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Re: <nettime> Interview with Richard Stallman in New Left Review (September-October 2018)

On 30/10/2018 23:21, André Rebentisch wrote:
> Ironically no one frames Facebook contributions as "unpaid voluntary
> work" to keep the community platform content-wise up and running to the
> benefit of Mr. Zuckerberg's advertisement business model.

Did you mean to write "everyone frames"?

Anyway, in case anyone has forgotten or for some reason should be
unaware: Such framing predates Facefuck:

"Maybe best known part of Terranova's work is her thesis, formulated in
the early 2000s,[8] that the free labor of users is the source of
economic value in the digital economy.[9] Free labor as a concept is
rooted in Italian post-workerist and autonomist labor theories of value,
such as Paolo Virno's re-reading of Marx's notion of the general
intellect, Antonio Negri's theory of the social factory, and Maurizio
Lazzarato's concept of immaterial labor. Free labor is free both in the
sense that the laborers provide it voluntarily and in the sense that
they are not remunerated by the beneficiaries of the labor (such as
social media companies). As such, free labor is only the most extreme
form of social labor receiving very little or no monetary compensation.
For instance, Terranova describes the university as a 'diffuse factory':
'an open system opening onto the larger field of casualised and
underpaid ‘socialised labour power’.'[10] Terranova has also argued that
non-hierarchical, open access, free association, and non-monetary P2P
networks may provide a form of markets compatible with anarcho-communism."
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