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Re: <nettime> I farted

Referring to events 30-40 years ago as reliable determinant of today's consequences is ... not reliable. It's unlikely to repeat, even as a farce.

What bothers me is something else - that stooping to scatological level by an (nominally) elite art manager was generally cause for celebration in the left echo chamber. From 'cute' to 'we showed them'. This means that not only the 'it was Russia' cult got unglued from (this) reality, but they took with them almost everyone else that ever associated with them (thanks to the thorough cooptation Democrats performed in the last few decades), onto the journey where the only rule is Kool Aid.

This is not limited to salaried east coast intelligentsia - a speaker at elite crypto conference had to be stopped when referred to POTUS in derogatory terms. It's almost fucking everyone who ever voted for Democrats in the past few decades, and their brother.

Maybe it's due to my lack of graduate humanities education, but I don't see anything remotely cute in this act. Offering POTUS a toilet bowl instead of requested painting should not even be a matter of discussion. It should be something that's just NOT DONE. Not because someone likes or hates POTUS (both of which are serious signs of terminal de-politicization), but because with this you abdicate the only argument and the only platform you have. Once to start to oink you will be treated as a swine.

This is the real tragedy of the american left: they cannot break shackles Democrats installed on them, at this point completely internalized. How long before they drink the Kool Aid, so the history can move on? It's stuck.

I would gain some small (and somewhat smug) comfort in knowing that the
methane molecules that were once in my colon are now in the nose of his
royal P...

Ted is absolutely correct on the level of hostility that was directed at
the entire cultural community following the Robert Mapplethorpe incident
(a touring show that landed at the National Portrait Gallery in DC) --
where the ruling right-wing pederasts were apoplectic (after being
secretly titillated by the horse-whip-stuffed-up-the-arse image)...

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