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Re: <nettime> Neoliberalism & alt-rght trolls

On 16.05.2017 15:17, Gabriella "Biella" Coleman wrote:
> Just to take two examples: As you note, above, the alt-right demands
> economic nationalism (in their own language they are anti-globalist).
> Anonymous, once it broke free of the chans became a far fling
> internationalist movement with nodes in India, Malaysia, the
> Philippines, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Japan, nearly every
> country in Latin America, Europe, even the Dominican Republic... Makes
> sense given their philosophy is premised an a radical opensourceness,
> repeating the mantra--anyone can be Anonymous--that allowed it to
> spread far and wide.

We try to put it into categories where we or our audiences have

>From a European viewpoint, nationalist movements could be international,
or spread internationally, thus your argument anon vs. altr fails to
convince me.

> The Alt-right has failed to expand internationally and currently is
> configured largely as an American phenomena

The Alt-R mostly reacts to and enrages its twin brother, the CTRL-left,
largely an American phenomena. Plus intentionally blurred ideological
trails and bandwagon.
The ALT-R needs a CTRL-Left as a folio, just as there cannot even be a
Streisand effect when no one knows the singer.

What manifests with both, anon and altr is that they unilaterally pick
an enemy for no apparent reasons, not because they have to, not because
of social interest or agenda, but mostly for fun, or for the
entertainment value of their community, for constituting themselves.
altr also comprises substantial financial backing of the endeavor.

-- A

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