Matthew Smith on Tue, 7 May 96 12:11 MDT

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<Although this may sound a little Marxist, the only hope for the artist is 
<to somehow control the means of distribution. In this way, the net might 
<somehow become a liberating force.

strange... does somebody really believe that there is any way of 
controlling distribution on the net???

i am wearing a t-shirt (home/copyshop made) with one of my favorite 
images - i sucked it off a website... 

maybe ill make a business out of it, ppl are complimenting me all the time...

hmm, how about a poster series as well, or mousepads or a tape with my 
favorite audioart - color copiers & taperecorders r very liberating!

ok, mrs/mr.artist, control me;)

matt smith

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