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Re: <nettime> elections in Brazil / media/ Meanwhile, in Riace (Calabria, Italy ...

On 2018-10-14 00:50, Brian Holmes wrote:
Keith, I would be glad that you are right, because I do not have any
desire for the kinds of conflicts brewing now, not in the country
where I live, nor anywhere. I want to be clear on one thing though,
because I apparently was not:

If you look at Germany's civil war after 1918 in the aftermath of
the Russian revolution and in Weimar Berlin, a free-for-all broke
out in the streets between ideologically driven factions. Nothing in
the US today remotely compares with this, certainly not Chicago
police killing black young men as usual.

Italy's interior ministry says all migrants in the southern town of Riace, famous for welcoming them, must be transferred away.

The migrants will be moved to other migrant centres next week.

The move comes days after the arrest of the town's mayor, Domenico Lucano, over his alleged role organising "marriages of convenience" for immigration purposes.

He has been put under house arrest amid a national debate about integration.

His arrest follows months of tougher migration enforcement from Italy's populist government.

It's kinda Breaking News (BBC item is 9hrs old as a write)

I see very little reason to expect this 'transfer' to happen 'peacefully'. If it turns (very) violent, Italy will have taken a next step in the developments described above and before re; 'Global Brazil'.

'Interesting Times' ...

Cheers all the same - for now
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