David Garcia on Fri, 4 Oct 2019 19:41:46 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Moving On- Beyond the Evidence..The Rise of Evidentiary Realism

Hi Simona,
yes I see your point. And I very much respect the work you have done with the illegal art practitioners. 
And I understand the link you are making. I am happy to reflect and re-draft the article on my blog to 
better reflect reality.. that is after all the good thing about nettime’s ancient but valuable method of 
“collaborative text filtering”..
But I do think that there is a difference in emphasis between Illegal art and what I wanted speak about in this text.
The purpose of the article was to examine and question whether the Evidentiary art movement has the power to 
confront wider epistemic (knowledge) crisis that is being exploited by the far right. 

I further wanted to link this movement to opportunities to help build an inclusive ‘knowledge democracy’ by locating where 
knowledge and power actually connect in the regulatory regimes that are outside of the formal public realm.  

I also wanted to highlight some of my doubts about what could be seen as the dangers of a rather 
narrow empiricism that could be seen as embedded within that movement

Correct me if I am wrong but that seems a bit different to the important tactical combative approach of the illegal art that
you have championed for a long time. Important but different..  But definitely I need to think further and harder to see if I really
am missing something.. which is likely.



On 4 Oct 2019, at 12:03, Simona Lodi <simona.lodi@libero.it> wrote:

>> Brian, David,
>> I was the first who has spoken about illegal art. You could call it as you like - but it is illegal art. I did it many years a go and my text was published in English in the 2012-13 in a book edited by Geert.
>> ciao,
>> Simona
>> Il 01/10/19 18:59, Brian Holmes ha scritto:
>>> David, congratulations. You have done it.
>>> I am too busy working on my own version of evidentiary art to do more than speed read your text, but when I get a breath I will do it justice and respond with a little less of a one-note drone than John Young. It is clear to me that you have tied together a vast complex of images and ideas in order to name - in Paulo Cirio's terms, as it should be - the first major new aesthetic movement of this old decade, a movement which will likely become hegemonic over the next 5 years. Tatiana Bazichelli deserves great credit here too, and you give it, one gets no sense of self-aggrandizement from your text. As it should be.
>>> Interestingly, it's often like that. The new thing is recognized at the end of the decade. That's what it means to make history. First it's done, then it's written.
>>> We are still waiting for the ecological or earth-systems complement to Evidentiary Art. But now there is a milestone to show that a significant new movement is possible. Others will emerge from the turbulence.
>>> Congratulations again,
>>> Brian
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> Simona Lodi
> art critic & indipendent curator

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