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<nettime> The rapid spread of wildcat strikes in China is mapped!


China’s move into a “mixed economy” has created a wealth inequality
crisis to rival any nation’s; wildcat workers’ strikes (aided by Young
Communist movements) have become increasingly common, though they are
not often reported in the news (it helps that Chinese state media and
the country’s official censors suppress these reports).

The Hong Kong-based China Labor Bulletin maintains a map of all these
strikes, which you can drill down into for news and other detail. As
Naked Capitalism notes, it’s instructional to view the map as a
time-series by filtering it by year; looking at the rise and rise of
strikes from 2011 to 2018 paints a picture of a country in real

You can also export the data from the map in a structured format,
which should be very useful for a certain kind of scholar or activist.

via Cory Doctorow’s blog BoingBoing.net
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