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<nettime> (rrrr...) resistance, revolution and realities: web site


Dear All, 

We are currently looking for an interested server and a programmer (CGI and
maybe Java) to help get this site up and running finally.  Please let us know
if you have any ideas/suggestions about possible long term server support
etc.  A description of the site follows.  Someone/someplace sympathetic to
the issues would be ideal.

Jayce Salloum
Oliver Kellhammer

*Please feel free to post and re-post elsewhere

rrrr: resistance, revolution and realities: a discursive (re)course  

This proposed www site (and subsequent parallel installation)  will focus on
the net-working, discourse and representation of resistance and revolution in
and outside of (a broad definition of) activist popular culture. 

The rrrr... web site will feature a combination of two areas reflecting the
general nature of internet activity, the discursive/participatory aspect of
the user interface, and the informational nature of the resources found
there.  The discursive nature will be utilized by providing 'forums' for
virtual discussions and correspondence to take place, stored and be commented
upon.  The informational aspect will function within the form of an
'archive/library' of correspondence, manifestos and files (text, graphic,
audio & video). The installation will be an active centre of information
gathering & distribution, a virtual conference & display of the content &
form of the discussions taking place on the web site & within specific
(actual) communities regarding political struggles, their representations &
the role of cultural production.

The main aim of this project is to design and implement a networking www site
that could become a interchange for a matrix of issues/interests that stem
out of a localized cultural and/or political practise.  Loosely defined as
'progressive' practices, we are interested in the links that can be made by
individuals and groups involved in various forms of resistance and struggle
to dominant or oppressive forces of any kind.  These would span from
community activists and individual working artists who identify themselves or
their practise as 'political' to  popular resistance movements and militant
struggles (some which already make extensive use of the internet as a
cultural and political tool).  

There will be two types of participants in the www project; 'contributors'
(with a semi-formalized agreement to participate in the project as their
needs warrant, providing information/archives and participating in the four
'forums' [ A) 'open forum'; B) 'news/needs/information'; C)
'strategy/tactics'; and D) 'personal/paradox']) and 'participants' (anyone
else who actively engages in the site other than just browsing/surfing, i.e.
people who participate in the 'open forum' or leave evidence of their
engagement e.g., documents downloaded/uploaded, links established or requests
made).   As an ongoing activity  (the project will be continuing
indefinitely), we will be researching and locating potential international
contributors involved in a wide range of resistance within fields such as;
political/activist art, grass roots activism, education, health, housing,
environment, labour, economics, justice, race, gender, sexuality,
immigration, global capital, party politics, first nations/peoples,
'ex'-colonial struggles, and struggles of liberation and self determination.

The 'contributors' pages' will feature a list of contributor's contents,
contributor's name/ organizational affiliation (if any), direct email hot
link, location and 24hr clock indicating the time at her/his location etc.
 An 'archives/library' will be set up containing the contributors' materials
(text, graphics, video and audio), correspondence, a collection of files
pulled from the net and their sources, related 'list serve' information and
material from other media.  Eventually a virtual 'video lounge' will be set
up, where videotapes (raw and edited) will be housed for viewing and/or
downloading.  Other sites related to the issues topics being discussed will
be 'linked'.  Lateral & direct access will be accessible from any page to any
other area (forums, pages, archives etc) and all entries will be coded to
facilitate searches.

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