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Re: <nettime> Armin Medosch (1962-2017)

In London yesterday there was a heavy storm - the gate into my house flew
completely off its hinges. I felt distturbed listening to the howling wind.
Now I am seeing it as Armin's force of nature somehow ripping itself from
the earth.

He will be much missed by so many. I thought I'd share something one of his
PhD examiners said to me (in confidence then but who cares now?) that
Armin's doctoral thesis was passed without any changes being asked for
(something that had never happened in this academic's long experience
before). It is a brilliant work of scholarship (you can find it online and
read it openly.  I remember a meeting with Armin to discuss whether or not
there might be a way to bring the brilliantly researched exhibition WAVES
to London - and we had a glass of chilled Riesling together. I'd like to
raise a glass of this tonight to Armin and to all his achievements, most of
which he got to before many of his peers and contemporaries. Unfortunately
that was also the pattern yesterday.  He leaves an enormous gap in his own



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