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Re: <nettime> The Guardian's Summary of Julian Assange's Interview

The proper assassination piece needs a bit more logic than this:

1. 6 years ago someone claimed with no evidence that RU owned leakers =>

2. this year leakers published *true* information on the beige cabal =>

3. conclude that leakers are handled by RU.

Note how a single proven event (#2) is sandwiched between the two 
baseless allegations to create a 'narrative'. This is dumber than 
'Kalashnikov was used so it must be Russians' hacking bs. Need higher IQ 
staff on the payroll.

>The above Atlantic Monthly article suggests that six years ago, Russia made 
>Assange and the Wikileaks crew an offer they couldn't refuse. If they ever 
>release anything out of Russia now, it'll likely be kompromat on Putin's 
>enemies. The article goes on to note that they did exactly that in  
>Belarus, whose leader Lukashenka used the information after the 2010 
>election there to jail the losing candidate. Likewise with Trump. As much 
>as he benefited from Assange in his campaign, as President he won't be so 
>sanguine if Wikileaks puts his business in the street. Anyone looking to do 
>so would be well-advised to think hard about submitting anything to 
>Thanks, Julian (and Snowden and Greenwald) for saving the US from a beige 
>dictatorship. You may have cleared the way toward a more traditional one 
>instead. Nice one. Enjoy your "independence" and the thanks of a grateful 

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