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Re: <nettime> mistakenly re-knitting circles

Hey All.

Wow. Forever into this thread. Flavors of Emerson and agroforestry, which I think was mentioned a few weeks back.

I’m still absorbing ideas from Saul Williams / SWAN’s film Neptune Frost and all the things we “intended to do” with technology, but as was so aptly pointed, things and values to human bodies we re-entrenced instead.

The idea of “free stuff” seems pretty motivating if you’re the one taking.

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This thread is quite fun and there is more to add, but I believe the first
uses of telephony for news distribution was in Budapest in the 1880s.

Many of us on this list will certainly be, um, amused at claims that only
with "Web 2.0" and then "Web 3.0" become interactive and creatively
productive by users, long before gui.

Sandra Braman


OR the utopian possibility: with women in charge, would freedom to speak
come with the obligation to listen?


I’ve heard this suggested more than once by colleagues. I feel like listening is a decent, achievable, vision.

Grateful to dip into this dialogue.

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