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Re: <nettime> Athens: Plato’s Academy and its neighborhood are at risk!

Hi Alexandre,

my reply is late, because I was busy and hoped that someone else would
reply, but nobody has and nettime is the home of the slow it's still
time  say something.

I think your mail was exceptionally wrong. On numerous levels.

First, it was a classic example of some guy feeling entitled to
take a piss at a women who is vastly more competent than he is. And this
within a space where the gender balance is already extremely, well,
unbalanced. So, that's radical.

Second, you don't seem to understand politics as we move into a more
authoritarian realities. The state, and the elites, like street-level
violence, because it makes it easy to brand their opponents as '
anti-social' or 'terrorists' and bring out the full force of the
militarized state to crush them under the applause of a fearful majority.

Third, leaving random calls for violence in public fora is potentially
really harmful, not just for you but to the wider range of people
involved in the specific forum.


On 2018-06-10 11:56, Alexandre Carvalho wrote:
> Online petitions do shitz. 


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