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Re: <nettime> Constitutioanl radicalism

On 2017-10-14 12:01, Keith Hart wrote:
> Are we sure that privileging the social has served or will serve
> humanity well? The shift to deconstruction and construction presumes, to
> my mind, that the question of homo duplex has been resolved and I don't
> think it has.

I think Latour's answer (and I would largely agree with him) is that
it's precisely the individual-society divide that its problematic,
first, because neither can exists without the other and, second, because
it implies that these two categories are the only ones that count.

This not only raises the question who counts as a full human being (and
we all know how unstable the answer to this question has been and still
is), but also what about all the non-humans.

So, in many ways, one of the key challenges to Western thinking is to
move beyond this individual vs society framework and envision broader
and more heterogeneous entities of con-viviality.

Intellectually and technically, we are quite far advanced in this route.
We can make trees speak about their feelings in real time and can talk
about, observe and measure Gaia as an integrated system with us being
one of the actors, along with animals, plants, microbes etc.

How to translate this into a political, social and cultural practice, is
up for grabs.

all the best. Felix


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