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<nettime> Friendly reminder: Call for organisations

Hello out there! 
We are happy to announce our 1st official CALL FOR ART ORGANISATIONS! 

If you are working as an organisations in the field of contemporary art feel free to participate in our call. 

Short description: 

The aim of the MACHFELD-Foundation is to promote contemporary art through media art (more info on the official Website of KONJUNGATE and the MACHFELD Foundation). 
To achieve this goal, KONJUNGATE (a cryptocurrency) was developed.

KONJUNGATE is inspired by the cyber novel MACHFELD written 1999 by Michael Mastrototaro. Strangely, the main character of the book is called Nakamoto and thus resembles the pseudonym of the BITCOIN inventor Satoshi Nakamoto. 
What a coincidence, right? Anyway.
In his cyber novel, he describes 9 years before Bitcoin appears on the cryptocurrency horizon the mining of KONJUNGATE. 
Now 20 years after publishing the novel online, KONJUNGATE appears as a Media Art project to decentralize the funding of international contemporary Artists and art organisations and to give a strong artistic statement in times of budget cuts. 
How dose it work?
During the creation of the KONJUNGATE Blockchain, 1,25% of the total digital assets was premined. This amount of Tokens will be used as an initial fund for distributing the Token to a wide range of international art organisations, to support contemporary Art organisations and as registered capital for the charitable MACHFELD-Foundation (in establishing) which will ensure further distribution of tokens in the future and its task is to ensure value security by means of art purchases.

The Masternodes of KONJUNGATE allows contemporary art organisations the creation of values for funding contemporary art. 
With this call, we would like to award Masternodes to art organizations. 

Please fill out the form on our Website to participate in our call. 

Here you can find the entry form: https://www.machfeld-foundation.net/call/ 

CALL ENDS ON 15.11.2019

After expiry of the application deadline, we will publish the selected organizations on https://www.machfeld-foundation.net

Project links:

You can find our main community on discord:

Looking forward to your submission!
Best Wishes!

Michael Mastrototaro

Max Winter Platz 21/1
1020 Vienna / Austria

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