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Re: <nettime> Athens: Plato’s Academy and its neighborhood are at risk!

Hi Alexandre,

> I appreciate the reply. And will attempt to debunk your answer that
> collective self-defense is wrong in many levels. 

Thanks for responding to my ill-tempered post in a way that turns it
into something interesting. This is nettime :)

> First with equating resistance with the extreme violence that this
> system, everyday, employes to keep everything and everyone in their
> place. It is a privileged position, one that claims to derive from a
> reading of historical record, when actually history tells us that only a
> people that is untammed and ungovernable will shake the foundations of
> the oppressive systems that hold their spirit hostage. 

I don't doubt that my views reflect my privileged position. There's no
way around that.

But the point I wanted to make is NOT that street-level resistance is
equal to state violence. Not at all. The point I was trying to make --
against the background of what's happening in Europe -- was that a new
crop of authoritarian politicians are only waiting for a pretext to
crack down on everything and everyone offering open resistance. And, of
course, street-level violence is the easiest pretext possible. These are
no longer liberal politicians who are, in some ways, constrained by
their pretense to live in a lawful society with actual civil rights and
the goal of reaching some democratic consensus. Now, this was always on
ideal and never a actuality, but it imposed some limited. Now that we
are moving into a political field where there are no such limits anymore
and the state apparatuses are more militarized that ever in last 50
years. This is probably not new to communities who have always been
heavily policed, but the way to extends across much wider sectors now is

In this sense, I'm much more with Brian's line of thinking about finding
new ways to express entanglement, building up different ways of being
together as socio-ecological being as a way to build a base for
significant transformation of the current conditions.

> Otherwise, much love, and good luck with the petition.


all the best. Felix


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