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<nettime> Goedel and Captain Singh

Napoleon and Hitler did obviously both lose there wars, although they had different ways of organizing science and research. The text is in noway a mono-causal - explanation why Germany lost the war. But it is clearly writing against the
myth of the efficient german organisation of war technology, science and economy. This myth 
is not more convincing, because of rivalities and problems to define different realms of competence within the statal apparatus. In Germany there was no organisation possible like it was in Bleechly park, at the Bell Labs or elsewhere at the Allies. 
Please pay  attention to Goedel - Mr. Why? -, he had an unique way of dealing with mathematics and philosophy apart from strategic statal or economical organisations; he had problems with staffs in general - with one ore more Captain Singhs - had concentrated of combining his critic on closed formal systems with the desire for a platonic foundation of the mathematical universe.
It was J. Robert Oppenheimer -may be a Captain Singh but definetly the director of the Institute of Advanced Studies Princeton - saying: "Believe it or not doctor, but there is the greatest logician since the days of Aristote". 
Goedel did refuse operations at this hospital and died for that; was this a refusion of being related to Aristotle?
But please let me know more about the legendary passenger liner "Nancowry" -ex
Karanja, of the P&O, BI Lin.

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