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Re: <nettime> The Guardian's Summary of Julian Assange's Interview Went


You're absolutely correct - I'm seeing this too with dismay. A good example of this kneekjerk behavior is the excellent "capitalist" (mostly anticapitalist, though that varies between its two main writers/owners, one of whom works in finance capital) news site Naked Capitalism. For the last X years its been my go-to with my morning coffee and I've donated as much as I could along with other activist organizations. Recently, perhaps so disappointed with the HRC scorched earth campaign against Bernie and real reform of the Dem party, they've gone what I would charitably describe as rogue. Both the authors and the daily dump of links that previously proved invaluable have become grounds for essentially whole-HRC hate and barely and realization of the enormity of the DT annihalation machine that will descend shortly. The same site that used to break down Obama's doublespeak through mealymouthed speeches now takes to giving DT the benefit of the doubt because "Hillary has done what she pr
 omised not to, whereas he has yet to be proven." Inexplicably, they do this even now, after the miserable violent, anti-women, anti-black, anti-muslim cabinet has been chosen.  Not to mention that whereas the authors are as usually impeccably smart, the commenters could be lifted from /r/the_donald...

I differ with you, Flick, in that the I don't think the "brocialist" left online is part of this. From what I see from that "dirty left" scene (which perhaps in another email we can argue if it exists or was a fiction of the David Brock center) such as Jacobin, Chapo Trap House, a lot of the BLM organizations, etc, the people there are terrified and disgusted and all the rest by DT and vow to fight him to the end - WHILE acknowledging that HRC was an utter nightmare for any progressive/left action in this country (and her friends in the Acela Corridor, from Obama to Schumer to Cuomo, continue to do this disgusting work both through local politics and nationally, eg against Keith Ellison). Many of these people are involved in daily struggles in NYC, for example (I am), where we see how "progressive" de Blasio sics his NYPD on anyone not toeing the shiny happy real estate developer NYC he's pimping.  We know HRC was bad... and we know when DT gets ahold of LEO (culturally and legally) 
 in this country, it will be hell on anyone moral and decent left. Maybe the HRC-haters don't have to confront this daily, and don't think about this?

TLDR: I'm shocked by how much formerly straitlaced groups have given DT the benefit of the doubt and been charitable to him while pouring hate on the HRC folks. Why not both, as Zoidberg says?


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This is really important. 

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