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Re: <nettime> Stallman and property relations // Interview with Richard Stallman in New Left Review (September-October 2018)

On 31/10/2018 15:43, Francis Hunger wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I was a bit disappointed, that this kind of 'weak' Stallman interview
> was published in the New Left Review. 'Weak' insofar as I can't see much
> 'leftist' in it.

In that context it might be worth noting that 'rms' is not some sort of
anti-capitalist or even much of a lefty: he is probably better described
as a liberal rights oriented advocate.

In an email exchange that counted 108 emails about property relations,
he made it very clear that he is entirely supportive of exclusive,
private property in the means of production - i.e. wants to keep things
as they are under capitalism. He just wants an exception for software
that, somehow, idiosyncratically, should be treated as rights and
policy, not property (which is not a very good argument).

happy property hacking [not!]
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