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<nettime> YouTubers Union!

[It doesn't seem like gaining much traction beyond the occasional media
story. But still, it's interesting in terms of the demands. Two new
basic rights are demanded: the right to be recognized as a market
participant and to right to be heard by a human. Felix]

The Spark


Welcome to the official homepage of the YouTubers Union!

We are a community based movement that fights for the rights of YouTube
Creators and Users. Our core demands are:

- Monetize everyone - Bring back monetization for smaller channels.

- Disable the bots - At least verified partners have the right to speak
to a real person if you plan to remove their channel.

- Transparent content decisions - Open up direct communication between
the censors ("content department") and the Creators.

- Pay for the views - Stop using demonetized channels as "bait" to
advertise monetized videos.

- Stop demonetization as a whole - If a video is in line with your
rules, allow ads on an even scale.

- Equal treatment for all partners - Stop preferring some creators over
others. No more “YouTube Preferred”.

- Pay according to delivered value - Spread out the ad money over all
YouTubers based on audience retention, not on ads next to the content.

- Clarify the rules - Bring out clear rules with clear examples about
what is OK and what is a No-No.

United We Stand!

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