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Re: <nettime> Catalonia and mainstream opinion

JAJAJAJAJ so...back to the beginning, I hope that our "fight" helped people to have a better understanding of the situation (and the crispy atmosphere for all! ;) )

And yes...if you didn't saw it, take a look at the Monedero-Grosfogel affair simona ;)

Podemos to reach power, is playing a very dangerous game


El 09/10/17 a las 11:03, escribió:
Sorry, really I didn't want to insult anyone, It is a cause of my poor english, I can't be
very "nuancée".
If these were insults in anycase they where not only to you :DDD. Basically I just wanted
to say that leftist, Podemos and municipalism in this fight are not helping, are just
contributing to destroy people networked fight.
I also go back to lurker :). Love. Simona

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