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Re: <nettime> January 23, Trump Question

This is fascinating to me having just attended the March here in SF all day Saturday and having watched, rapt -- the anarchist black bloc on the streets of D.C. remotely and been a regular, choosy news hound for months.

A couple of points - while I'm not convinced that the Republicans have installed him to impeach him Im inclined to agree with the strong connection Chris makes about Pence and the backdrop Republicans surrounding the unequivocally absurd Trump - he is surely their fall guy when it comes to interfacing with media, signing his name, etc --
A growing right wing agenda has been in develooing throughout the last 8 years - and long before, not because Obama was also a bad guy --- but because the Tea Party tried to shut down the govt and they engineered the 2011 destruction of voting rights which screwed this election for many especially in key states. (The turn out in Austin on Saturday was the largest Texas has ever seen so despite efforts to silence and create wired laws about fetal material, many are outraged) 

While the cabinet selections have bewildered and angered us in the last month, numerous bills have been drawn up --not about Obamacare which steals media attention - but about "human life" and when it starts,de funding planned parenthood through NGOs using the word "abortion", making all of our public land equal to 0$ so it can be given away, and other sneaker bills setting the stage for the bigger picture of...destroying reproductive freedom, drilling in national parks, and worse. The dreams of the Heritage Foundation, the American Legislative Exchange Council and other right wing think tanks are now well within sight, including the negation of dissent with felony penalties. 

Pence is a crazy freak and Impeachment might be just the far, far right's ticket so for progression not sure it is the best ride. 

As for the end of capitalism, the description of it being gentler --and that of the rise of greater free market dystopia ---bring me to our march's very tame signage...(2 signs using patriarchy) and the uncomfortable feeling upon me that the majority of protesting Americans dislike Trump and the decline of human rights and public sector concerns such a private individual will bring, but that there isn't little political alternative in mind - that we haven't already experienced ---except to keep protesting...

then, on top of that, I suspect that we don't know the half of it...Oil is running out, as Sebastian pointed to, maybe the oligarchs don't care as long as it flows from the Arctic and Indian lands for another decade or so. The questioning of science as a hippy-dippy lie? The profits will be Huge and Trumps grandchildren will have to deal with having had him as a Water Protector. Are they building big ships for themselves to off-shore to Mars? 

While we are trying to get them to lighten up and cut less - they are already signing in measures which will support the most horrific right wing agenda we have yet to see---and it's not Trump's!  He just signs. His universe has about 30 people in it - his wife, kids; the gang. The Party is diseased, apocalyptic. And now that all are secured, the Party simply smiles and takes away the paperwork and puts into effect all the rules they have longed to impose since the spectrum opened up in the 70s. Trump is the blithering monstrosity of promises that keep us in confusion and suspense while the Party slips right wing law under his pen. 


> On Jan 23, 2017, at 12:08 PM, Laura Chimera <> wrote:
>   You know what Sascha? I agree with you completely. Some people make it
>   seem like the end of capitalism is going to soon be upon us, whether we
>   like it or not, and I think that's completely ridiculous.
>> "I don't see any evidence at all that our society, or any other,
>   is looking to put an end to the system of independent
>   market-based decision-making that capitalism offers".
>   Neither do I. What I do see, however, is that the limits of what you
>   call "market capitalism" are wearing themselves a little too thin. And
>   I believe that's by design: (I apologise for the extreme
>   simplification, but bear with me...) corporations are optimized for
>   profit, without a government regulating them, they'll drive up the
>   prices as much as they can possibly get away with.

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