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<nettime> nettime: Form Art Competition

You are welcome to take part 
in the First International Form Art Competition!

This new art form is based on the Internet technology and gives to an
artist new possibilities for self-expression.

The goals of the competition are:
- further development of this new form of artistic expression
- support of talented artists working on the Internet

The winner will be awarded with cash prize - USD 1000!

Rules are very simple:
1. Create your Form Art piece(s)
(consisting only of form elements - buttons, checkboxes, text areas and
pull-down menus;
no gifs or jpegs, no colours, no text)
2. Send the URL(s) of those pieces to:
if you don't have possibility to put your files on the WWW,
then send them directly.

The deadline for submissions: August 31, 1997
Submitted pieces will be exhibited on-line at Form Art site

The winner will be announced in the middle of September at the special
press conference in Linz during Ars Electronica festival

Submitted Form Art pieces will not be used for any other purposes then
Form Art Competition and on-line exhibition. All rights belong to their

Form Art:
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