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Re: <nettime> Digital leftism in a globalised world?

On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 03:34:05PM +0100, Alexander Bard wrote:

>    Excuse me, but what kind of world do you live in?
>    A world where all property is owned by nation-state governments as if
>    they were all North Korean dictatorships? And the globe is a
>    competetion for most evil between these states and nothing else? Have
>    you even heard of transnational movement?

This has not been the topic of conversation in this thread,
but you are free to start it.

>    Can we please raise the quality of postings on this forum to at least
>    slightly above the junior high school level?

My post just got an affermative feedback by a British professor
in Paris who has been evolving the concept of what I would call
"equal trade" agreements as opposed to "free trade" agreements
and bumped into the incapacity of people to even imagine such
a thing. I found it highly enlightening and motivating that
not being a part of the machinery of traditional thought can
lead to the ability to think out of the box and circumvent
cognitive barriers that have been erected by ideology and/or
special interest.

So what exactly is it, that you would like to criticize?
Could you please go into details rather than leave it at
some pointlessly insulting level?

>    And while I'm at it, may I suggest a pause from the usage of the sloppy
>    demonising term "neo-liberalism"?

Since you are replying to my post, and my post did not make
a single mention of "neo-liberalism" I deny you the right to
throw straw-man argumentation at me.

In this post you express an aggressive tone, miss out on
delivering actual argumentation and even pull a logical fallacy
on the interlocutor. If this is a slightly moderated list, then
this post should have hit the moderation wall for as long as
it takes until its author formulates a thought that brings the
discourse forward rather than getting tied up in the emotional
use of fallacies.

>    And censoring the internet is not the slighest bit Marxist. Neither is
>    racist localism, so stop defending that too. Don't be Trumpists!

Congratulations. You just pulled two further straw-man
argumentations at me. I neither advocated Internet censorship
nor racist localism.

>    Instead look at the real issue at hand: What are we going to do with
>    the masses of Trump and Le Pen and Brexit voters when their
>    pseudophallic leaders do not give them what they want? How do we
>    prevent an Aryan State in Europe or a new U.S. civil war from rising?
>    Or do we go even more radical than Zizek and in an accelerationist
>    manner accept and encourage such a development?

Certainly not if you try to impede people from using certain
terminology and thinking certain necessary thoughts to recognize
fallacious thinking and transcend it. This mail has not provided
any contribution in that sense, but I suppose it is somewhere
stuck inside your head and needs more time to find a formulation
that anyone outside your head could possibly agree on.

My perception is that by continuing the discourse on "equal trade
agreements" we are a lot closer to a solution that could actually
remove the foundations of the unhappiness that motivates the
"masses of Trump and Le Pen and Brexit voters". So while your
post lists the symptoms without a suggestion for treatment,
we were discussing a medicine against the malady. Did you even

>    Best intentions from Cape Town
>    Alexander Bard

In endless patience, the author of the e-mail that got you so
angry and made you reply completely off-topic, for no discernible

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