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<nettime> Newsletter & LancelMaat at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam - November 3, 2017

Title: Newsletter & LancelMaat at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam - November 3, 2017
Dear all,

We are very happy to invite you at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam for our show E.E.G. KISS - II, part of the performance night Stedelijk Statements, curated by Patricia Pisters (November 3, 2017).

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that Public Art Lab Berlin will represent our work and future projects. Curator Susa Pop previously showed our work at Venice Biennial 2015, BCAC Beijing 2016 and Connecting Cities Network. Among other artists represented by PAL Berlin are Paul Sermon, Jeremy Bailey and Aram Bartholl.

>From July till October, our work Digital Synaesthetic E.E.G. KISS was in the
Ars Electronica Export Berlin 2017 show at DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum, Berlin; with among others Katharina Kubisch, Maja Smrekar, Studio Roosegaarde and Memo Akten. Curator Manuela Naveau connected our work to the theme of 'Trust'.
Last week, at 'the Virtualities and Realities - Open Fields' conference by
RIXC Center, Riga for Art and new media Culture, we presented our lecture Kissing the Uncanny. It took place at the Latvian National Museum of Art and Art Academy, with among others keynote speakers Chris Salter and Monica Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss.

Upcoming shows:
Future Love at Haus der elektronischen Künsten (HeK) Basel, by curator Boris Magrini. This group show examines the impact of new technologies and social media on our affective relationships and sexuality.
This week on November 2, we lecture about our research at the Worlding the Brain Conference with among other artists and researchers RAAAF, Maartje Nevejan. To deepen relations between artistic research, science, technology and society, we conduct a PhD trajectory about our work at the Technical University of Delft Participatory Systems Initiative with promotor Frances Brazier.
November 24 this research is presented in an interview with Patricia Pisters at the Rode Hoed Amsterdam at the NWO (The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) Exploring Integrated Arts & Culture Research - Smart Culture Conference 2017. University of Twente invited our research for ThingsCon Salon: Intimate Technology with an upcoming follow-up at ThingsCon conference Amsterdam.
At Pier K / De Meerse in Hoofddorp Saving Face is presented during November-December.

This summer, we gave a lecture at Science Gallery Dublin, Hack the Brain, along with other speaker Marco Donnarumma. At Hack the Brain we started to develop E.E.G. KISS - II (2017) as an Artistic Artificial Intelligent system, for which we collaborate with Alexander von Lühmann, University Berlin, working with his EEG-NIRS-Based Hybrid BCI; and in collaboration with curator Lucas Evers at Waag Society Amsterdam.
For Digital Synaesthetic E.E.G. KISS (2016) soundscape we collaborated with sound artist Tijs Ham at STEIM Amsterdam. Curator Jorinde Seijdel showed E.E.G. KISS at the Studium Generale Rietveld Academy 'What's happening to your brain?'

We hope to meet you soon again,
best wishes,

Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat
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