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<nettime> FRIENDLY FIRE > recap kick off: photos, videos, atmospherics

Hey nettimers,

we had a very stimulating event last weekend at the transmediale
festival to kick off the Berliner Gazette annual project FRIENDLY FIRE. 
Allow me to share some atmospherics, as well as 
some photos from the talk and video interviews with the speakers.

"If I leave the room later, what will I be able to take home? Do you
have a plan?" a young woman asked in the Q&A part of the talk. Even
after two hours the audience in the auditorium of the freshly renovated
House of World Cultures was still concentrated and 'hungry'.

What does it mean to re-think radical politics, today? This was the
question that the Berliner Gazette had carried into the room,
instigating a lively discussion. Not only the speakers were actively
engaged with this issue – luminaries such as the data philosopher Jutta
Weber, media scholar Natalie Fenton and political theorist and activist
Robert Latham –, but also the audience was trying to come to terms with
that question.

In the end there were no grand plans, no recipes and no prescriptions.
What had emerged instead was rather something that we can call an
ensemble of openings – openings to re-thinks radical politics anew. To
say the least, it became quite clear, that "radical politics" is not
merely about potentially "self-destructive gestures" or "life-risking
actions", but rather something that can be experienced and practised in
the everyday: When a sense of injustice becomes unbearable; when the
desire to re-imagine the world we live intensifies; when we solidarize
and support alternative movements with our bodies and/or souls.

In this sense, the Berliner Gazette has lit the FRIENDLY FIRE-torch to
allow its heat to affect others.

Please have a look at some of the photos that our photographer Norman
Posselt has taken on that day, here:

Please share the photo album on twitter:

Please also look at the videos, that our editors Magdalena Taube and
Andi Weiland recorded on that day with data philosopher Jutta Weber,
media scholar Natalie Fenton and political theorist and activist Robert
Latham, here:

Spread the word and let FRIENDLY FIRE burn!



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