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1...changy................New York University Press Prize
                          for Hyperfiction
2...Ken Goldberg..........The ShadowServer
3...Sean Healy............Online University
4...feb:98................Call for Web Designer/ Artist.
5...Steve Dietz...........exhibition call for "Beyond Interface"
6...Henry Kautz...........AAAI-98 Workshop on RECOMMENDER SYSTEMS
7...joe blow..............volunteer to get involved
8...Dmytri Kleiner........Re: <nettime> Blast the Bots
9...Teo democracy
11..Stephen Pusey.........OMNIZONE


Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 14:45:53 -0500
From: changy <>
Subject: New York University Press Prize for Hyperfiction
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New York University Press Prize for Hyperfiction - extended submission

Continuing NYU Press's tradition of publishing work on the cutting edge,
established the New York University Press Prize for Hyperfiction for
1998.  This prize will recognize an outstanding work of electronic
literature which we will publish on our web site. Hypertext is an
experimental form of writing which is transforming traditional concepts
linear text as well as the role of readers and writers through new
technology. Our jurors are Adrianne Wortzel and Stuart Moulthrop, both
creative and well-known hypertext authors and artists. Due date for
submission has been extended to June 1, 1998.

Author(s) of the winning entry will have their work published for at
one year on the NYU Press web site as of October 15, 1998, will receive
$1,000 honorarium, and will be honored in person at New York University.
For more information please go to

Thank you for your support.

Suzanne Kemperman
Electronic Publishing Manager, NYU Press


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Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 12:10:46 -0800 (PST)
From: Ken Goldberg <>
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Subject: announcement for nettime?
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			The ShadowServer

"The electric light escapes attention as a communication medium
precisely because it has no `content'."
                             - M. McLuhan, Understanding Media

The ShadowServer is a WWW-based art installation that creates retinal
impressions and attempts to provoke responses from viewers.

The apparatus is housed in a lightproof box that contains physical
objects, some of which move of their own accord within the apparatus.
Viewers can interact with these objects via buttons.  Viewers can
select any combination of five buttons and then Cast a Shadow, which
activates a combination of lighting devices and returns a digital
snapshot of the resulting shadow.  Each combinations of buttons
produce different lighting conditions.  Certain random combinations
will provide clues which lead to a mysterious Sixth button.  The Sixth
button illuminates hidden secrets in an alcove of the apparatus.

To experiment with this camera obscura, please visit:


Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 12:00:07 +1000
From: sean healy <>
Organization: the  pod
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Subject: Online University
References: <>
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My name is Alfredo Lopez. I'm a Partner at People-Link, the progressive
Internet access provider and administrator of People Link's New World
Village (
We have your name because you visit Znet (, our
partners in the unprecedented project I'm writing you about.
I hope you won't consider it an intrusion for Znet's Administrator
Albert and myself to send you news about a new, progressive, On Line
School, the Learning On Line University, in hopes you will want to
participate in the undertaking.
Starting April 1, 1998, this new project, LOLU for short, will bring
quality courses sponsored by diverse progressive organizations all
together and sharing resources and revenues and taught by prominent
academics and activists to people throughout the world.
To provide some incentive to read on, let me just note at the outset
the courses to be offered this semester are:

Organizational Sponsor:
-- Faculty: Leslie Cagan

Organizational Sponsor: South End Press
-- Faculty: Cynthia Peters

Organizational Sponsor: FAIR
-- Faculty: Norman Solomon

Organizational Sponsor: Z Magazine
-- Faculty: Michael Albert

Organizational Sponsor: Z Magazine
-- Faculty: Michael Albert

Organizational Sponsor
-- Faculty: Anita Karsau

Organizational Sponsor:
-- Faculty: Peter Bohmer

Organizational Sponsor:
-- Faculty: Robin Hahnel

Organizational Sponsor: Communication Workers of America
-- Faculty: William Henning

To find out more about these courses and the outstanding faculty
them please point your web browser at the LOLU web site (
where you will find course descriptions, staff biographies, and
registration information and forms.


Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 12:53:35 -0600
From: "feb:98" <>
Subject: Call for Web Designer/ Artist.

Call for Web Designer/ Artist.

Submission deadline: March 16, 1998.

The Banff Centre for the Arts is looking for a web designer/ artist
for it's new Multimedia Institute series of programmes.

Final design to be on-line and functionable by April 1, 1998.

Although the design must be functional, we view this as good
opportunity to showcase innovative web design/ arts.

(Design work would become the property of the Banff Centre).

The current site is viewable at:

Remuneration for completion of this work includes:

- 3 week self directed artistic residency with studio,
  technical support, and full room and board at the Banff Centre.

- Free attendance to the think tank symposium 'Avatar! Avatar!
  Wherefore Art Thou ? Art, Software Design and the Science
  of Identity':

- Free attendance as a Senior Artist and a presentation
  opportunity of work at 'Interactive Screen':

- Return airfare to town of Banff, July 24 - Aug 28 (approximate).

For further information or submission of design ideas:

Media Visual Arts Department,
The Banff Centre for the Arts,
Banff, Alberta, Canada.



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from RHIZOME DIGEST: February 27, 1998

Date: 2.21.98
From: Steve Dietz (
Subject: exhibition call for "Beyond Interface"

Call for submissions: "Beyond Interface: net art and Art on the Net"

For many institutions, "art on the net" is putting images of works in
their collections on the Web. For many practitioners, digital media are
a tool that allow the recreation of familiar strategies of traditional
art practices or the Web is little more than another venue, a delivery
mechanism. "Beyond Interface" is an online exhibition of juried and
curated net art projects for which the Net is both a sufficient and
necessary condition of viewing/experiencing/participating.

Submit URLs of specific projects for consideration to by March 9, 1998.

Organizing Curator
Steve Dietz, Walker Art Center

Jury/Steering Committee
Remo Campopiano, artnetweb
Craig Harris, Leonardo Electronic Almanac
Susan Hazan, The Israel Museum
Greg Lam Niemeyer, Stanford University Digital Art Center
Chris Locke, University College, London
Pedro Meyer, ZoneZero
Randall Packer, San Jose Museum of Art
Laura Trippi, independent curator
Paul Vanouse, Studio for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon University
Martha Wilson, Franklin Furnace


Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 17:19:54 -0500 (EST)
From: Henry Kautz <>
Subject: AAAI-98 Workshop on RECOMMENDER SYSTEMS

	       AAAI-98 Workshop on RECOMMENDER SYSTEMS

		   July 26 or 27 (to be determined)
			  Madison, Wisconson
   Part of the 15th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Over the past few years a new kind of application, the "recommender
system", has appeared, based on a synthesis of ideas from artificial
intelligence, human-computer interaction, sociology, information
retrieval, and the technology of the WWW.  Recommender systems assist
and augment the natural process of relying on friends, colleagues,
publications, and other sources to make the choices that arise in
everyday life.  Examples of the kinds of questions that could be
answered by a recommender system include: What kind of car should I
buy?  What web-pages would I find most interesting?  What people in my
company would be best assigned to a particular project team?

Some of the issues we will explore in this workshop are:

1. Identifying different types of recommendations.  Techniques for
generating recommendations and learning user profiles.  Personalized
versus non-personalized recommendations.

2. When does collaborative filtering work, and when does it fail?  Can we
trust the recommendations received from remote, anonymous users to be
trustworthy and representative?

3.  What happens when recommender systems meet the "real world" -- how
do you get a business model and a user base.  What is the current
state of the art.

4. Social implications of recommendation systems, and how the
technology relates to traditional publishers and editors.

5. Visualizing recommendation spaces.

* Format

The workshop will include moderated discussions, panels, and breakout
sessions.  We will identify 3 to 4 major common themes based on the
position statements we receive (see below), and will invite people to
make brief presentations on the themes as part of the discussions.
The working notes will contain only position statements and selected
supplementary materials.  Demonstrations of working systems will be
given during breaks and/or a special session of the workshop.

* Attendance and Submission Requirements

Participate will be by invitation only, and will be limited to
approximately 30 people.

If you wish to participate, submit a position statement (1 to 2 pages)
addressing an important issue or describing an interesting lesson you
have learned, with a short summary of your relevant research
activities.  You may optionally include a copy of a paper (published
or unpublished) that you have written in the area.  Please indicate on
your statement if you may want to present a demo, and your expected
system requirements.

* Submission deadline: March 11, 1998
* Notification date: April 1, 1998
* Final date for camera-ready materials for working notes: April 22, 1998

* Send electronic submissions (preferred) to:
	(Required) position statement should be plain ascii text.
	Optional paper may be in text, postscript, or MS word (.doc) formats.
* Send hardcopy submissions (2 copies) to:
	Henry Kautz
	AT&T Labs, Room A-257
	180 Park Avenue
	Florham Park, NJ 07932

	Phone: (973) 360-8310
	Fax: (973) 360-8970
* Workshop Chair
	Henry Kautz (AT&T Labs)
* Organizing Committee
	Marko Balabanovic (Stanford),
	Joseph Konstan (Minnesota),
	Kristian J. Hammond (Chicago),
	Haym Hirsh (Rutgers),
	Alexandros Moukas (MIT),
	Loren Terveen (AT&T Labs),


Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 10:08:55 PST
From: joe blow <>
Subject: volunteer to get involved

I am a word processor and a sociologist. I would be very interested in
volunteering my services to your organization.  I live in Oklahoma, USA.
I am especially interested in the drug movement.  The anti and pro
prohibition.  But would be interested in most anything, just want to
help get the info. stored for future generations. Contact me via email
if you could use my skills.


From: (Dmytri Kleiner)
Subject: Re: <nettime> Blast the Bots - Praise the Databases (5URLs)
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 20:28:24 GMT

On Fri, 27 Feb 1998 17:19:26 +0100 (MET), you wrote:

+  Blast the Bots - Praise the Databases
+  Five URLs from Geert Lovink

Hey, since we're giving out URLs, try these on for size:

It's all still in progress but worth you time.

+  3.
Good choice. Tao Communications, the Media Collective, Happyclown, Inc and
Idiosyntactix (and many other manifestations) are many heads of the same hydra
here in Toronto.

And for a sneak peak check out this site in progress, to be incorporated into
happyclown on completion:

Did you ever hear of our Plunderpalooza Festival?

Or look at some of the photographs:


Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 13:59:48 +0100
From: Teo Spiller <>
Subject: direct democracy


D3M (democracy for the third millenium) is an international forum to unite
all active political subjects round the world, fighting for the direct

Please go to and contact us!


Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 12:56:53 -0700

March 1, 1998


The second leg of the GRAMMATRON World Tour is moving into the
home-stretch.  After successful presentations at many prestigious
events in the Fall of 1997 including the Ars Electronica Festival
in Linz, the International Symposium of Electronic Art at the Art
Institute of Chicago, and the International Biennial of Film and
Architecture in Graz, the GTRON program is about to take off for

On Sunday, March 8th, at the Ngapartji Multimedia Centre in
Adelaide (South Australia), the Australian Network of Art and
Technology (ANAT), in association with the Telstra Adelaide Arts
Festival, will be presenting FOLDBACK, a day long forum on media,
techno-sound and screen culture celebrating the tenth anniversary
of ANAT's existence as Australia's peak network agency for
artists working with technology.

The Telstra Adelaide Arts Festival is considered Australia's
Foremost event in contemporary art.  As one of the few events
Profiling technology-based art, FOLDBACK is an integral aspect of
the Adelaide Festival. The event takes place on a Sunday, forming
a bridge between the themes explored during both Writers' Week
and Artists' Week.  According to a recent press release from
ANAT, "[d]rawing connections between the often divergent cultures
of art, writing and sound, FOLDBACK seeks to dispel the
assumption that media art belongs only in a visual arts context."
Forming a living biography of ANAT's past and present, the event
will feature many of Australia's most exciting transdisciplinary
artists and Alt-X's Mark Amerika has been invited to deliver the
keynote address.

Amerika's keynote address and appearance at the Telstra Adelaide
Arts Festival will be followed by a lecture/performance tour
Throughout Australia where he will be presenting both the Alt-X
and GRAMMMATRON projects to audiences in Perth (March 18th at the
Perth Institute for Contemporary Art), Sydney (The Performance
Space, date TBA), and Brisbane (March 24th at the Institute for
Modern Art).

For updates on all FOLDBACK events, including the tour, go to:

For information on the Telstra Adelaide Arts Festival go to:

For information on Mark Amerika, The Alt-X Online Network or


Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 23:09:21 -0500
From: Stephen Pusey <>
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Call for submissions: "OMNIZONE, Mapping Perspectives of Digital Culture"

	OMNIZONE, a project organized by Yu Yeon Kim and Stephen Pusey of
(, has the ambition of mapping digital culture through
the work of artists, writers, curators, critics, programmers, research
scientists, and other cultural practicioners who are invited to supply
texts and digital works that substantiate a critical view of digital
culture and its dynamics, and function (however obtusely) as maps of
digital space and culture.

	OMNIZONE will be manifested both as a permanent development area on
(to be launched in May 1998), and as an interactive, networked installation
at EXIT Art, New York City, opening on September 19th, 1998.  The show at
Exit Art will run for eight weeks, and will also include physical
installations, robotics, etc.

Participants include:

Stephen Pusey
Yu Yeon Kim
Christiane Paul
Morgan Garwood
Adrianne Wortzel
Sawad Brooks
Beth Stryker
Sabine Bitter
Helmut Weber
Eve Andree Laramee
Robert C. Morgan
Matthew Drutt
Maciej Wisneiwski
Noah Wardrup Fruin
Marie Sester
Marek Walczak
Kathy Rae Huffman
Tapio Makela
Eva Wohlgemuth
Susanna Paasonen
Olu Oguibe
Pit Shultz
Shu Lea Cheang
Lawrence Chua
Osvaldo Romberg
Timothy Druckery
Iair Rosenkranz
Jouke Kleerebezem
Andrea Wollensack

and many more ...

Please send your URL's, texts, for consideration, to:

PLEXUS Art and Communication
"only connect ..."

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