED is a conference and net radio event examining some of
the most innovative nodes of cultural activity on the net.

Art servers are servers on the internet hosting a wide variety of cultural
expression, from curated art-sites to freewheeling, e-mail
discussion forums to invaluable text archives, and independent artists'
net.radios to forms of interactive tv and 3D worlds.

Artists were among the first to explore the potential of the internet to
develop new forms of art project which often cristallize into new net
practices. Art Servers are sites of collective shared expertise where new
net ideas are born and nurtured.

Now, with the ongoing commercialization of the net- it looks as if
independent run art server platforms are having to fight to prove their
worth in an environment dominated by economies of scale and stock market

Providing internet access for 'cultural communities' and supporting
creative environments is of crucial importance now more than ever. ART
SERVERS UNLIMITED will look at a variety of working models that incorporate
old and new media as well as different economic strategies.

"Art Servers" are not an artistic genre like theatre or TV.  Rather, they
are constantly shifting and evolving transitional mediums pointing the way
to new and diverse modes of expression. As such they are shaped by the
engaged individuals behind them, and vary wildly in structure and approach.

In terms of financing such servers, many economic models co-exist from
government funding through to sponsorship or creating an income through
some commercial activity.

ART SERVERS UNLIMITED will seek to give an overview of a number of leading
edge art servers in the UK and Central Europe and will try to investigate
relations between art and cultural policy making in the digital economy.


Colliding the live conference sessions with the digital world, a
live event will be staged at the ICA theater and bar lounge. Multiple live
streaming of audio signals to and from London involving Budapest
(pararadio), Vienna (t0 escape lounge), Lubljana (ministry:of:x-periment),
Riga (OZOne), Rimini (radio Lada) and other cities will demonstrate the
possibilities of netcasting.

In London, the audio-streams of the participating radios, the DJs, the
moderator and studio guests at the ICA will be mixed live and broadcasted
back online as well as into the concert theatre. The event is
going to be co-ordinated by Ms. Rasa Smite and Mr. Raitis Smits from the
legendary OZOne radio in Riga, Latvia.



Date: 3rd of July 1998
Location: backspace, Clink Street,
Workshop/Internal meeting of participants

Date: 4th of July 1998
Location: ICA New Media Center:

11.30 a.m. -  6 p.m.: Public Conference and Panel discussion, structured
presentation of art server activities and of a working meeting held on
2./3. of July in London; browsing opportunities in new media centre
facilities on web-stations dedicated to the presentet projects.

8 p.m. - 1 a.m.: Net.Radio Live Event with ministry:of:x-periment
(Slovenia), Pararadio (Hungary),  OZOne (Latvia), t0 ecape radio lounge
(Austria), radio Lada (Italy), Backspace (UK), ProteinTV (UK) a.o.


Confirmed Participants:

Balázs Beöthy: C3 Center []

Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits, Joanis Garancs:
e-lab /xchange /ozone []

Heath Bunting: [http//]

Marko Pelijhan, Vuk Cosic, Luka Frelih:
Ljubljana Digital Media Lab []

Janos Sugar: Media Research Foundation []

Borut Savski: ministry:of:x-periment []

Sholto Ramsey: ICA New Media Centre []

Szabo Sandor, Daniel Molnar:
Pararadio []

James Wallbank:
Redundant Technology Initiative []

Oskar Obereder: Silverserver []

Konrad Becker, Marie Ringler: t0 Public Netbase []

Micz Flor: yourserver []

James Stevens, Rachel Baker, Gio Angelo:
backspace []

William Rowe:
ProteinTV []

Kass Schmitt, Jonathan Moberty:
Ellipsis.Net []

David Sinden:
Artec/Channel []

Art Servers Unlimited is part of the Festival of Central European Culture.
In cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Institute, Embassy of the
Republic of Slovenia, Arts Council of England.

Initiative-Of / Organisation-By / Reply-To:
Manu Luksch [] and
Armin Medosch []
52B Andrews Rd, London E8 4RL
T: 0044.171.9238830 F: 9238831


Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 23:53:17 -0700
To: (Marcos Novak)
Subject: Transarchitectures: Visions of Digital Communities at  the Getty

Dear friends,

"Transarchitectures: Visions of Digital Communities", the symposium I have
been co-organizing with David Jensen (Getty Information Institute) and
Moira Kenney (Getty  Research  Institute), takes place  on June 5th and 6th
at the new Getty Center.

The response to this event has been extremely gratifying: reservations
started coming in before we had even  announced the event, on word-of-mouth
alone, and now, with our promotion just barely begun, all available seats
are already accounted for.

We are pleased with all the requests we have received, but also taken by
surprise.  I had  hoped  this message to be an invitation,  not just an
announcement.  Still, if  you  would like to attend, please let us know.
There is always a small chance that  some people will cancel at the last
minute, and, in any case, we would like to hear from you.

The  URL  for  this event is:


See also:


Other transarchitectures events are in the making: Berlin in August,
Montreal in September-October, Rotterdam in November (see,  with more cities to follow. Perhaps we'll see you

With warm regards,



Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 19:18:44 +0000
From: Josephine Berry <>


                   ******----Mute10----OUT NOW!----******


Mute is a UK-based quarterly culture and technology magazine. Issue 10
is out now. The contents of issue 10 will go online next week on the
Metamute site. In the meantime, issue 9 (Feb 98) is available, as
are select back issues and articles.

Metamute - which includes a rolling content totally distinct from
the magazine and edited by Jamie King - will also be releasing its
new issue next week.

Mute is currently putting together its net.politics issue due
out this Autumn. We are still looking for short contributions
(roughly 300-600 words) for our Short/Cuts section. Please mail
any suggestions to

 ------------------Metamute: -----------------------

			 ====MUTE 9====

In chronological order:


letter of resignation to Artec focuses on the instrumentalisation of
creative technology training in the New Britian.
* BRITISH MONGREL STEW: Lisa Haskel on a virulent cultural meme.
* MIKRO E.V.: Dave Hudson on Berlin's new media lounge
* THE PUBLIC BROADCAST WAY: the EU, media convergence and the future
of public service broadcasting.
*SIGNS OF THE TIMES@UK.PLC: foundation myths - the new/old economic
*NEW HOXTON, NEW MEDIA: London's new new media centre.
*THE FUTILE STYLE OF LONDON: Simon Pope lacerates the simulacra
 of London's digi-design scene.
* LOVEBYTES IN THE NECK OF TIME: Sheffield hosts HyperTribes
* THE LAB OF LABS REPORT: Sheep T. Iconoclast subjects the lab
test to its own logic.
*GENERATION 1ST: Superscape's 3D Webmaster software battles with
 virtuality's reality drain.


**DISTANT RELATIONS: Art and Scinece collaborations seem to be
in tune with the zeitgeist, but are these truly symbiotic
partnerships or do they merely reinforce their post-Enlightenment
polarisation. Helen Sloan trawls the meme pool.

** VECTOR BLOCK ON TELECOMS AVENUE: Mark Dery in coversation
with Critical Art Ensemble.

    "The group proposes an unlikely alliance between
'anti-authoritarian' hackers and to-the-ramparts activists,
a marriage of convenience that would presumably politicise
the hacker class even as it dragged the Left, kicking and
screaming, into the terminal reality of the 20th century".

** CORPUS OF SOUND: Most music technology has been
developed with only the studio in mind, and has not yet
been translated into forms appropriate for live performance.
Drew Hemment investigates current experiments in kinesonic,
electronic music making which seek to revive the role of
the body and performance.


****GAMING (Games & Multimedia) - COMING SOON TO A WAR NEAR YOU:
Quake 11, Battlezone, Gettysburg, and the House of Lords on
games censorship - Raider/Ed: John Paul Bichard

High Noon at the Eye of the Storm Conference; RHUBARB, RHUBARB;
the work of Bruce Gilchrist opens up a view into a leafy realm of
the senses - Science News/Ed: James Flint <>

on surviving the Semiopolis; ALIEN BASE/THE SIRIUS MYSTERY by Jamie King
+ Herbert Marcuse:Technology, War and Fascism + Kimberley Cornish:
The Jew of Linz + Ziauddin Sardar: Postmodernism and the Other +
Russell Hoban: Mr Rinyo-Clacton's Offer + Slavoj Zizek:
The Plague of Fantasies + David Foster Wallace's:
A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never do Again - Browser/Ed: JJ King & Tom
McCarthy<> and <>

John Hutnyk tells Kula Shaker to Goa hom; Si Begg joins the collection +
assorted reviews - Ed: Hari Kunzru <>

****ART TM (Art) IT'S NET ART,Josephine Bosma, ART LAB:
Josephine Berry looks at a recent art series at London's
Imperial College - Ed: <>

****SHELF LIFE - CHESUS CRUST (Fashion)Ed: <>

----------*-----------THANKS TO ALL CONTRIBUTORS -----------*-------
-----------------------*---------------PRICE: 3 pounds or equivalent
---------------------SUBS: or--------------------**-------------------------

Mute is available from select bookstores in UK and around the world.
Through independent newsagents, Tower and Virgin Records in London;
through Desert Moon ( Total Circulation
in the US and Propaganda in New Zealand. We are still eagerly looking
for distribution in individual European countries as elsewhere outside
'The West'.

Please send any helpful tips to:
Mute, 2nd floor,
135-139 Curtain Road,
T: +44 (0)171 613 4743 / F: +44 (0)171 613 4052 /E:
Editors:-Pauline van Mourik Broekman (
-Simon Worthington (
Deputy Editor:-Josephine Berry (

* * * * * * * * * *PROUD TO BE FLESH * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 13:17:08 +0300
From: Marikki Hakola <>

Dear Colleague,

You are most warmly welcome to experience the TRIAD NetDance performance
and Internet broadcast on Friday June 6th at
TRIAD project is part of the opening program of the new KIASMA Museum of
Contemporary Art in Helsinki, Finland.

sincerely yours

Marikki Hakola



TRIAD is a multimedia art work to be seen on the Internet. It looks at the
aesthetic and semiotic connections between dance, moving picture, music and
the hypermedia from viewpoints of three different cultures.

TRIAD is an international co-production. Responsible for the concept,
direction and the visual planning is the media artist Marikki Hakola from
Finland. The choreographers and dancers are Akeno from Japan and Molissa
Fenley from USA. Music is composed and played by Otn=E1 Eahket band with
Antti Hytti, Jouni Takam=E4ki and Tom Nekljudow.

TRIAD NetDance

TRIAD NetDance is a live, interactive dance performance between Helsinki,
Tokyo and New York, and Internet broadcast at on
5th of June, 1998 starting at 9 am in New York, 2 pm in London, 4 pm in
Helsinki, 10 pm in Tokyo.

TRIAD NetDance takes place simultaneously on three stages in three
different countries. Dancer, choreographer Molissa Fenley is going to dance
in New York, at Dance Theater Workshop and butoh dancer, choreographer
Akeno at the VTV studio in Tokyo.

Otn=E1 Eahket band shall play at the Kiasma theatre. The real time moving
picture signals from New York and Tokyo are also combined there, mixed with
the electronic backgrounds and sent out directly to the Internet. The three
locations of this performance combine to a virtual stage and art work,
which can be experienced on the Internet.

The programs needed for experiencing the live broadcast: Netscape 4.0 and
RealPlayer. Duration of the performance will be approx. 90 minutes.

TRIAD HyperDance

TRIAD HyperDance is an interactive web site on the Internet at from 10th June, 1998 to 31th December,1999.

TRIAD HyperDance is an interactive art work on the net, containing a dance
work as hypervideo. TRIAD HyperDance is based on the recording of NetDance.
In the HyperDance, the basics of the choreography and the visual planning
are built to a hypermedia installation format.

With the HyperDance, the TRIAD project expands into three dimensions. In
the HyperDance, the viewer can freely move from one virtual space to
another, and has a possibility to combine the choreographic and audiovisual
elements as she/he wishes. The audience is also invited to share their
views on the bulletin board of the TRIAD website.

Required programs: Netscape 4.0 and RealPlayer. TRIAD HyperDance is an
updating website, which can be seen on the Kiasma server between the 10th
of June 1998 and the 31st of December 1999.


The producer in charge of the TRIAD project is the Kroma Productions Ltd.,
a production company for audiovisual and multimedia art, located at the
Magnusborg Studios in Porvoo, Finland. Co-producers are Tomoe Shizune &
Hakutobo in Tokyo, Japan and Joseph Di Mattia in New York, USA.

For further information, please contact:
media artist Marikki Hakola, e-mail []
producer Sanna-Kaisa Hakkarainen, e-mail []
intendent of the Kiasma Museum Perttu Rastas, e-mail []


Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 16:00:34 +0200
From: Konrad Becker <>

exhibition -lectures- roundtables-installations- performance- lounge
19  - 23 June 1998

ROBOTRONIKA presents state-of-the-art robotic products and their
applications in commerce, science and art; the various forms, functions and
consequences of automatization; and the works of artists from the USA,
Australia and Europe dealing with cybernetic systems, mechanical
environments and the production of robots.

Current developments in automation and robotics confront us with diverging
future possibilities /new scenarios of the future: Will self-teaching
household devices and automated work systems lead to improved standards of
living or will we live in fear of remote-controlled war?

In the symposia, robotics experts from business, research and art will
discuss with political representatives the social and economic implications
of automation and will hypothesize future scenarios.

Robotic exhibits from numerous areas of application such as industry,
high-tech entertainment, science, medicine and art will appeal to
specialists as well as to a broader public.



- Stelarc (AUS) "Psycho/ Cyber: Involuntary Body, Third Hand And Scanning
- Chico Macmurtrie/Amorphic Robot Works (USA)  "Telescoping Totem-pole"
- Barry Schwartz (USA) "High Voltage Lighting Generator"
- Nicolas Baginsky (D) "Aglaopheme"
- Time's Up (Linz, A / AUS) "Sports Bar"
- Fam. Brandt (A) "KyberMax"
- NurSchrec, Martin Reiter (Berlin/D) "Zen-Trum incl. Emiglio"
- monochrom (A) "der exot"
- Barry Werger (USA) "Ullanta Performance Robotics"
- Wolfgang Hilbert (A) "Die Robotermarionette"

Research Organizations:

- Carnegie Mellon University / Institute of Robotics und School of Art USA
- University of Reading / Department of Cybernetics UK=20
- University of Southern California / Computer Science Department USA
- University of Sussex / Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics
- Vrije Universiteit Brussel / Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Brussels=
- Technische Universit=E4t Wien / Institut f. Handhabungsger=E4te und
Robotertechnik A=20
- Technische Universit=E4t Wien / Institut f=FCr Flexible Automation A
- Technische Universit=E4t Wien / Institut f=FCr Fertigungstechnik A
- Universit=E4t Wien / Institute for Medical Cybernetics and Artifical
Intelligence A


- IGM Robotersysteme AG=20
- BEKO Ing. P. Kotauczek GmbH
- Robocon Labor & Industrieroboter GmbH
- Siemens AG =D6sterreich
- Cosmic SondermaschinenbaugesmbH
- Sony =D6sterreich=20
- HONDA  Motor Co., Ltd.=20
- Husquarna
- Wienschall=20

The exhibition is open from the 19th till the 23rd of June daily from 10:00
to 19:00.=20

Saturday 20th of June
Symposium:  "Mythos Roboter. Facts & Fiction"

2:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Robert Trappl (University of Vienna, Department of
Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence)

2:00 p.m.=20
Keynote: Kevin Warwick (University of Reading, Department of Cybernetics
UK) " Robots can't really be intelligent can they?"=20

2:30 p.m.=20
Inman Harvey (University of Sussex / Centre for Computational Neuroscience
and Robotics)
"Artificial Life through Evolution "=20

3:00 p.m.=20
Herbert Osanna, Vienna University of Technology, Institut f=FCr
Fertigungstechnik "Nanotechnologie - neue Technologien f=FCr Menschen im 21.
Jahrhundert"  (lecture in german)

3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Break

4:00 p.m.=20
Keynote: Hans Moravec (Carnegie Mellon University, Institute of Robotics)
USA  "Many Robots Soon "

4:30 p.m. =20
Heidi J. Figueroa Sarriera (University of Puerto Rico, Dept. of Psychology)
"Pygmalion Strikes Back: Stories of Robots, Love and Betrayal at the End of
the Millennium"

5:15 p.m.=20
Stelarc (AUS) "Cyborg Systems: Alternate, Intimate And Involuntary
5:45 p.m.=20
Vivian Sobchak (University of California Los Angeles, School of Theater,
Film and Television USA) "Wind-Up Toys: Roboticizing Gender and Race in
Cinema and the Toy Store",

6:15 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.  Discussion

8:00 p.m.
Performances by Barry Schwartz (USA) and Chico MacMurtrie (USA)

from 9:00 p.m. onwards
Robotronika lounge in cooperation with FM4 Radio.

Friday 19th of June, 1998
Symposium:  "The Robot Challenge. Wirtschaft, Forschung und Gesellschaft"

9:00 a.m. (Residenztheate)
Official opening of the exhibition and the symposium by Stadtr=E4tin Mag.
Brigitte Ederer, City of Vienna with reception and showing of "Manners",
Robot-Theater by Barry Werger, USA

9:45 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. (Tabakmuseum)
Round-table discussion with representatives from the fields of industry,
research und politics.=20
Moderated by ORF (The Austrian Broadcasting Agency), in cooperation with
the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. Supported by the Austrian Ministry of
Economic Affairs, Council of City Planning Vienna and the Council of
Finances and Economic Affairs Vienna

Moderation: Dr. Manfred Jochum, Head of Science Department Austrian
Broadcast Company ORF and Josef Broukal, Modern Times ORF=20

10:00 a.m.=20
"Robotertechnologie und Forschung in =D6sterreich" Prof. Dr. Peter Kopacek,
TU Wien, Institut f=FCr Handhabungsger=E4te und Robotertechnik  (lecture in

10:30 a.m. =20
Presentation of ABB Flexible Automation (lecture in german)

10:45 a.m.=20
Presentation of IGM Robotersysteme AG (lecture in german)

11:00 a.m.=20
"Internationale Trends der Roboterforschung", Prof. Dr. Andreas Birk, Vrije
Universiteit Brussel/Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, B (lecture in=

11:30 a.m.=20
"K=FCnstliches Leben in =D6sterreich - die Automaten und Maschinen des Wolfg=
von Kempelen" Ernst Strouhal und Brigitte Felderer, University of Applied
Arts Vienna (lecture in german)


12:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  Lunchbreak

Moderation: Josef Broukal, Modern Times ORF=20

2:00 p.m.=20
"Robotertechnologie aus der Sicht des Wirtschaftsministeriums"
Sektionleiter Dr. Reinhard K=F6gerler, Austrian Ministry of Economic Affairs
(lecture in german)

2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. (in german)
Roundtable-Discussion "Chancen und Implikationen der Robotertechnik in
with representatives of ABB, IGM Robotersysteme AG, BFM (t.b.c),
Sektionleiter Dr. Reinhard K=F6gerler and Doz. Paul Kolm, GPA=20

4:15 p.m.  - 5:00 p.m. (Tabakmuseum)
Presentation of "Roboterhandbuch 1998" of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce

5:00 p.m. =20
Guided Tour through the exhibition =20

8:00 p.m.
Opening performance by Stelarc (AUS) in cooperation with ABB

from 9:00 p.m. onwards
Robotronika lounge in cooperation with FM4 Radio

Sunday 21st of June
2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Presentation of individual exhibition pieces and performances, specialized
tours, informal discussions with the artists and exhibitors.

Public Netbase Media~Space!
Institut f=FCr Neue Kulturtechnologien t0=20
Konrad Becker , Marie Ringler=20
Museumsquartier, Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Vienna, Austria=20
fon: ++43-1-522 18 34, fax: ++43-1-522 50 58=20


Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 17:34:17 +0000
From: Robin Hamman <>
Subject: Exploding Media - August 29 - Manchester - Speakers?

EXPLODING MEDIA (A one day symposium in Manchester, August 29)

There is an explosion of media; desktop and online publishing have become a
common place, digital media production and broadcasting have lead to a
multiplication of 'channels' and the quality of consumer electronics rival
high-tech equipment.

The increase of independent, subcultural and grassroots media as well as
multi-media cross-fertilisation has recently been formulated as a
hybridisation of the mediascape. Coincidentally, the term hybridity has
gained currency within post-colonial cultural and political debates. When
talking about hybridity, a deviation from a pure origin is implied. And
hybridity always points back to its points of origin. Does the explosion of
media really just come down to an extension of a media mono-culture or does
this fresh harvest challenge its domination?

The issues at stake in an expanding mediascape are inevitably multiple.
Does such a diversification destabilise or add to the culture of
simulation? Does representation become more or less diverse? Is there a
font for everything? By taking hold of media, do marginal groups develop
complicity with mainstream power, or tools for social and political
leverage? Do the moguls remain unshaken when assimilating the shaky cameras
of subculture? Are alliances between marginalised groups developed or
dissolved? Does a multiplicity of media promote direct democracy or develop
into a structureless chaos, or even organise a new culture of conformity?

Exploding Media will dismantle the oldest stencil for communication.
Organised into 3 corresponding panels, the symposium will explode the
SENDER, explode the SIGNAL, and explode the RECEIVER.

SENDER: the manufacture of content is undergoing a parallel expansion -
across previously untapped territories and into the nooks and niches of
minute market segments. In an environment of merging multi-nationals, does
niche specialisation create the illusion of choice within the themed mega
mall of mainstream culture?

SIGNAL: There is no pure signal, there is no objective truth, we always
already think about the context, and yes, communication is always
interactive. What is the relationship between medium and message in a
many-too-many media environment?

RECEIVER: in a culture of amateur hobbyists and 'independent' media
practitioners, not to mention a highly developed media literacy, is it
possible (if it ever were) to talk of the category media receivers? Do
networked and community media create a shift in the understanding of the


Those wishing to give presentations should contact: Robin Hamman
( or Micz Flor (


Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 15:08:55 +0100
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