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From: Richard Barbrook <richard@imaginaryfutures.net>
Subject: Re: <nettime> Supreme Court Rulling consequeces
Date: 25 September 2019 15:07:42 BST

Cummings’ passion for Bismark and game theory
(read his blog: https://dominiccummings.com)
will deliver him a majority by repeating the approach that won the
referendum. His faith in Cummings is not dented by broken institutions
"move fast and break things” could have been coined for this bunch.

Here is our response to the Brexit elite's fascination with game theory which was performed at The World Transformed during the 2019 Labour conference.



Communiqué 11: 22/9/19


“The labouring classes have conquered nature; they have now to conquer humanity. To succeed in this attempt they do not lack strength, but the organisation of their common strength, organisation of the labouring classes on a national scale – such, I suppose, is the great and glorious end aimed at by the Labour Parliament.” – Karl Marx.

Comrades and citizens, the future of this island and its inhabitants will soon be decided by the decisive battle between the Party of Emancipation and the Party of Reaction! For over three years, the class enemy has schemed and manoeuvred to escape the consequences of its self-inflicted defeat through victory in the 2016 Brexit referendum. Our stunning advances during the 2017 election inflicted severe losses on the Tories and demoralised their depleted troops. This year, they’ve already dismissed one failed general and selected a duplicitous scoundrel as her replacement. The Conservative government’s last hope of recovery is the appointment of Dominic Cummings as Boris Johnson’s aide de camp. Mesmerised by the solipsistic formulas of Johnny von Neumann, Thomas Schelling and Herman Kahn, this aficionado of game theory is playing a Brexit contest of mutually assured destruction with a numerically and economically superior competitor who can easily survive the worst case outcome in its decision matrix. While waiting for this Tory stratagem’s inevitable miscarriage, Labour activists must now redouble their efforts to acquire and perfect our greatest advantage in political and economic struggles against the oppressors of humanity: game practice.

On Sunday evening, Class Wargames will begin its ludic intervention at The World Transformed with a participatory performance of Guy Debord’s The Game of War. First published in 1977, his simulation was designed as the Situationist cure for the oligarchical recuperation of participatory democracy. By moving silver and gold pieces across the gridded board, its two teams of players are able to teach themselves the tactical and strategical principles that deliver success on the social battlefield. For far too long, military learning has been monopolised by the privileged few. By training withThe Game of War, this wisdom can now be shared amongst the many. When every proletarian possesses the knowledge of how to be a skillful general, then revolutionary leadership is exercised by the entire class.

On Monday afternoon, Class Wargames is making its second intervention at The World Transformed with Digital Liberties’ Taste of Power: the great municipal socialism game. Building on last year’s A Very British Coup mega-game, this massive multi-player role-playing exercise enables Labour cadre to experiment with different responses to the many crises and opportunities which we will face when in government. By competing and cooperating together, the participants in the Taste of Power game can learn how to combine administrative efficiency and community mobilisation to bring about radical social change. When the Labour party goes into government, the working class must, as a whole, take control of the conditions of our everyday life, at work, rest and play!

Wargames are a continuation of politics by other means.

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