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Re: <nettime> “Meta”

On 02/11/2021 02:26, Brian Holmes wrote:
> Alphabet was realistic. Meta looks desperate. I have the same impression as
> you, Michael. It will come to nothing.

Could this be more of a necessary share-holder reference/pointer,
opening new doors and preparing a pathway to shed FB if it becomes too
much of a liability? From an organisational PoV is makes sense, right?

>From another perspective: In a sense it already came to something.

Facebook as a medium of social relations has already grabbed much space
and intentions.

In many places and for what concerns many topics, struggles and
mobilisations, what is called 'activism' and which used to be organised
in groups meeting in dark cellars with the phone batteries removed, is
now often exclusively done on Facefuck. Not on, you're out of the loop.

Once the "resistance" lives deep inside the beally of the matrix beast,
then, ha, it must be time for Resistance 2.0

But what the Facefuck do I know, I've never been on it.

"...So I decided to take my work back underground, To stop it falling
into the wrong hands..."
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