Faith Wilding on Mon, 2 Mar 1998 23:38:23 +0100 (MET)

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<nettime> money breeds

After the posting about Wired's article on globalization and markets I 
couldn't resist sharing with you some excerpts from an article in the New York
Times Sunday magazine, March 1--The Little Creepy Crawlers who will eat you in
the night. (by Michael Lewis)
        "Part 1 of the Silicon Valley story was about men--all of them were 
men--building machines, building them cheaper, faster, smaller and better. 
They built them so fast and cheap that they made themselves uninteresting. The
world came to take them for granted.
        Part 2 is what the world has not yet taken for granted. What has 
happened in the Valley over the past few years has the locals comparing 
themselves to Renaissance Florentines. It is, (as Doerr puts it), 'the single 
greatest legal creation of wealth in the history of the planet.'
        And so all across Silicon Valley you find...the little creepy critters
who will eat you in the night. They are mainly young men who have just 
discovered their inner entrepeneur and hope to grab their little 
billion-dollar slices of the new world. Incubators, these buildings are 

        (It would seem that the recombination of money,men,machines has indeed
created a new breed. Gregor Samsa move over).

Faith Wilding

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