Alexander Bard on Sun, 28 May 2017 16:45:40 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Neoliberalism & alt-rght trolls

Excellent summary, dear Felix!

However Ancilla van de Leest (not van der Leest) left the board of the
Dutch Pirate Party in April.

Probably to return to reality TV or something similar for a savvy media
narcissist like herself.

It is highly doubtful though that the former Pirates who joined Thierry
Baudet's party last year will be allowed to return to the Pirates even if
they would like too. van der Lesst probably the Pirates a great service by
exposing alt right elements within her party. And deserves credit for that.
The Pirates themselves are not a clear left or right or even
environmentalist movement. They do not fit any such traditional scale.
The Pirate Party is however mostly anarcholibertarian (Swedish founder and
chief ideologue Rick Falkvinge certainly is).

As in America, do expect liberatarians to join forces with social
conservatives over the next few years.

They happen to share a cherished enemy in the Identity Left (Camille Paglia
and Jordan Peterson are their You Tube superheroes).

Although the union of former Pirates and Baudet in the Netherlands is way
more extreme than any other such alliance. Probably Putin-sponsored too.
But get used to the libertarian/social-conservative axis as the main
intellectual enemy of both the Traditional and Identity Left the next two
decades or so.

Alexander Bard

2017-05-28 10:05 GMT+02:00 Felix Stalder <>:

> On 2017-05-26 20:15, Karin Spaink wrote:
> > Really? Top brass of the Piratenpartij moved on to Thierry Baudet?
> > That’s quite some news, actually! Is there any public information
> > available about that?
> I'm no connoisseur of Dutch politics, but this you can find online,
> from September last year and it's quite strange. As it turned out,
> the prediction Wilders would crush Baudet turned out to be incorrect.
> Don't know about the rest of the article. F.
> Dutch Pirates defect to intellectual right-wing party
> 09/dutch_pirates_d.html

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