Allan Siegel via nettime-l on Mon, 7 Aug 2023 16:23:50 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> [nettime-l] new mods, new nettime-l

Dear Ted and Felix and Doma and Florian; the new mod team Jordan, Menno and Christian.  Well done EVERYONE!
Thanks for making this transition work and for the new days ahead.



On 2023. 08. 07. 13:02, paul van der walt via nettime-l wrote:
Dear nettime-l,

We're writing to thank everyone past and presently involved with nettime, and to let you know about some new mailing list practicalities.

This year has seen nettime-l shift from being hosted at for almost 15 years, to a temporary home at  The long-standing mod squad, Ted Byfield and Felix Stalder, has also expressed the need for a break.

Thank you all for bearing with us as we have gone about lining up a new moderation team and arranging a new host.  We extend a massive thank you to Ted and Felix for their amazing dedication this past quarter-century (!), keeping nettime alive, engaging, and interesting.  Also to Doma Smoljo and Florian Schneider, thank you for keeping the archives running at <> as well as keeping serving mail all this time.  If i'm missing out other key individuals, then i sincerely apologise -- the omission is only due to my naiveté!  A textual thank-you does not do your efforts and dedication justice.

Thank you also to Luka Frelih who has helped out and hosted nettime-l at its temporary home at, as well as with the technical handover.

The new mod team -- Jordan, Menno, Christian, and me -- gives thanks to the old mod-squad for the trust placed in us, to keep nettime welcoming, infused with fresh voices, and hopefully.. not that different from before!

In practical terms, the time has come to perform the switch to nettime-l's new home, graciously provided by The temporary list address we've been using for the past few months, at, has been retired with immediate effect. Subsequent messages to that list won't be delivered or archived.

  -> to post to the list:

  -> to reach us:

  -> to un/sub:

The archives remain accessible at, and will continue to be updated as new messages roll in.  Take note of the new email addresses and update your procmail / address book / filters as necessary, and take care to modify the To: address if replying to old threads.

Kind regards,
paul and the new mods
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