Felix Stalder on Tue, 2 Nov 2021 11:53:44 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> “Meta”

I agree. While there is ample technical room -- and a distinct social need -- to improve the teleconferencing "experience" (sorry, Olia), but you don't need a sad metaverse for that.

But what strikes me still is the doggedness with which US IT sector persues this vision. I took the occasion to look into Gelertner's 1992 Mirrorworlds -- which I admit I had only know through Lutz Dambeck's film "Das Netz" -- and it's almost the same vision. And I am sure there are many more like that, as Michael has pointed out.

I think there is a weird combination of control desire on multiple levels (FB to control the metaverse, managers to control their remote workers etc) and belief in technical singularity, in the sense that computer simulation becomes indistinguishable from physical reality, not just in terms of intelligence, but everything else too. Connected to the latter, there is also this notion that we are already living inside a simulation created by a much higher intelligence. A kind of IT version of the many worlds theory, but I don't know if anyone takes that seriously or if the discussion of this is more like a Silicon Valley parlor game.

all the best. Felix

On 02.11.21 03:26, Brian Holmes wrote:
Alphabet was realistic. Meta looks desperate. I have the same impression as you, Michael. It will come to nothing.

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