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Re: <nettime> I farted

On 31/Jan/18 16:02, Morlock Elloi wrote:
The narrative boils down to: POTUS invited me for a breakfast, and I farted during the breakfast. Gimme high-fives! We are The Resistance!

I would gain some small (and somewhat smug) comfort in knowing that the methane molecules that were once in my colon are now in the nose of his royal P...

Ted is absolutely correct on the level of hostility that was directed at the entire cultural community following the Robert Mapplethorpe incident (a touring show that landed at the National Portrait Gallery in DC) -- where the ruling right-wing pederasts were apoplectic (after being secretly titillated by the horse-whip-stuffed-up-the-arse image)...

Somewhere I have a video tape of an enraged Alan Sekula

giving an absolutely stunning two-hour critique of the political/economic system that, in the Amurikan context of the moment of the late 80s, was contorting itself over this 'profanity' -- (first and foremost, the toxic racist Senator Jesse Helms)

There is plenty of hatred of everything 'Other' still available in the vaults of white Amurika...


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