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<nettime> Polar Circuit Online Theatre

Tuesday, July 15 Broadcast, midnight to 1 a.m Finnish time

Polar Circuit Media Art Workshop from Tornio, Finland, presents an 
on-line theater as part of the Pseudo Network "ART DIRT"

15th July       5-6pm   Eastern time    (New York)
16th July       00-1am  Finnish time    (Polar Circuit Central)
15th July       10-11pm         GMT     (London)

There will be live links with Real Audio and Cu-SeMe stations.
Go to: http://www.pseudo.com/netcast/themepage/index.html
for instructions on how to join in. Click on flashing red button to listen
live audio broadcast.  Link to Pseudo Art Dirt Chat with listeners from
all over the world.  Audio will be web-archived for universal access 
after broadcast.

Pseudo Programs, Inc. in New York:
G.H. Hovagymian (Originator and Producer of Art Dirt)
Robbin Murphy, (co-host), Volcano (video), 
Dan Melamid (sound engineer).

Polar Circuit is a workshop of digital artists from ten countries, 
gathered at Lansi-Lapin Ammattioppilaitos (LLAOL), Tornio, 
Finland, to work collaboratively and individually. Project is a co-
operation between LLAOL, Media Studies department at the 
University of Lapland, and Artist Association Muu, Helsinki.

The main polar bear mind frame for the workshop has been 
set by Tapio Makela <tapio@muu.autono.net>.


Adrianne Wortzel - Producer, Director.
Terhi Penttila - Technical Director
Tapio Makela - Real Audio, FTP & WWW Server Management
Hege Vadstein and Rita Leppiniemi - Technical Team
Claire E. Roberts - Chief Coordinator and London Correspondent
Jari Pappila -Coordinator Live Video Input
Odilia Yankova - Video Documentation.
Jukka Ylitalo & Tiina Puikko: Sound Engineers
Juha Huusku, Olli Mannerkoski, Anne Harkonen (Rovaniemi):
Remote Internet Operators

On the day of the broadcast, updated info on the event
will be posted to:

** Claire Roberts : live talk with Plastic Pony founder, from London.

___Drama ___
** Mihail Dimov + Krassimir Tertziev - Bulgarian Puppet Twins, 
predirected by Tapio Makela
- Using the Pseudo live chat window and Cu-SeMe video, 
Internet guests are invited to interact with the actors, who take
role-playing instructions from members of the public.

** Amos Taylor, reads small scripts for video images (see below).

** Palace performance:  Terhi Penttila
A Masquerade: Terhi will be inviting guests to visit her in the "Nrutas"  
room of the Virtual Motel "Palace" (download
http://www.thepalace.com/F000.html  -it is 1282 K). She also
encounters random visitors. The performance explores the traditional
roles of women through "chatting" with the guests and visitors.
Terhi's help site for Palace http://muu.autono.net/terhin/palace.html

** Tatu Vuolteenaho:  Plastic Pony Multimedia images.

____Video & Realaudio____
** Amos Taylor : A little Tongue in Cheek
** Steve Bradley & Tapio Makela: Rubber Coats. 
A sound & video performance.
** Krasimir Tertziev:  (work in progress)
** Odilia Yankova: Where-Do-You-Want-To-Go
  (work on progress..........)
** Darij Kreuh: Metamorphosis.

Please contact:
Adrianne Wortzel <sphinx@panix.com>
Terhi Penttil{ <terhi@icon.fi>
Tapio M{kel{ <tapio@muu.autono.net> <director@kaapeli.fi>
(not during live transmission)

please join us!

best regards,


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