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Re: <nettime> Fwd: Neoliberalism & alt-rght trolls

According to Ancilla Van der Leest, those board members haven't been
accepted into Baudet's party. However. this doesn't change the overall
picture. It seems to be a good example of cyberlibertarianism and
Internet rights activism (whether in the Pirate Party or in hacker
movements) having attracted people from opposite political camps while
been misperceived as "left-wing" at large.

In Germany, the extreme-right Identitarian movement (Europe's
equivalent of the "Alt-Right") is now at the forefront of activism
against a new anti-hate speech law for social media. It consciously
reenacts the rhetoric and performances used in the "Stasi 2.0"
protests against proposed net filtering legislation in 2009 (back
then, supposedly against child pornography) which gave birth to the
German Pirate Party.

> The results will be enhanced attention for both parties, which will
> help the Forum a little bit — just about enough, I’d say, to steal
> some votes from VNL so that both end at 0 seats and leave Wilders sole
> ruler on the right.

This part of the analysis was incorrect. During the election campaign,
the so-called "Alt-Right" (which first had drummed up support for
Wilders on a "TheWilders" SubReddit modelled after TheDonald) defected
to Baudet and massively promoted him with a meme campaign. Baudet's
party won two seats and is in a good position to eventually take over
the extreme right from a worn-out Wilders, who increasingly sounds
like a broken record.


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