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<nettime> T/H\X @ pa-f | Oct, 31st to Nov, 4th in Saint Erme, France :.

Dear Nettimers,

please consider coming to Pa-f in one month (Oct, 31st to Nov, 4th) for this event about Philosophy and Hacking


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Diffracting + Decentralisation: exploring collective asymmetry

Hacking and Philosophy at Pa-f

Oct 31st to Nov 4th 2019 in Saint Erme, France


Come for 5 days of informing experience from/towards theory and combining desires into action. Through conversation, study groups, participatory workshops and diffractive readings we will address the implications of technology in our diverse collective endeavours inclusive of feminist and intersectional concerns:

Event open to all, we expect around (42 - 101) participants in the limit of available space.
Price: one-time PAF annual registration of 12€ (if you're not already a member) + 35€ per day including lodging, food and beverages.
(PAF is not sponsored or subsidised. PAF is paid for through the residency and membership fees of the about 1100 residents that pass by in a year)


Call for workshops, activities to be announced.




Self-organized during the event.


Invited speakers would prepare among themselves before the event (during Summer) for a 4 hour conversation among themselves, on the first morning of the event, that would give the beat of the meeting. Then we would work with smaller groups where the invited speakers would 'float' from one group to the next, gaining transversal insight that could be used to steer the conversation towards some individuating goal.


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