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Re: <nettime> New "thought rhythms'

Am 05.10.2017 um 06:41 schrieb Keith Sanborn <>:

The displacements in artistic labor are at once predictable—at least in « the West »—and often merely generation. What interests me more is what you might call the grandfather effect. Where a new generation goes in search of an artistic forbearer. It cd be an heroic forbearer two generations back or a marginalized artist of the previous generation who can be configured, or “read” or even misread as a precursor to the current generation who offers them a kind of pa- or maternity, a way into art historical legitimacy. This legitimator will be given new interest and even shown along side their work. 

Sometimes it takes an apt person to make the link. Malcolm McLaren told me in the mid-nineties that he had had talks with Syd Barrett to produce The Sex Pistols´ “Never Mind the Bollocks“-LP around 1976. Unfortunately, Barrett was „not in a state to cooperate on this project“, as Malcolm put it.

cheers, GD

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