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Re: <nettime> Constitutioanl radicalism

On 13/10/17 17:59, Brian Holmes wrote:
> On 10/13/2017 05:09 AM, Patrick Lichty wrote:
>> Has the United states, and a large part of Western thought become so
>> warped by populism and anti intellectualism (which is a complex and
>> stack in itself) that individuals seeking a humane, objective society
>> driven by reason, logic and empirical science look like some sort of
>> freak show?

Does anyone remember the days before "climate change" was "armed with
peer-reviewed science" when reason, logic and empirical science was
under severe scrutiny as myths and illusions associated with
colonialism, racism and destruction of the human habitat?

Now it is cheered upon uncritically as fundamentalist bible belt loonies
recite the good book.
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